John Lennon’s Bassist Gary Van Scyoc Discusses Life With John And Yoko

first_imgAfter The Beatles broke up in 1970, John Lennon tried everything he could to separate himself from that part of his life. He had grown a beard and changed his appearance to look anything but ‘Beatley cute’, distancing himself from the shell shock of the group’s tremendous fame. He was also struggling to break the vice of a drug habit, one that he sang about in “Cold Turkey,” a controversial tune the Beatles passed on recording. Lennon was also speaking out loudly about politics, so much so that he would become the target of a tremendous FBI surveillance effort and deportation efforts from the federal government.Around this time, Lennon was also playing with The Elephant’s Memory Band. Surprisingly, the group were jam packed with sharpened musicians, including the bassist Gary Van Scyoc. He joined the Elephants in time to be swept up into the world of John and Yoko, who recruited the group between 1971 and 1973. Van Scyoc will be playing his bass at a Beatles Tribute with Mark Hudson at the Iridium in New York on Dec. 21st, and he related some wild memories to L4LM’s Bob Wilson about the glory days he remembers so well.L4LM: How did you come to play with Elephant’s Memory, and then with John and Yoko?Gary Van Scyoc: I was only 24 or 25 years at most old when I joined Elephant’s Memory. They were a politically active street-wise band.  I answered an ad they placed in the Village Voice. I auditioned at Max’s Kansas City during an actual show, and I was in. I had had a hit with the Fife Piper, and gone to Salem University Music School. The Elephant’s had a gold record on the wall, and they were known from playing the Anderson and the Fillmore Theaters in New York City. L4LM: How did John and Yoko learn of you, and be impressed enough to play with you for several years?GVS: John and Yoko were living in an apartment on Bank Street in Greenwich Village, and we recorded and rehearsed about a block and a half away.  Yippie Jerry Rubin had told them about us, and been to many of our gigs. So did Tom Fortin of High Times Magazine. Jerry Rubin gave them a tape we had recorded live on WLIR. It’s strange the way that fate intervenes.  John came down to Magna Graphics Studio with Yoko, one night they just popped in.  We actually kept them waiting for far too long (laughs). He had a white suit on, which may have been the actual one from the Abbey Road album cover. We just hit it off, and Yoko liked that Plastic Ono Elephant’s Memory was P.O.E.M.  L4LM: John pops in wearing possibly the Abbey Road suit, with Yoko at his side.  And then you talk for a while, and what happens next?GVS: We jammed together from 10PM to about 4AM, after John just asked if we could all play. We did many classics like Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Elvis songs, and Little Richard songs.  Then when we were done, he asked if they could join the band. I was thinking, is this really happening?L4LM: How long did it take you to decide?GVS: Well, I was the one to have some pause.  Apple was not based in New York, and I thought we might be better off with a local label.  And I had been doing jingles, like Uncle Ben’s Rice, and had been making good money.  With John and Yoko, we would need to hit the road, and that would be the end of the commercials for me.  Will Lee had come to town by that point, though.  He was the next player to be en vogue.  L4LM: What were John and Yoko like to play alongside? Were they demanding, or did they allow some leeway for the Elephant’s Memory?GVS: You couldn’t have asked for anything better, as they trusted us.  John gave us carte blanche, and couldn’t have been sweeter.  I don’t remember any of us complaining.  We were seasoned studio musicians, and not street musicians like David Peel, as an act and not an entity.  I’m not knocking David here, but rather making a distinction.  I love David dearly.L4LM: Now that you had joined together, how did you start actually playing?GVS: We would show up at the Record Plant at 7PM every day for two weeks.  We would record one track per day.  At the most, John would want to do three takes of any song, as he liked to keep it fresh.  That is how we recorded the Some Time In New York City album.L4LM: Did John and Yoko attract any attention during the time you were recording.GVS: Carly Simon stopped by, who had been with Elephant’s Memory as vocalist for a time.  Rudolf Nureyev came in, and also Jackie Kennedy.L4LM: John and Yoko took over the Mike Douglas Show for a week? What was it like participating in that, and being a ‘fly on the wall’?GVS: It was the first time John had met Chuck Berry.  We stayed at the Ben Franklin Hotel in Philadelphia, and ran up an enormous bill (laughs).  Chuck was a little aggravated about royalties he hadn’t been paid when the Beatles had done some of his tunes, but he got over that quickly.  It was amazing to see two superstars get together.  Chuck was John’s idol, and he was like a little kid.  It was exciting.L4LM: What other memories do you have of Chuck Berry?GVS: It was a little weird, as Chuck had this dominance thing.  We would rehearse in one key, and Chuck would change key.  That was not good for John, and it threw him. John was a trooper, though, and he played through it.  Chuck loved the Elephant’s Memory.  We went on tour with Chuck, as John had no work visa.  We also recorded the record ‘Bio’ with Chuck.  Wayne ‘Tex’ Gabriel played a lead guitar solo on that album.  It was the only time Chuck ever let anyone ever do that on a studio track with on one of hi records.  It was a song called Woodpecker, an instrumental.  Chuck just loved jamming with us.L4LM: Did John mind that his band had been commandeered?GVS: John had no problem with it.  John could only do television, benefit concerts and things of that nature because he didn’t have that work visa.  When we played at the Anderson Theater with Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, John and Yoko were in the second row.  L4LM: When did the political associations start to cause real problems for John and Yoko? Until then, he had somewhat gotten away with the anti-war protests, but then he brought some serious radicals onto the Mike Douglas Show and things like that. Did that upset the powers that be?GVS: By 1972, John had made many political associations.  My own phone had been tapped nearly the whole time that I knew them.  The FBI brought a reel to reel taping system into my building to tap my phones, and you could hear the ‘click’ on the line.  G-Men with their little hats would follow us.  They really had gotten on Bob Gruen’s ass.  We laugh about it now, the G-Men days.  They were not happy with John, and they would do everything to get him out of the country.  L4LM: Were you aware of any other tactics against you at the time?GVS: I was busy working at the time, so I would go about my business and not dwell on it.  In Denver, though, we were arrested as bank robbers.  They let us go, but there was something fishy about it.  It seems like it was a set-up.L4LM: How did the bootlegs of the One-To-One Concert get out to the public?GVS: I have no idea.  Butterfly Studios had mobile trucks recording everything, including the rehearsals.  I would guess that someone from there gave tapes out to someone.L4LM: The One-To-One benefit is really the only full recording we have of John live post Beatles. That is really historical.  How does it feel to be a part of that?GVS: Well, now it is a DVD and a compact disc, but they are out of print.  I am hoping that they re-release those things.  Sometimes Yoko drags her feet (laughs).  She seems to move at five year intervals.  L4LM: What was it like recording Yoko’s Approximately Infinite Universe?GVS: Approximately Infinite Universe is Yoko’s best work ever.  John was in the control room the whole time.  It was not just a pop record, but serious studio players.  I think it is “the” record.L4LM: Do you ever see Yoko much these days?GVS: Once in a while.  In 2010, I saw her at the premiere of the LENNONYC movie, that was done by Michael Epstein.  We have no problem with each other.  L4LM: Do you like or support Michael Santo and Laura Lian’s effort to place a memorial peace statue of John into Central Park where there are none of him to date? I think John would like it, as it celebrates his peace efforts, and does not simply make him an icon.Gary: I really like that idea very much.  And the idea seems to be creating a buzz.  I hope it comes to fruition.  John Lennon NYC Statue Project for Central Park Needs SupportL4LM: When you worked closely with John, what did his relationship seem to be like with the former Beatles?GVS: Well, the media would be reporting on this huge Lennon and McCartney feud.  The Village Voice had them at each others throats. Then as we recorded Sometime In New York City album, Paul called two or three times, and everything would just come to a halt.  They would be yukking it up, and laughing for over an hour at a time.  You argue with your brother, but he is still your brother. L4LM: Elephant’s Memory played with the Jerry Garcia Band on a Cruise in 1973. What was that like?GVS: It was a ‘Hell’s Angel’s Pirates Party’, aboard the S.S. Bay Belle.  We brought the wives along for the musical boat ride.  Willie Nelson also came along and performed.  We cruised around Manhattan about ten times.  Footage wound up in the documentary film, ‘Hell’s Angels Forever’ (released in 1983).  We had a great time smoking ‘doobies’.  The Angels sponsored the trip, and they treated us like gold.  L4LM: What caused The Elephant’s Memory to break with John and Yoko?GVS: It wasn’t really a break-up with the Elephant’s Memory, as such.  It was more that John and Yoko split up, and John went on his ‘Lost Weekend’.  When Nixon won re-election, John was simply crushed, and it took the wind right out of him.  John sent me a letter, and people publish fakes of it sometimes online.  I have the original framed.  Apple would be taking back about $100,000 worth of equipment, as John was in Los Angeles.  John told me not to be depressed, as ‘life is as long as an elephant’s memory’.Gary Van Scyoc will be appearing on December 21st at the Iridium in New York, NY with Mark Hudson. Tickets are available here. For more about Van Scyoc’s doings, including his recent album Pop Goes The Elephant, head to his official website.last_img read more

