CSJP Gives Inner-City Youth Second Chance at Life

first_imgFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail “I was the devil,” Nicholas Miller says, eliciting gasps from the crowd, as he gives a poignant synopsis of his past as a ‘corner boy’ in an inner-city community in Kingston.The hushed, attentive audience, gathered at the Fletchers Land community centre in Kingston, is enthralled, as Nicholas describes the “the dark place” he was in, committing crimes and creating mayhem.But today, the slight-framed youth professes to be a new man. “I found God.God mek me find CSJP (Community Security and Justice Programme). It changed me from a corner boy to somebody who everybody look up to,” he says.“I have a job now, at Charlie Smith High,” he tells residents, representatives of the CSJP, and other stakeholders, who attended the recent launch of the Real Man Things ‘Pon Di Corner’ programme at the community centre.“I have two kids with my baby-mother, and I am taking care of my responsibility, taking care of everything. The dark place is where I was, but mi deh inna CJSP now.mi have a lot of goals.a lot of goals,” Nicholas says to thunderous applause.Nicholas is just one example of an inner-city youth, who has experienced a “rebirth” and has been saved from a life of crime through the CJSP, and will be participating in the Real Man initiative.Utilising the popular ‘Real Man Things’ radio show, aired on Power 106 FM, as well as interactive sessions and workshops on inner-city streets, the initiative will serve to motivate young men and turn them way from a life of crime.Nicholas, a resident of Trench Town, is a member of a group of young men dubbed: ‘Men With A Message’ who, under the programme, will be trained and deployed as role models to corners, schools, clubs and sports teams to communicate the message of change to other young men contemplating a life of crime, who are vulnerable to recruitment, or who are living a life of crime.Christopher Hall is another shining testimony of how CJSP has helped to improve the quality of life of inner-city youth and give them a second chance at making meaningful contribution to family, community and country, even when things seem hopeless.Having been through a revolving door of facilities for delinquent children and imprisoned over 20 times, Christopher is now a changed man. “(I’ve) been out pon the road from (I was) nine years old.that’s about 1979.me come out of school from about 11 years old…that a primary school.me nuh know secondary school, a straight approved school and prison.I have so many names,” he relates.“But yuh see, at the end of the day, all a dat behind mi.right now, is change mi a talk bout, fi the other youth them in my community,” he says.Christopher uses the opportunity to extend his gratitude to the CJSP and its staff, for having worked with him, despite his challenging personality.“Them people deh cope wid mi foolishness, mi attitude, those type of things.at the end of the day, mi mek a step, .with the hope and the Real Man changes, mi nah guh stop,” is his impassioned assurance.The father of five says it takes hard work and dedication to fully overcome his challenges, but he is determined to endure. He has been giving back to his community, working with students at Kingston High School, and has assisted a number of inner city youth, convincing them to give up, or shun a life of crime.“Me see more than a dozen youth straighten up back and say that road is not good (for them).they say self praise is no recommendation, but mi ago praise myself at this moment,” he remarks.Christopher commends the nine other participants in the Pon Di Corner initiative, the CSJP, and all collaborating entities for coming on board and providing the necessary resources. “Remember, my days in prison and now is two different tings.prison harder now.Jamaica nice, our greatest enemy is the mind.you see from we can function and keep wi mind pon a level, everything nice,” he says emphatically.Host of Real Man Things, motivational speaker, and life coach, Kevin Wallen, is passionate about the need for change.“Every time I walk into a prison and me see mi bothers and sisters.it burn me.the first time I walked into Spanish Town prison and I saw three floors of able- bodied young men that were unable to do anything but wake up, fight, eat some food.when I saw that, it burn my heart.that cannot happen anymore. We have to stop it,” he implores.He says the programme will emphasise that “even though you’re born in a space where you’re surrounded by zinc fence, you don’t have the excuse fi kill people and tek whey dem own”.“Real Man Things mean that even though you born in a space where sometimes you’re hungry, and you can’t find the first dollar to buy something, it still doesn’t give you the right to hurt somebody else for their own that they work for,” he adds, noting that “real men” must take responsibility for their children and their families.Mr. Wallen says it is critical that at-risk youth hear the real examples of those, who have survived the struggles of the inner-city life and escaped the allure of crime, which is why the ‘Men with a Message,’ are so important.Real Man Things’ Pon Di Corner’ will begin airing on Power 106 FM at the end of this month. It will be instrumental in spreading the message of the CSJP, and the opportunities for engagement among communities and groups.Meanwhile, Programme Manager for the CSJP, Simeon Robinson, explains that through ‘Men with a Message’ as the main conduits, the CSJP and its partners, Churches Cooperative Credit Union (CCCU), and Communications and Business Solutions, as well as other private and public sector entities, will promote opportunities for change, through the provision of jobs, training, and internships for qualified inner-city youth.The CSJP, a programme of the Ministry of National Security, is in its second phase of funding from the Inter-American Development Bank, which will run until December 2013. Its main objectives are to prevent and reduce crime and violence, and to strengthen crime management capabilities through community action, and institutional strengthening of the Ministry level.The community action plank will see 28 communities in Kingston, St. Andrew,St. James and Westmoreland receiving extensive services designed to reduce various types of violence. It also includes activities to promote safe neighbourhoods and build multipurpose facilities for delivery of crime prevention services and to establish Community Justice Tribunals. RelatedCSJP Gives Inner-City Youth Second Chance at Life Advertisements RelatedCSJP Gives Inner-City Youth Second Chance at Lifecenter_img RelatedCSJP Gives Inner-City Youth Second Chance at Life CSJP Gives Inner-City Youth Second Chance at Life Office of the Prime MinisterAugust 13, 2010last_img read more

