Nationwide protests return focus to why George Floyd was initially detained

first_imgiStock/ChiccoDodiFC(WASHINGTON) — BY: IVAN PEREIRAAs protests continue around the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in late May, there’s been further examination of why he was stopped by police in the first place.The events leading up to Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers stemmed from a call to police about a phony $20 bill.Around 8 p.m. on May 25, an employee of the Cup Foods convenience store called 911 alleging that a customer used the counterfeit bill to pay for cigarettes and that the person appeared drunk, according to the 911 log released by the Minneapolis Police Department. The employee went to the car outside the store where the customer was sitting and asked him to return the cigarettes, but was denied, according to the 911 call transcript.The employee described the customer as a 6-foot-6 black man, which was Floyd’s height, and repeated to the 911 operator that he appeared drunk.Around eight minutes later, Minneapolis police officers Thomas Lane and J.A. Kueng arrived at the shop and approached Floyd and two others in the car, according to the criminal complaint. A few minutes after that officers Derek Chauvin and Tou Thoa arrived to help arrest Floyd, which led to Chauvin placing his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes, the criminal complaint said.All four officers were fired and, but as of Tuesday afternoon, Chauvin is the only one to have been arrested. He was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Minnesota’s Department of Human Rights filed civil rights charges against the Minneapolis Police Department Tuesday.Mahmoud Abumayyaleh, the owner of Cup Foods, said in a Facebook post on May 28 he was not in the store during the incident, and the store has called the police in the past about counterfeit bills.However, police officers never confronted any of the customers in any previous instances where the store called 911 for a phony bill, according to Abumayyaleh.“Most of the times the patron doesn’t know the bill is fake and normally all the authorities want to know is where they got it from,” he said in the post.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

The Baltics States’ Ban on Belarusian Nuclear Electricity Imports: Implications for All Sides

