New survey reveals differences between men and women whilst travelling

first_imgNew survey reveals differences between men and women whilst travellingSome say men are from Mars and women are from Venus – but how different are we when it comes to travelling? In the latest poll by ZUJI, the region’s leading online travel agent (OTA), 88% women were found to do their vacation research through travel sites or blogs, like ZUJI Passport, as compared to less than half of men (42%). In contrast, men (52%) seem more comfortable gathering insights from family and friends compared to women (7%).“Looking at our travel blog, ZUJI Passport, we see twice as many women than men on our site. This is definitely consistent with the findings from our latest ZUJI-dex,” said Chua Hui Wan, Chief Executive Officer, ZUJI Singapore. “Considering the current digital era, it is interesting to see how men still prefer the old-fashioned and personal approach to gathering travel recommendations from family and friends instead of relying on online content.”Responding to a series of travel habits and preferences, a total of 485 Singapore-based travellers participated in the poll. The following insights were discovered through the ZUJI-dex:When prepping for a vacation:Men (16%) are more likely to snag a travel deal when they see it as compared to women (12%).Both prefer to wait for the best travel and credit card deals promotions (Men: 40%, Women: 43%) – ZUJI bank partners also see more than a two-fold increase in credit card swipes during exclusive travel promotions.Men prefer dynamic planning (Men: 73%, Women: 70%), while women take preference in planning an itinerary (Men: 27%, Women 29%).88% of women either Google travel tips by bloggers or check-out travel sites, like ZUJI and TripAdvisor, while only 42% of men do so. (To support this, 63% of page views on ZUJI Passport are by women, while the rest are men).Men (52%) on the other hand, prefer gathering insights from family and friends compared to women (7%).On vacation must-dos and haves:Men and women unite over their love for food and culture – making it top of their to-do lists when travelling.But men still prefer a vacation with a photographic view (40%), while women are out on a bargain hunt (48%).When travelling on a long haul flight, close to half of men (45%) must have a drink to unwind and calm the nerves, while a third of women (33%) turn to eye masks and ear plugs for a good sleep.When it comes to dollars and cents:Men (43%) would rather splurge to fill their bellies with the best local cuisine.Women (34%) prefer a little more glamour and would rather splurge on luxurious accommodation and shopping! (Top shopping destinations on ZUJI include Bangkok, Guangzhou and London).On a budget, more than half of both men (55%) and women (63%) are willing to forgo Wi-Fi access for a comfortable bed at night, despite living in a connected world.Over a third of men and more than a quarter of women would rather share bathroom and sleeping facilities than forgo air-conditioning! Source = ZUJIlast_img read more