CU-Boulder’s Macky Auditorium Celebrates 100 Years With Unveiling of Time Capsule Contents

first_imgShare Share via TwitterShare via FacebookShare via LinkedInShare via E-mail Published: Sept. 30, 2010 One hundred years ago, Colorado Gov. John Shafroth, a group of University of Colorado dignitaries and leading Boulder citizens stood on a barren hillside overlooking the town and laid the cornerstone for what would become the Boulder area’s premier performing arts venue.On Oct. 8, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and CU-Boulder Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano will reveal the contents of a time capsule placed in that cornerstone exactly 100 years earlier as Macky Auditorium celebrates its 100th anniversary. The unveiling, free and open to the public, begins at 4 p.m. in the Macky Auditorium gallery.The time capsule, a bronze box holding mementoes and artifacts of the era, was unearthed and opened earlier this month in a small commemorative event attended by campus officials and representatives of the Boulder Masonic Lodge.The Boulder Masons oversaw the laying of the cornerstone and placing of the time capsule 100 years ago. Carefully conserved by CU Heritage Center professionals, the capsule’s contents will provide an engaging look at the university, the city and the state a century ago.”We knew that a time capsule had been placed during the cornerstone ceremony through descriptions in the files of the Boulder Masons and newspaper reports of the time,” said Alan Cass, former director of Macky Auditorium and a member of the team that led the search for the historical box. “However, none of these reports noted where the time capsule was actually located.”We had an excellent team, including staff from CU’s Facilities Management department, and after an extended search and a lot of digging, we finally found the capsule wedged inside the cornerstone, accessible only from underneath,” Cass said.The auditorium is the legacy of a bequest from Andrew Macky, one of the area’s original settlers and one of the fledgling town’s leading bankers.Throughout its history, Macky Auditorium has played a central role in campus life, with its 2,600-seat auditorium serving as a gathering point for the campus community. Over the years, it has also housed the offices of the CU President, the Dean of Students, the Department of Journalism, the Registrar, the Book Store and Admissions.The home of the Artist Series since 1937, the stage at Macky has remained a cultural cornerstone for the campus. Dignitaries such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Richard M. Nixon and the Dalai Lama have spoken from its stage, as well as performing luminaries such as Neil Young, Tori Amos and George Carlin.center_img Categories:Getting InvolvedCampus Communitylast_img read more

“The scale required, even for indie success, has changed”