first_imgIn the whirl of the Belarusian protests this summer, decision makers in Minsk and neighboring states have been forced to respond to the repercussions of the political protests even as they try to identify any potential opportunities that have arisen because of them. One such repercussion has been the joint boycott by the Baltic States of electricity imports from Belarus’s new nuclear power plant (NPP) as a measure of solidarity toward the anti-government protesters. On September 1, a press release from the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications announced that Estonia along with Lithuania and Latvia had reached a mutual agreement the day prior stipulating that electricity trade with Belarus will end once the NPP goes online. The statement further notes that a new system of origin verification will be enacted to ensure that Baltic electricity imports do not derive from Belarus (, September 1).The agreement is intended to disadvantage Belarus for constructing the Astravets NPP in close proximity to the Lithuanian border (about 30 miles) by eliminating the possibility of exporting to the Baltic market. Lithuania has long been the leading critic of the NPP, with negotiations between Vilnius and Minsk occurring in waves since the beginning of construction; Estonia and Latvia have periodically denounced the nuclear plant only reluctantly, if at all, and do so now in solidarity with Lithuania (see, January 31). Although interest in negotiating a mutual agreement of this kind is nothing new, Vilnius felt a new sense of urgency last month, in light of the Belarusian government’s decision to begin fueling the NPP earlier than it originally planned. Minsk had made that decision on August 7, two days prior to the presidential election (The Baltic Times, June 18; Delfi, August 7).Whether the agreement disadvantages Belarus more than it does the Baltic States is debatable. With the elimination of potential imports from Belarus, electricity trade is set to reduce by fifty percent between all three Baltic States, while both Latvia and Lithuanian continue their electricity trade with Russia (Interfax, September 1). All five of these states are connected via the BRELL (Belarus-Russia-Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania) electrical grid, upon which the Baltics have been attempting to decrease reliance and instead establish electricity markets with the European Union (, July 23). Thus, there is presently a simultaneous effort by the Baltics to both cut off electricity trade with Belarus and to transition away from the Russian market toward the EU. However, trade with Russia will continue to remain necessary after the loss of future imports from Belarus because the synchronization of the Baltic energy grid with the EU is not set to be complete until 2025. This means that, by eliminating the Belarusian option, the Baltics’ sources of electricity will largely be limited to Russia for the next five years.Conversely, exporting electricity has consistently been a secondary goal for Minsk when it comes to constructing an NPP. Belarusian officials have framed the primary function of the Astravets power plant twofold: 1) decreasing reliance on Russian oil and natural gas imports while 2) providing room for maneuver in negotiations with Russia. Oil and natural gas from Russia have consistently made up 90–100 percent of Belarus’s total hydrocarbon imports; the NPP is intended to reduce these needed volumes by supplying approximately 30 percent of Belarus’ energy consumption needs. This point was illustrated by President Alyaksandr Lukashenka in 2019, when he explained to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that Belarus would buy “4–5 billion [cubic meters] less than [the 20 billion cubic meters of natural gas heretofore purchased annually from Russia] once the NPP is commissioned” (, December 20, 2019).For the Belarusian authorities, the potential export of surplus electricity produced by the Astravets NPP has always been subordinated to the above issues of energy trade with Russia. For example, neighboring Lithuania consumes roughly 12 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity each year and generated 3.9 TWh in 2017; therefore, this Baltic State must import roughly 8.1 TWh worth of electricity per year, some of which clearly can come from Belarus. Indeed, Lithuania’s electricity imports were 11.9 TWh in 2017 (, accessed September 16, 2020). As Belarus’s installed production capacity is expected to rise from approximately 8.4 gigawatts (GW) to approximately 10.8 GW, the NPP would have provided easily accessible electricity to supplement the installed capacities of the Baltics, themselves limited to approximately 3.6 GW in Lithuania, 2.6 GW in Latvia and 2.7 GW in Estonia (BelTA, June 15, 2019). Although electricity could have been imported from Belarus via Russia, the three Baltic countries’ planned “system of certificates of origin of electricity” will verify that the imports do not derive from Belarus. This will mean that the Russia-Latvia transborder interconnection, which Vilnius had expressed concern over given Riga’s unclear intentions to import electricity from the Belarusian NPP, will now be limited and eliminate the possibility of Belarusian electricity reaching the common Baltic market via Latvia (LRT, August 20, 2019).Until the mutual ban was announced, the Baltic States had been considered the primary potential importers of Belarusian electricity along with Ukraine. The latter, however, remains an unconfirmed importer as diplomatic relations between Kyiv and Minsk have been frozen, in mutual condemnation with the European Union, over the Belarusian government’s handling of last months’ presidential elections. Moreover, in late spring, Ukraine put on hold plans for electricity imports from the Belarusian NPP because of reduced domestic demand caused by COVID-19 quarantines (, May 8). Nevertheless, the sudden absence of potential importers is not entirely worrisome for Minsk. This is, at least in part, due to Belarus’s partnership with the Export-Import Bank of China, announced in December 2019, which includes a $5 billion loan to complete 23 planned electricity export transmission and interconnection projects related to the NPP (LRT, December 17, 2019; The Baltic Times, December 12, 2019). Those newly built connections will be ready if and when relations with its western neighbors improve. Decisionmakers in Minsk may, thus, currently find themselves with fewer options than existed before the summer. But their newfound position is far from optionless, and there is room for maneuver, however tight that room may be.last_img read more

