Schools exclude pupils after they refused to wear blazers in heatwave claim

first_imgNikki Dean said: “That is pathetic, poor kids. We had a text from Hamworthy Park Junior School where my son attends to say that they do not need to wear ties this week and can also wear their PE kits if it’s cooler than shirts. The classrooms are like saunas.”But a spokesman for the Glenmoor and Winton Academies said they are taking a sensible approach.He said: “During the hot weather, as you would expect, we are taking a sensible approach towards uniform policy and are not insisting that students wear blazers around the school.”Students are of course allowed to remove their blazers during lessons and at break and lunchtimes.”Nobody from the Bishop of Winchester Academy was available for comment.But the school’s uniform policy on its website states: “At The Bishop of Winchester Academy we want our students to take pride in their appearance and hold a collective identity, and therefore Sponsors feel maintaining standards of school uniform will be an important strategy in raising aspirations and standards. “He was in his school uniform and was so hot in his blazer he nearly fainted. Staff had to get him a chair to sit on and a glass of water. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Britain is currently facing a heatwave, and parents have expressed concerns over children having to wear blazers in the scorching weather.Pupils have been sent home from Kingswood Academy in Hull and it is thought it was because they refused to wear their blazers in the 30C summer temperature.Three children have been sent home from the school for “rude and defiant behaviour” – which seemed to have originated when they refused to wear their blazers.The mother of one of the children who was given a fixed-term exclusion spoke to the Hull Daily Mail about what happened. She decided to keep son Jack, 14, and daughter Caitlin, 15, home after her daughter complained of headaches and nausea due to the heat last week.She said: “In this heat children are expected to wear their blazers. I feel this poses a significant risk to their health.”The teachers are in their light clothing dictating to the pupils that if they remove their blazers they face isolation.”How is this even allowed? Surely it is the school’s responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of pupils?”Other parents were quick to jump in on social media, slating the lack of common sense in schools. Hollie Germane said: “The welfare of a child is more important than wearing a blazer or jumper in temperatures that were experienced yesterday.”Roxann Maycock said: “The Bishop of Winchester is an absolute joke. My two boys attend and it’s up to individual teachers whether blazers can be taken off in class or not, they must be worn around the school even in 30-degree heat. “When I got him to the school I asked reception if he could not wear his blazer because it was so hot, and they said he could as long as he carried it on his arm.” “Blazers must be worn at all times with sleeves down, they must not be rolled at any time.” Mr Dale Jackson, Principal at Kingswood Academy told The Telegraph: “Yesterday no students were sent home as a direct results of not wearing their blazer. Three students, were however, sent home on ‘fixed term exclusions’ due to rude and defiant behaviour. This type of behaviour is simply not tolerated at Kingswood Academy. “With regards to our uniform policy students must wear their blazers when moving around the Academy through the cool and well ventilated corridors and open spaces. Students are welcome to take off their blazers in lessons, when sat down eating at break and lunch times and when outside.” “I was told it was school policy that they have to wear their blazers on the way to and from school and in the school itself.”Apparently it is up to each individual teacher to decide if they can take them off during lessons. Clearly, what they look like is more important than their health and education.” The UK has been sizzling in the heat Another mother, Sabrina Fitzsimons, phoned the Glenmoor and Winton Academies yesterday morning (Mon) to check the policy on blazers and was told pupils are expected to wear their jackets at the school and teachers decide if they can take them off in class. Reece Wolfe, 12, was sent home on Monday, and his mother Leanna Monkman said he had nearly fainted in the morning because of the warm weather.She told the school what happened before he went in, and advised him not to wear his blazer. She said the dispute with her son only happened because Reece was not wearing a blazer.She said: “My son attends Kingswood Academy part time so I took him into Bransholme centre before he started school at 10.50am to buy new school shoes. Kirsty Pine said: “I’ve had this argument with Glenmoor for the last 4 years. The old head used to let blazers go during summer term, which was great. My argument is teachers don’t wear coats and jackets in this weather, why should the poor kids?”I just don’t know why they bother in this weather. I wouldn’t even dream of wearing my jacket to work at the moment.” No one would want to wear a blazer in this scorching heat This appears to be happening at other schools across the country.Kelly Adenrele sent her four children, Lucien and Newton, both 15, Eylarna, 13, and 12-year-old Tadyius to the Bishop of Winchester Academy in Bournemouth, Dorset, without their jackets because of the heat.But she was stunned when they were sent home by teachers who told them they had to wear the full uniform.Mrs Adenrele said: “They were wearing their ties and shirts but I told them to leave their blazers at home because it was too hot to be wearing them.”At 8.40am I had a phone call to say the kids were on their way home, even though the teachers had no idea if I was home myself. “He started having a go and started saying if I don’t put it on I would have to go to consequences. I said no because it would make me ill.“When I went to reception they told me I’d been expelled.”A further two students were also sent home for their behaviour after being asked to wear their blazers. “My son complained of a headache yesterday and asked for water in his last lesson. He was told no a couple of times then complained again the teacher let him out to get water at the expense of an hour’s detention.”She said she has complained to the school but hasn’t heard back from them.Parents of children at other schools who have adopted less strict policies in the hot weather explained some sensible approaches. The UK has been sizzling in the heatCredit:Ben Birchall/PA Wire No one would want to wear a blazer in this scorching heatCredit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire “A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students at all times.”Anyone arriving at the Academy in non/incomplete uniform clothing will be sent home to get changed. However, she said she got a call five minutes later saying her son had been given an exclusion.She explained: “They said if he didn’t wear his blazer he would have to go to consequences (a room where disruptive children are sent as part of the school’s disciplinary policy), or face being expelled.“But he didn’t want to go into consequences because it’s stuffy and there’s no air conditioning in there.”The Year 7 pupil Reece explained what happened:  “I was on the second floor and (a teacher) asked me to put the blazer on and I said no because my mum had told me to keep it off.last_img read more