first_img“The scale required, even for indie success, has changed”Execution Labs’ Keith Katz on why the Montreal incubator has evolvedDan PearsonWednesday 6th April 2016Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareWhen you’re running an incubator or accelerator, you don’t just have to keep up with the game, you have to stay ahead of it: teach your teams an outdated lesson and you’re not just failing them, you’re actively setting them back. Things move quickly.Montreal’s Execution Labs has run the gamut of models, from extended, tightly curated incubation through to the ‘finishing fund’ model which the outfit adopted in March. Today, XL has announced its newest partnership, which it believes is the first in an entirely new genre: the video game show. Upsilon Circuit comes from New Hampshire-based husband and wife team Robot Loves Kitty and will focus on a relatively conventional competitive set-up of eight online players taking on a dungeon of traps and monsters to earn points and glory. However, those eight players aren’t the focus. Instead, it’s the audience who’ll be making most of the decisions as they watch events unfold on streaming services like Twitch, a model described by its creators as “The Price is Right meets The Hunger Games.””They collectively pick contestants’ skills, drop in helpful items, and generally have the ability to save or destroy the competitors,” the Upsilon Circuit press release explains. “Skilled players may be able to survive for weeks or even months, but once they’re dead, they’re dead for good. Audience members will then step in to take their place.”For Execution Labs, it’s another example of just how ahead of the curve you have to be looking in order to remain relevant. Catching up with co-founder Keith Katz at this year’s GDC, he explained some of the pressures behind the constant evolution.Can you explain the basics of the reasoning behind the latest shift in your funding model? What’s it been in response to?”We look at it as an evolution of the model, based on what we were doing already. We were doing accelerator/incubator activities, doing nine or ten month engagements, then we moved onto three month pure accelerator, in and out cohort-based, then last year we started our finishing fund, looking at coming in on later stage studios and deploying our resources remotely, to see if that was effective. “A couple of other things are relevant. We had 20 or so existing portfolio studios. We had always said that we want to be super hands-on investors, and you really start to question whether you can do that when we have another five studios coming in, then another batch…We just couldn’t service them in the way we wanted to. But the biggest thing is that the industry has changed since we started. I’m not sure how effective it is to give studios a $50,000 cheque these days. The scale required, even for indie success, has changed. We had to start asking ourselves if we were doing a disservice by saying to studios, ‘hey we’ll give you $50K and a lot of coaching and you’ll be fine.'”the biggest thing is that the industry has changed since we started. I’m not sure how effective it is to give studios a $50,000 cheque these days” “With a combination of luck and expertise, we were able to make sure that the last several batches which came through all jumped the gap between our funding and their next source, be that publisher, Kickstarter or investor. So they all did OK and many of them are thriving, but we weren’t sure how long that would continue.”You’re making bigger investments, with more risk. Does that mean tougher criteria?”I think so. We’re looking at a couple of things as key drivers. Some of the stuff will be the same as it always has: what’s the management team like, are they just game devs or devs and entrepreneurs? We’re equity investors, so they have to have the desire to grow the business to a certain level, it’s not just about paying for rent and dinner. So we now have slightly higher expectations of what that standard is. “We’re also looking for people who are leading on social and multiplayer experiences. That doesn’t mean we won’t invest in someone doing a really cool single player experience, but unless you’re AAA, the scale you can achieve at the funding levels we’re providing isn’t that interesting unless there’s social and multiplayer, which helps so much with marketing. That’s another huge thing we look at, how the team is handling distribution and marketing. Social and multiplayer is a big aspect of that: using Twitch, YouTube, galvanising enthusiasts.”If this is a project that’s raising $1.5 million at seed level, then eventually they’re going to raise a lot more, so it’s going to have to scale really decently for any of the early investors to see any return” “Even though we’re saying we’ll invest up to $500,000, it doesn’t mean we’ll always invest that much, or that we’ll always invest alone. If you have a game that’s a $2 million project, we can work with other investors. But in those cases, scale is even more important. We’re coming in at seed level. We don’t always have to be the first investors, but we like to be. If this is a project that’s raising $1.5 million at seed level, then eventually they’re going to raise a lot more, so it’s going to have to scale really decently for any of the early investors to see any return. “It’s about finding studios who want to grow, to keep pushing themselves. Not everyone wants to do that, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If your goal is to make cool games which make enough money to make another one, that’s fine, that’s admirable. But we’re applying that filter – we talk about it as scaffolding – each game provides the scaffolding for the next.”Are you still platform agnostic?”Yeah, we’ll look at mobile, PC and console as long as they other boxes are checked.”Previously, you’ve happily integrated your involvement with other fundraising models, such as Kickstarter. Does that still work with this later-stage investment?”We’re happy to do it, but Kickstarter as a funding model is not super helpful for most developers. Let’s say you’re wildly successful and you raise $300,000. That’s great, but…Really we use Kickstarter as more of a marketing tool. Unless you’re rebooting a famous ’90s retro IP or you’re a well-known developer, you’re not getting into millions, it’s gotten a lot harder. We’re also interested in what Fig is doing, in that platform, maybe there’ll be something there.” There’s been some backlash to Fig’s model, people suggesting that perhaps seeking out investors who don’t know about investment is somewhat exploitative…”Kickstarter as a funding model is not super helpful for most developers…Unless you’re rebooting a famous ’90s retro IP or you’re a well-known developer, you’re not getting into millions” Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games “I don’t have a dog in the fight, but, at least it’s curated platform. You won’t just get some schmo putting vapourware up there. Everything there so far has been a legitimate game from an established developer. If someone is super passionate about a project and wants to give them $100 or $1000, I don’t see the harm. I would hope that there aren’t fans putting $10K into a game, but I don’t know what the break down is. There are a lot of nuances to the system, so I don’t pretend to be an expert.”The stuff you’re doing now, helping people access services, get funds, managing global teams, aren’t you moving closer to publishing”I don’t think so. We’re not doing a lot of the key publisher functions, and nor do we want to. So we’re not focused on executing marketing campaigns, user acquisition, that sort of thing. We’re good at things like soft launches and testing, which are sort of publisher functions for mobile games, but that’s not why you sign with a publisher. So we do some of the things a publisher would, but I would argue that we’re much more hands on. We’re in the weeds every day. Along with that we’re basically agents, too. If we’re funding you and your ultimate goal is to work with a publisher, tell us which one and we’ll get you in a room. That’s part of our service. We don’t want to compete with publishers, in fact, more and more we’re collaborating with them.”Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Daily Update and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesEA leans on Apex Legends and live services in fourth quarterQ4 and full year revenues close to flat and profits take a tumble, but publisher’s bookings still up double-digitsBy Brendan Sinclair 7 hours agoEA Play Live set for July 22Formerly E3-adjacent event moves to take place a month and half after the ESA’s showBy Jeffrey Rousseau 9 hours agoLatest comments Sign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more