HVAC/R Technician, Facilities Services

first_imgPhysical Screen will be administered prior to a final offer ofemployment .Minimum Required ExperienceHigh School diploma and five (5) years experience in heating,ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration trade; or anycombination of experience and education that provides thecompetencies necessary to successfully discharge the duties andresponsibilities assigned to the positionPossess an EPA “Type 2″ refrigerant certification.Possess a valid driver’s license Physical Requirements(Qualified candidates must be able to meet minimum requirements andperform the primary functions of the position with or withoutreasonable accommodation.) Lifting: Ground to 36 inches, up to 100 lbs. Waist to overhead,up to 15 lbs.Carrying: Front carry up to 50 lbs for 50 feet or less, withone hand and two hands.Pushing and pulling forces required (during the use of toolsand moving equipment): 100 lbs sustained.Static trunk forward bending and twisting from a standing,crouching or kneeling position while using tools.Reaching with your arms in all directions.Working overhead from various positions (standing, squatting,and on knees).Balancing when climbing and working on a ladder orscaffold.Crouching and kneeling throughout the day on even and unevensurfaces.Use of various grip circumferences and strengths as well asstatic grip positions during the use of various tools (4 1/2″ to 51/2″ circumference needing an average of 50 lbs of grip force) andwhile manipulating various work materials (maximum 100 lbs). About Facilities Services and UMFacilities Services is charged with the efficient operation andmaintenance of the University’s state-funded physical plant andassists the various auxiliary operations with these services whenrequested. Facilities Services also supports the campus inenhancing and developing its physical plant.The University of Montana is an Affirmative Action/EqualOpportunity employer and has a strong institutional commitment tothe principle of diversity in all areas. In that spirit, we areparticularly interested in receiving applications from a broadspectrum of qualified people who would assist the University indemonstrating its five priorities for action : Place studentsuccess at the center of all we do; drive excellence and innovationin teaching, learning, and research; embody the principle of“mission first, people always”; partner with place; and proudlytell the UM story.Nestled in at the base of Mount Sentinel and on the banks of theClark Fork River, UM campus is described as one of the mostbeautiful in the US. The region boasts unparalleled year aroundrecreational opportunities and a vibrant arts and culturecommunity. UM offers a unique opportunity for professional growthin a magnificent environment. The University of Montana offerseligible employees a generous benefits package that positivelyseparates UM from other local employers and offers many programsand policies to support work-life balance for its employees.UM provides a culture that values hard work, intellectualcuriosity, diversity, collegiality, innovative thinking, andteamwork, making it a great place to grow and developprofessionally. Located in the heart of western Montana’s stunningnatural landscape, UM attracts first rate teachers, researchers,and students from around the world. A city within a city – with itsown eateries, stores, medical facilities, banking and postalservices, and zip code – UM has an increasingly diverse populationand rich culture. University ofMontana Video: UM LifestylesUniversity Highlights To learn more about the University of Montana, Missoula, and theState of Montana, please visit the links below.center_img Facilities Services invites applications for a HVAC/RTechnician (Refrigeration Tech) to join their team. The HVAC/RTechnician will maintain, troubleshoot, repair, operate, andoptimize all types of heating, ventilation, air conditioning,refrigeration systems, and control systems. These positions willwork with other crafts to complete projects. The selected candidatemust be able to work with little supervision and have excellenttrouble shooting skills. This position will not be in charge ofsupervising employees.This position requires the incumbents to develop a workingknowledge of campus HVAC/R systems, the Facilities Services workorder system, and have the willingness to learn and follow theUniversity’s safety policies and procedures.Required SkillsAbility to troubleshooting of electrical components of largerefrigeration and air conditioning