EC$2M in repairs at DOMLEC’s hydro plant

first_img Tweet Share Sharing is caring! BusinessLocalNews EC$2M in repairs at DOMLEC’s hydro plant by: Dominica Vibes News – May 13, 2016 281 Views   no discussionscenter_img Share Share Generation Manager at DOMLEC Dave StampThe Dominica Electricity Services Limited (DOMLEC), the sole power generating company on the island, has revealed that the damage done to some of its infrastructure in the Roseau Valley area is approximately two (2) million Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollars. This was revealed by Generation Manager Dave Stamp during a media tour of DOMLEC’s hydro plants on Thursday 12 May 2016 at Laudat and Trafalgar.Hydro Supervisor, Charles McClean explained that PADU headworks at the Trafalgar Power Station, where tree roots now hang in the air, was once covered with solid land but it was washed away by the river during Tropical Storm Erika last August threatening the infrastructure. Stamp said the tendering process for the project has been completed and the company is making the final selection of bidders; a process that is expected to be completed in two or three weeks. “We are pushing to complete this before the end of the year; the quicker we can have this restored the better for us because as we stand here, now although the system is operational.”However Stamp added that should another storm like Erika occur, the current structure and intake diversions would be lost hence causing a loss to the output of the Padu Power Plant and this would severely affect its production. No temporary work has been done in that area, he added, because of the difficulty in doing so. “It’s just difficult to do temporary works here, we have done some temporary works along the roadway because that was easier to access; which is one of the reasons why we have expedited the process of tendering this so we can get works started.”As such, this area has been one of major focus for the company and will most likely be one of the first places where a contract will be awarded due to the lack of temporary fixes. Other agencies will be engaged in repair works on the road leading to the Trafalgar Plant and this should begin sometime in June.Stamp added that contract contingencies are in order in case the contractor has to make certain additional provisions for the work to be done, or if there is any damage to completed works caused by inclement weather. “Yes it will be a challenge if it is a very active hurricane season and especially if it is a flood related hurricane season, because our biggest challenge at this location and at the location along the road would be [flooding]; so if there are any flooding events then there might be delays and difficulties but we will have to deal with those when it comes,” he explained. As to accessing the site, he said it was a challenge and is still being worked on via arrangements with private land owners which are part of the contractual agreement. Furthermore, Stamp said the current heavy rains have not threatened the infrastructure any further. “So far we’ve been lucky in that the level of rainfall that we have had has been consistent yes but not to the level where it seems threatening to our infrastructure so we are glad about that.”He added that DOMLEC does not intend to “ride the luck forever” as there will come a time when the rainfall will challenge the already compromised infrastructure.– / 12last_img read more

Gscience hires Tom Smith as Chief Marketing Officer

first_imgRELATED: Chris DeAppolonio boards Evil Geniuses as Chief Innovation OfficerG-Science announced a rebrand on August 4th, refreshing its logo and changing its name from ‘G-Science.’ The hiring of Smith, who is said to have been involved in esports since 2010, is the latest development for the company.Smith spoke on his new role: “I have been aware of the substantial progress Ryan and Jamie have made as a company over the past year, and I am excited to be joining them on their journey. Since initially joining as a marketing advisor, our business relationship continued to flourish.“As the CMO opportunity developed, it was a win-win opportunity I couldn’t refuse when working alongside such passionate, inspiring and hardworking founders. As we look ahead, I cannot wait to celebrate every milestone we achieve together as a company.”Esports Insider says: Gscience is one of the most exciting companies in the health and performance side of esports at this moment in time, its Optimal product looks promising and its team is shaping up very nicely. We’re looking forward to seeing what else the company has in store for 2020.Follow ESI on Instagram Esports performance brand Gscience has found its Chief Marketing Officer, hiring Esportsdeck founder Tom Smith.Smith will ensure Gscience is successful across product development and its “wider marketing strategy.”Credit: GscienceRELATED: Activision Blizzard hires deputy MLB commissioner to lead esportsIn order to fulfil its mission of creating “happier, healthier and more successful esports athletes,” Gscience has developed a product named Optimal. The project, which is currently in its beta phase, is described as an “athlete monitoring system” that helps players, coaches, and management to stay on top of health and in-game statistics to identify areas of improvement.The founders of Gscience collectively commented on the hire: “Bringing Tom on board was a no-brainer. His experience within the esports industry is hard to find and having someone like this as part of the team will help to accelerate Gscience towards its goals. The recent rebranding that Tom spearheaded is testament to this and moving forward we’re very excited to have his input in both the development of the company as a whole and also with our product, Optimal.” 10 Sec ESI London – Franchised leagues in esports. CARMAC vs lurppis NextStay ESI London – Franchised leagues in esports. CARMAC vs lurppisNOW PLAYINGThis year in esports- Investments, sponsorships and deals in 2019NOW PLAYINGTEAMS wins The Clutch DigitalNOW PLAYINGHector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez – ESI Hall of Fame Inductee 2019NOW PLAYINGESI Hall of Fame 2019 – #ESIHOFNOW PLAYINGMarcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham – ESI Hall of Fame Inductee 2019NOW PLAYINGHeather ‘sapphiRe’ Garozzo – ESI Hall of Fame Inductee 2019NOW PLAYINGESI London 2019NOW PLAYINGThe best MMOs in 2020NOW PLAYING Arrow Left #1 Icon Created with Sketch. Arrow right #1 Icon Created with Sketch. last_img read more