IHF Referee List 2020/21: Only Germany with four pairs

first_imgAHFIRQHUSSEIN Khalid Shakir / IMRAN Fadhil Kadhim Continent Country Referee couple CAHBALGBELKHIRI Youcef / HAMIDI Sidali SCAHCARGGRILLO Julian / LENCI Sebastián EHFPORCACADOR Ivan / NICOLAU Eurico SCAHCURUSOSA Mathias / LEMES Cristian EHFAUTBRKIC Radojko / JUSUFHODZIC Andrei NACHCCUBREYES Raymel / ZUÑIGA Alexys EHFSRBSEKULIC Marko / JOVANDIC Vladimir EHFSRBANTIC Vanja / JAKOVLJEVIC Jelena EHFBULDOYCHINOV Georgi / GORETSOV Yulian EHFGERGEIPEL Lars / HELBIG Marcus EHFNORKLEVEN Havard / JØRUM Lars  EHFCROGUBICA Matija / MILOSEVIC Boris CAHBEGYEMAM Alaa / HEDAIA Hossam SCAHCARGBURGOS Ruben / DELGADO Gonzalo EHFCZEHORACEK Vaclav / NOVOTNY Jiri EHFTURERDOGAN Kürsad / ÖZDENIZ Ibrahim EHFGERMERZ Maike / KUTTLER Tanja EHFCROLONCAR Davor / LONCAR Zoran Related Items:IHF referee list 2020/2021 EHFGERSCHULZE Robert / TÖNNIES Tobias AHFBRNALMAWT Hussain / ALMARHOON Sameer EHFFRACARMAUX Yann / MURSCH Julien EHFESPALVAREZ Javier / BUSTAMANTE Yon EHFSWEKURTAGIC Mirza / WETTERWIK Mattias EHFSUIBRUNNER Arthur  / SALAH Morad EHFBLRKULIK Siarhei / NABOKAU Dzmitry EHFMNEMITROVIC Novica / VESOVIC Miljan AHFIRIMOUSAVIANN Alireza / KOLAHDOUZAN Majid ShareTweetShareShareEmail EHFDENHANSEN Mads / MADSEN Jesper AHFKORKOO Bon-ok / LEE Seok EHFDENCHRISTIANSEN Karina / HANSEN Line Hesseldal ShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsThe International Handball Federation has published Referee List 2020/21.There are 125 referees from 41 countries. With  nine couples from Asia, six from Africa, 41 from Europe, one from North America and the Caribbean and five from South and Central America (plus one single referee), the list comprises of overall 62 couples, 12 of which are female couples. IHF Referee List 2020/21 EHFPORSA Marta / SA Vania SCAHCURUGONZALEZ Gabriel / PRIETO Camilo AHFJPNHIZAKI Kiyoshi / IKEBUCHI Tomokazu EHFAUTBOLIC Denis / HURICH Christoph CAHBTUNBOUALLOUCHA Ismail / KHENISSI Ramzi EHFROUNASTASE Cristina / STANCU Simona Raluca EHFFRABONAVENTURA Charlotte / BONAVENTURA Julie EHFLTUGATELIS Mindaugas  / MAZEIKA Vaidas Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. EHFPORFONSECA Ricardo  / SANTOS Duarte SCAHCARGPAOLANTONI Maria Ines / GARCIA Mariana EHFHUNBIRO Adam / KISS Oliver AHFJPNTOMOKO Ota / SHIMAJIRI Mariko EHFMDACOVALCIUC Alexei / COVALCIUC Igor EHFFRAGASMI Karim / GASMI Raouf EHFRUSALPAIDZE Viktoriia / BEREZKINA Tatiana EHFMNEPAVICEVIC Ivan / RAZNATOVIC Milos EHFGREBETHMANN Andreas / TZAFEROPOULOS Michail AHFKORLEE Eunha / LEE Gaeul CAHBSENDIOP Cheikh Mohamed Fadel / FAYE Abdoulaye AHFJORALZAYYAT Akram / EIALAWAD Yasser  EHFSWEBENNANI Maria / BENNANI Safia AHFCHNCHENG Yufeng / ZHOU Yunlei EHFBIHKONJICANIN Amar / KONJICANIN Dino EHFSLOLAH Bojan / SOK David CAHBTUNKRICHEN Samir / MAKHLOUF Samir EHFESPGARCIA Ignacio / MARIN Andreu EHFGERHANNES Christian / HANNES David EHFLATLICIS Renars / SONDORS Zigmars EHFMKDNACHEVSKI Gjorgji / NIKOLOV Slave EHFESPRALUY Oscar / SABROSO Angel CAHBEGYELSAIED Yasmina / ELSAIED Heidy Click to comment SCAHCBRAMAGALHÃES Daniellast_img read more