systemsAbility to read blueprints and interpret electrical schematics,controls schematics and mechanical drawingsAbility to repair or replace refrigeration compressors andsystem components; possess an in-depth understanding of therefrigeration cycle; ability to properly braze ACR copper, fittingsand use a vacuum pump and recovery unit for making repairs; abilityto recover and re-charge refrigeration systems with refrigerant;ability to repair or replace ice machine partsAbility to repair and maintain chillers, cooling towers, heatpumps, H.V.A.C. and well water-cooling systemsAbility to recover and re-charge refrigeration systems withrefrigerant; ability to repair or replace ice machine parts.Ability to perform repair or replacement of all pneumaticcontrol systems and equipment; possess an in-depth understanding ofair compressors and knowledge of repair procedures, knowledge ofpneumatic controls, thermostats, receiver-controllers, and relatedcontrol devicesAbility to repair maintenance and replacement of refrigeratedair dryers and components.Ability to perform service repair and maintenance of heatingequipment, boilers, pumps, and related equipmentPossess an in-depth understanding of the heating cycle andsequence of operation of related equipment; ability totroubleshoot, service and repair: steam, gas and hydronic heatingsystemsAbility to perform repair or replacement of electronic digitalcontrol systems; possess an in-depth understanding of programmingand servicing building automation controlsDemonstrated understanding of how to adjust settings or logicfrom a laptop or a work station; able to isolate and repair failedcomponents and calibrate systemsAbility to perform repair and maintenance of ventilationequipment; possess an in-depth understanding of how a ventilationsystem works and be able to troubleshoot, balance, and repairductwork, sheet metal, and air distribution systems Preferred QualificationsTen (10) years of field experience in heating, ventilation, airconditioning, and refrigeration trade Technical School diploma inHVACAbility to be self-directed and work under generalsupervisionBe able to use a variety of electrical and mechanical testequipmentPossess general knowledge of computer systems andcomponents Position DetailsPosition Title: HVAC/R Tech (RefrigerationTech)Position Number: 083360Department: Facilities Services – Engineering,UtilitiesWork Schedule: Full-time, 1.0 FTE (40 Hours a week), Mondaythrough Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, 12 months/year.Salary: $29.410/hrUnion Affiliation: Plumbers & Pipefitters Local459Probationary Period: Six months minimumBenefits Include : Insurance package, mandatoryretirement plan, partial tuition waiver, and wellnessprogram.Criminal Background Investigation is required prior to the Offer ofEmployment In accordance with University regulations, finalists forthis position will be subject to criminal backgroundinvestigations. ADA/EOE/AA/Veteran’s Preference Reasonableaccommodations are provided in the hiring process for persons withdisabilities. For example, this material is available inalternative format upon request. As an EqualOpportunity/Affirmative Action employer, we encourage applicationsfrom minorities, veterans, and women. Qualified candidates mayrequest veterans’ or disabilities preference in accordance withstate law. References: References not listed on theapplication materials may be contacted; notice may be provided tothe applicant. Testing: Individual hiring departments at UMmay elect to administer pre-employment tests, which are relevant toessential job functions. Employment Eligibility: All NewEmployees must be eligible and show employment eligibilityverification by the first date of employment at UM, as legallyrequired (e.g., Form I-9).How to ApplyPriority Application Date: Sunday, April 11, 2021 by11:59 PM (Mountain Time)Complete applications received by the ‘Priority Application Date’will be guaranteed consideration. The position will remain openuntil filled. Candidates are required to submit the followingmaterials online.A complete application Includes: Letter of Interest – addressing your qualifications andexperience related to the stated required skills for the position.A general letter salutation such as “Dear Search Committee” or“Dear Hiring Manager” is acceptable.Detailed Resume – listing education and describing workexperienceProfessional References – names and contact informationfor three (3) professional references Job LocationMissoula,Montana, United StatesPositionTypeFull-Time/Regularlast_img read more

Associate Professor

first_imgAssociate ProfessorNorth Carolina Central University Closing Date: at 11:55 PMPrimary Purpose of Position:The Associate Professor will have direct involvement withmentoring, developing and maintaining an active, sponsored researchprogram; and teaching. This person will also provide expertise inpopulation-based and translational research and communityoutreach. Special Instructions to Applicants: jeid-0fddc9ba3393bc4a88a6f6ae6166d7ff Minimum Education/Experience:Qualifications for Associate/Full Professor include a doctorate inbiological sciences, health education or a related field;significant contributions to published research; continued externalresearch funding, strong interest in collaborative research, andprofessional distinction in teaching, mentoring, and service. Thecandidate is expected to have extensive experience in healthdisparities with an excellent record of peer-reviewed publicationsand external funding.center_img To be considered for this position please visit our web site andapply on line at the following link: Carolina Central University is an equal opportunity andaffirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receiveconsideration for employment without regard to age, color,disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, geneticinformation, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexualorientation, or status as a protected veteran. Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:Mentoring; developing and maintaining an active, sponsored researchprogram; and teaching. Mentoring of undergraduate and graduatestudents as well as junior faculty is an expectation. In addition,the candidate must possess the ability to obtain and maintainexternal funding in support of their research.last_img read more

Head Coach – Women’s Basketball – PT

first_imgQUALIFICATIONS: HEAD COACH – WOMEN’S BASKETBALL- PTRICHARD J. DALEY COLLEGEPrimary Objective: The Head Coach oversees anintercollegiate athletic team and provides leadership in thedevelopment and evaluation of the team and individualstudent-athletes. Provides dynamic, strategic and visionaryleadership designed to enhance student success through the focus onan “Academics-first Agenda.”DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Completion of a Bachelor’s degree required, preferably inPhysical Education or a related field, supplemented by 4-6 years ofcoaching and/or collegiate/professional playing experience, or anequivalent combination of training and experience.Must be familiar with standard concepts, practices andprocedures within a particular sport.Coaching Certification Preferred.First Aid Certification Preferred.Current CPR/AED Certification by the American Heart Associationor the Red Cross Required.Excellent interpersonal, organizational, planning andleadership skills required.Must be able to serve as a positive role model for youngadults.Must be familiar with NJCAA rules and regulations. OTHER INFORMATION:Coaches are hired on a season by season basis. A reasonable effortis made to assure future coaching assignments to those coaches whohave had a history of successful academic and athletic teamperformances at City Colleges of Chicago.All coaching assignments are conditioned on sufficient teammembership. Once a season starts, the Head Coach is expected tocomplete the season.Approved by Compensation & Classification 4/9/12JB/ja 04/2012FLSA updated to match PS 12-18-13center_img Recruits student-athletes for participation in intercollegiateathletics. Cooperates with the academic advisers to support theacademic progress of the student-athlete.Implements the District wide Athletic Department strategyfocused on an “Academics-first Agenda” designed to increasestudent-athlete success and assists the campus Athletic Director inmonitoring student athlete academic progress. Ensures that athletesreach their academic goals by monitoring class attendance andensuring that they receive academic support as necessary.Assists players in reaching highest athletic potential possiblethrough athletic training and leadership skills. Recruits, counselsand advises students with respect to athletic performance and otherpersonal development issues. Prepares the student athletes forcompetition through planning and conducting well organizedpractices and contests. Directs the identification and recruitmentof new players to the program, including traveling to regional highschool and club basketball events and showcases.Enforces and maintains an athletic program policy of educatingand graduating student athletes. Works closely with the AthleticDirector and Dean of Students, and other school administrators,faculty and staff to assure student athletes are academicallyeligible for a given sport.Plans and directs the training of student athletes, andassesses individuals’ abilities and skill level to determineappropriate team position. Conducts in-season and off-season teampractice and conditioning programs including skills training andweight and conditioning training.Assists in assuring compliance with National Junior CollegeAthletic Association (NJCAA) rules and regulations for the specificsport. Closely monitors academic, conduct and physical requirementsfor each student athlete. In collaboration with the campus AthleticDirector, completes and maintains records and statistics foraccurate, mandatory reporting to the NJCAA and regional regulatoryagencies.In collaboration with the campus level Athletic Director,prepares and manages the budget for a specific sport.Confers with the District Office of Intercollegiate Athleticsand the Campus Athletic Director prior to conducting auxiliaryfundraising activities.In coordination with the District Office of IntercollegiateAthletics, campus level Athletic Director and Dean of StudentServices, recruits, interviews and recommends the hiring andtermination of Assistant Coaches.In collaboration with the District Office of IntercollegiateAthletics and campus level Athletic Director develops and buildsrelationships with four year institutions.Assists in the development and implementation of meaningfulprofessional development activities designed to enhance the skillsof all Athletic Department personnel.Enforces the District/college’s academic, student and athleticcode of conduct. Supervises the student athletes during practice,contests, and travel. May drive college vehicles or college leasedvehicles to and from scheduled contests.Calls, texts or emails results of contests to the SportsInformation Assistant by 10:00 AM the next business day, andsupplies information to the Director of Athletics that can be usedfor publicity purposes.In cooperation with the campus Athletic Director and FacilitiesCoordinator, schedules pre-season, season and other games andtournaments. Trains, practices and coaches in league, conferenceand tournament play.Coordinates the care and reporting of incidents and injuries tothe appropriate College and District personnel.Prepares a season summary and ensures student honors withinconference, region, and other athletic governing bodies arerecommended and advocated.Adheres to CCC Customer Service Excellence standards.Performs related duties as assigned. Completion of a Bachelor’s degree required, preferably inPhysical Education or a related field, supplemented by 4-6 years ofcoaching and/or collegiate/professional playing experience, or anequivalent combination of training and experience.Must be familiar with standard concepts, practices andprocedures within a particular sport.Coaching Certification Preferred.First Aid Certification Preferred.Current CPR/AED Certification by the American Heart Associationor the Red Cross Required.Excellent interpersonal, organizational, planning andleadership skills required.Must be able to serve as a positive role model for youngadults.Must be familiar with NJCAA rules and regulations.last_img read more