DACPA members benefit from craft workshop

first_imgLocalNews DACPA members benefit from craft workshop by: – October 10, 2014 277 Views   no discussions Tweet Close to twenty young people have benefitted from a two-week training under the OAS/FEMCIDI Craft Enhancement and Business Planning training, with supervision of the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA).The project, which has been welcomed by Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Association (DACPA), comprised of a theoretical and practical component.The practical component was implemented with support from the Government of Colombia as part of a cooperation program between the Governments of Dominica and Colombia under Colombia’s Plan Caribe. The first week of the practical component facilitated by Daniela Viscarra of Boliva, was held at the KBA where 20 participants from the Kalinago Territory attended.The two (2) weeks training held at New Beginning Craft Workshop at Stockfarm ended on Friday, October 10, 2014.The first week was facilitated by Leonar de Rocio Bolivar Castano of Columbia while the final week was facilitated by Miguel Pertuz accompanied by a representative of PAN America Development Foundation from Columbia.President of the Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Association, Vanessa Winston told Dominica Vibes on Friday, the training has been a success.President of DACPA, Vanessa WinstonMs Winston noted that the facilitators have been a source of great support in teaching the participants about the design of the products.“They taught us to use what we see around us in Dominica, what is cultural and indigenous to Dominica to design our products, so therefore when it’s out on the market you can go anywhere and you can identify that product and say that product came from Dominica.”She further explained that the training also focused on the finishing aspects of the various craft items. “They have given us tips on how to work with calabash, bamboo, the coconut, the best way for the finishing touches on the leather, even the fabric and the best way on how to incorporate the fabric in craft.” Ms Winston also informed that the participants received training on how to use certain tools in craft making.Facilitator Miguel Pertuz, who spoke through a translator, said the experience has been a good one and he is impressed with the participants and their level of crafting. “I have been not only been able to pass down what I know but also learn from the Dominican artisans,” he stated.Meanwhile, one of the participants, Desmond Phillip told Dominica Vibes that he is elated for the training opportunity to improve his technique and “enhance on the work that I am now doing”.The participants worked with, wood, coconut shell, calabash, rain forest fern, bamboo and other local materials.– / 15f’:Dominica Vibes News Sharing is caring!center_img Share Share Sharelast_img read more

Dagupan City and Villasis, Pangasinan cemeteries closed during Undas

first_imgPANGASINAN –  Villasis town and Dagupan City announced the closure of their cemeteries, both public and private.PNA PHOTO/ MANILA BULLETINVillasis Mayor Nonato Abrenica, through an Executive Order (EO), said the cemetery closure will be in effect from October 31 to November 2. All Saints’ Day which falls on November 1, and All  Souls’  Day which falls  on November 2, have traditionally been a time for Filipinos to visit the resting places of their departed loved ones.Abrenica said this has been a perennial cause of traffic and human congestion in and around the cemeteries, memorial parks, and other burial places even days before or after.The Chief of Police, the Barangay Councils of Barangay Poblacion Zone 1,  Barangay Lipay and Barangay San Blas and accredited force multipliers shall ensure peace and order. Dagupan City Mayor Brian Lim also announced the temporary closure of the city’s public and private cemeteries from October 30 to November 2 due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Dagupan City.According to the executive order signed by Lim on September 10, the purpose of the temporary closure is to prevent the gathering of many people in the coming “Undas.”“It’s very difficult to sign this but given our public health emergency due to the steady increase in cases, we had to announce in advance this policy,” Lim said.  SIGN UP TO DAILY NEWSLETTERCLICK HERE TO SIGN-UPlast_img read more