WATCH: Miami’s biggest concrete pour for Aston Martin Residences

first_imgConstruction crews poured the last of 14,000 cubic yards of concrete at about noon on Sunday, marking the end of the foundation spread for the Aston Martin Residences condo tower in downtown Miami.The marathon concrete pour began at 9 p.m. on Friday at 300 Biscayne Boulevard.G&G Business Developments, led by the Coto family of Argentina, is developing the 66-story, 818-foot, 391-unit luxury tower. Coastal Construction is the general contractor.Cervera Real Estate is handling sales and marketing of the building’s units, which range in price from $750,000 to $50 million for the largest penthouse. Presales are currently at about 50 percent, Alicia Cervera Lamadrid said.Developer German Coto, CEO of G&G Business Developments, said in a release that he was happy with the progress of construction and sales.The steel piles, which were installed in December, run 15 feet deep. Vertical construction is expected to begin this week.The developer secured a $200 million construction loan from Brazilian lender Itaú BBA International in November. This content is for subscribers only.Subscribe Nowlast_img read more

Love them or hate them, e-scooters could be a boon for real estate values

first_imgDavid Richter, chief business officer of Lime (Credit: Getty Images; David Richter photo via LinkedIn)E-scooters could mean a boost in real estate values in congested U.S. cities.This is the assertion of David Richter, the chief business officer at e-scooter startup Lime, which has deployed thousands of scooters in cities across the country.Speaking at a conference hosted by Fortune Tuesday, Richter said that the rise of e-scooters, coupled with an increase in bicycle use and ride-sharing, could drive down traffic from traditional car use.In turn, urban planners could redesign neighborhoods with fewer parking spaces and less traffic, which could increase the value of real estate, Richter said, according to Fortune. Another panelist, Ken Washington, the chief technology officer of Ford, reportedly said that in San Jose, California, some new developments were being built without parking garages, as city planners focus on decongestion.ADVERTISEMENTThe e-scooter craze has drawn significant investment. Lime, which has raised $765 million, is now is available in 100 U.S. cities and 27 international cities. In February, the San Francisco-based startup raised $310 million in a series D funding round that valued the firm at $2.4 billion. That round was led by Bain Capital Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Fidelity Ventures.But not everyone is cheering on the wave of e-scooters. In Los Angeles, a city council advisory board imposed a voluntary ban on Lime and another firm, Bird, from deploying more scooters while it determined regulations around their use. Some residents there complained about the scooters being parked haphazardly or being used on sidewalks. [Fortune] — David Jeans This content is for subscribers only.Subscribe Nowlast_img read more

Trump’s immigration obsession could backfire, some Republicans fear

first_imgU.S. President Donald Trump hammered his hard line on immigration again on Thursday, but some Republicans wish he would shift focus to the economy, lest he drive away suburban voters and mobilize Latino communities against his party.Several Republican operatives and officials described a growing sense of fear within the party over Trump’s hardline rhetoric on border security, which he has repeated nearly every day for the past three weeks.“You’re playing at the margins with Republicans on the issue of immigration, but there are very many more Democrats that might be mobilized by his rhetoric,” said conservative radio host and The Resurgent editor Erick Erickson, who called Trump’s immigration-heavy closing pitch “not smart politically” in a tweet earlier Thursday. Operating under the assumption that talking tough on immigration can energize enough Republicans to stymie a “blue wave” of Democratic midterm voters, Trump has spent the past week unveiling restrictive immigration policies at a dizzying pace and making erroneous declarations about a caravan of Central American migrants.Because such language worked for Trump in his bid for the presidency two years ago, he firmly believes it carries the same weight with conservatives and right-leaning independents this election season, according to two sources close to the White House.“Anybody throwing stones, rocks… we will consider that a firearm because there’s not much difference when you get hit in the face with a rock” — Donald Trump“This isn’t an innocent group of people,” Trump said of the thousands-strong caravan in a rambling speech from the Roosevelt Room on Thursday, warning that it contained men who had injured Mexican security officers in clashes in that country.Trump’s remarks loosely described an impending executive order which he said would bar asylum claims from immigrants who cross into the U.S. illegally, and urged them to “turn back now because they’re wasting their time.”Restating his vow to deploy thousands more troops to the southwest border, Trump fumed over border-crossers and said he had instructed U.S. military personnel to “consider it a rifle” if incoming migrants hurl stones at them: “Anybody throwing stones, rocks… we will consider that a firearm because there’s not much difference when you get hit in the face with a rock.” Still, the president clearly believes he has a winning formula on his hands.Trump may also be betting too much on the all-around importance of immigration to voters who are not already a part of his base.“There is a large partisan intensity gap on immigration, with Republicans and supporters of President Donald Trump assigning much higher priority to the issue than Democrats and Hillary Clinton voters,” wrote Republican pollster and strategist Patrick Ruffini in an October report about Americans’ attitudes toward the issue.Still, the president clearly believes he has a winning formula on his hands.“Once they arrive, the Democrat Party’s vision is to offer them free health care, free welfare, free education and even the right to vote,” Trump said Thursday of the caravan of migrants, many of whom are fleeing gang violence and extreme poverty in their own home countries.“You and the hardworking taxpayers of our country will be asked to pick up the entire tab,” he warned. Top Republican leaders have long urged Trump to make better use his rallies by highlighting the strong economy and reminding voters of the extra cash in their pockets from last year’s GOP tax cuts. As opposed to stoking fear over an “immigration crisis”, they want him to boast about the unemployment rate slipping below 4 percent, middle-class incomes returning to pre-recession levels, and surging consumer confidence.Concerns about the president re-focusing attention on illegal immigration have reached a fever pitch in districts with large numbers of Latino eligible voters, who’ve become exceedingly angry at the Trump administration’s immigration agenda.“This is a reminder of a thing they like least about this administration and you’re seeing that show up” — Todd Schulte“There’s just not enough base voters in a place like Miami to hand Carlos Curbelo a win,” said one Republican operative, pointing to a recent New York Times poll showing Curbelo, the GOP incumbent, trailing his Democratic opponent by a single percentage point in Florida’s 26th congressional district, which is nearly 70 percent Latino.Some Republicans retiring from districts won by Hillary Clinton have also expressed dismay at the president’s decidedly anti-illegal immigrant closing argument.“The bloc of competitive [Republican-held] districts less impacted by POTUS thus far are those with high # of immigrants. So now POTUS, out of nowhere, brings birthright citizenship up. Besides being basic tenet of America, it’s political malpractice,” said retiring GOP Rep. Ryan Costello, whose suburban Philadelphia district is ranked “solid D” by FiveThirtyEight. Costello was referring to Trump’s vow this week to issue an executive order ending the Constitutional guarantee of citizenship for people born within the U.S.Meanwhile, Democrats are claiming that Trump’s immigration obsession is only throwing momentum to their side.“The Democrat Party’s vision is to offer them free health care, free welfare, free education and even the right to vote,” Trump said of the migrants, many of whom are fleeing gang violence and extreme poverty | John Moore/Getty Images“Two or three weeks ago, the number one thing people were quietly worried about was apathy or low turnout with Latino voters and you’re not hearing that anymore,” said Todd Schulte, president of, a bipartisan immigration advocacy group.He added: “This is a reminder of a thing they like least about this administration and you’re seeing that show up. Public opinion polls on the House have moved away from Republicans in the last two weeks and if you look at where that’s coming from, it’s the president’s hard-line rhetoric.”No generic ballot poll has directly linked the president’s immigration talk to a pro-Democratic voter shift. But recent studies have shown that Americans see immigration as among the nation’s most divisive issue, in addition to it being a policy area Trump has mishandled, according to voters in some states with key midterm races.An MPR News/Star Tribune poll taken last month in Minnesota, where both Senate seats are up for grabs and Republicans are competing for the governor’s mansion, found that 52 percent of likely voters disapprove of the president’s direction on immigration, versus 42 percent who approve. Also On POLITICO Trump’s State Department eyes ban on terms like ‘sexual health’ By Nahal Toosi and Dan Diamond Trump: ‘I do try’ to tell the truth By Caitlin Oprysko The speech came on a day when he tweeted a dramatic campaign ad featuring an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who murdered two California sheriff’s deputies in 2014 and laughed about it in a courtroom. “Democrats let him into our country,” the ad declares.Senator Jeff Flake | Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesDemocrats slammed the ad as exploiting stereotypes about immigrants, and even some Republicans condemned it.“This is a sickening ad. Republicans everywhere should denounce it,” tweeted Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a frequent Trump critic.Flake is retiring, but congressional Republicans battling for political survival in swing districts with large clusters of college-educated voters and women have grown increasingly worried that such groups are having trouble stomaching what Trump is dishing up.“The kind of voters Trump is talking to right now, there aren’t enough of them in these areas to get us over the finish line,” said one GOP campaign official.“We understand this is an issue that motivates his base, but the economic issues are what we really need to win these swing voters because they are who’s going to decide who controls the House,” the official told POLITICO, adding that Trump “is solidifying swing voters who were already leaning Democratic and are now definitely going vote for Democratic candidates.”last_img read more

Cole Custer takes 10th at Dover International Speedway

first_imgCole Custer rounded out the top 10 in the Drydene 311 at Dover International Speedway on Sunday.The top-10 finish for Custer, his sixth of the year, added 30 points to his season total. Custer now sits at No. 19 in the NASCAR Cup Series standings with 469 points. A total of 16 drivers make the playoffs.Custer started and finished in the 10th position. The second-year driver has one career victory, with two top-five finishes and five results inside the top 10.Sunday’s race was the first of Custer’s career at Dover International Speedway.The Ladera Ranch, California native’s starting and finishing positions compared favorably to his career averages, starting 12 spots higher than his career mark of 22 and completing the race 13 places ahead of his 22.8 career average finish.Custer took on 40 other drivers on the way to his 10th-place finish. The race endured seven cautions and 40 caution laps. There were 15 lead changes.Kevin Harvick earned the checkered flag in the race, and Martin Truex Jr took second. Jimmie Johnson placed third, William Byron brought home fourth, and Alex Bowman grabbed the No. 5 spot.As well as securing the race victory, Harvick won both of the first two stages to complete an impressive day in Dover.Cole Custer Driver Page | Get Custer Gear | Race Centerlast_img read more

Orange County Research Program Aims to Improve Severe Trauma Survival Rates

first_imgIRVINE Calif. — A method of resuscitation for victims of severe traumatic injury will be the subject of a clinical trial to be undertaken by a team of Orange County emergency care providers.The Orange County Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium will include UC Irvine, Orange County Health Care Agency, Mission Hospital, Western Medical Center Santa Ana, Orange County Fire Authority, and fire departments from other Orange County cities.The ROC group will conduct and oversee a clinical effort in which people who receive severe traumatic injury – such as in a serious motor vehicle accident – will be treated with hypertonic saline solution as part of the emergency medical response. Previous studies have shown that hypertonic saline safely and effectively decreases inflammation, especially with brain trauma, and that survival outcomes potentially can improve.Orange County ROC is part of a National Institutes of Health federally funded study involving emergency medical services agencies, public safety agencies, regional hospitals, community healthcare institutions and medical centers in 11 regions in the United States and Canada, and as many as 15,000 patients over a three-year period. The overall goal is to learn the best ways to improve survival from cardiac arrest and severe trauma. Orange County will participate only in the trauma portion of the study.“Clinical research has made great advances in medical care over the past quarter century, but there have been few similar advances in the area of emergency response care. The ROC study represents the greatest effort yet to make advances in this area and help save the lives of the thousands of Americans each year who otherwise would die from their traumatic injuries,” said Dr. David Hoyt, the John E. Connolly, M.D., Chair of Surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center and Orange County ROC study leader. Hoyt, one of the nation’s top trauma surgeons, leads the ROC trauma trials at the national level.The trial is especially important, Hoyt added, because unintended accidents are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Nearly 43,000 Americans die each year in motor vehicle traffic accidents alone.“The ROC study is essential to help determine how these new treatments can be used to save more lives,” said Dr. Ken Miller, Orange County Fire Authority medical director. “Because these interventions are time sensitive, they will be initiated by paramedics trained in the study protocol and be further evaluated during in-hospital patient treatment and recovery.”The Orange County ROC trial will differ from other clinical trials because many of its participants will not be able to give consent or have family nearby to do so. Consent is required for all clinical studies, although federal law allows for exceptions if the safety of the product to be used has been proven in previous trials and if study leaders conduct community outreach discussions and opt-out measures for those who do not want to participate.To introduce the study, the Orange County ROC will hold community outreach meetings. The confirmed scheduled includes:6 p.m. Wednesday, July 16, at the Laguna Hills Community Room in Laguna Hills. 6 p.m. Monday, July 28, at the Fullerton Public Library in Fullerton. 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 30, at the Santa Ana Public Library in Santa Ana (Spanish). 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 10, at the Korean Presbyterian Church in Westminster (Korean).last_img read more