Russian adventurer plans round-the-world balloon flight

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August 23, 2013: Weekly Roundup of Web Development and Design Resources

first_imgI’ll hire the designer who is open, collaborative, and inclusive over the brilliant designer who lacks those qualities. Always. #ux— Christine Perfetti (@cperfetti) August 21, 2013 7 Proofreading Steps: What steps do you take for proofreading? This list of tips comes from one of my favorite blogs, Daily Writing Tips. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedWeekly Roundup of Web Design and Development Resources: December 5, 2014An in-depth look at the design decisions of the Google and Apple map applications, announcement of the second edition of the Responsive Web Design book, and alternatives for adding related content to your posts/pages are a few of the resources you’ll find in this week’s roundup of web design and…In “Web design & development links”Weekly Roundup of Web Design and Development Resources: October 28, 2016In this week’s web design and development resources roundup, you’ll learn how to improve user experience with micro-interactions, find a six-point checklist for creating accessible videos, discover some spooky CSS, and more. If you’re new to my blog, each Friday I publish a post highlighting my favorite user experience, accessibility,…In “Web design & development links”Weekly Roundup of Web Design and Development Resources: September 18, 2015In this week’s roundup of web design and development resources, you’ll find out how 15 user experience (UX) professionals describe UX designs, learn about a free webinar for testing website accessibility, discover what to look for in a payment gateway, and more. If you’re new to my blog, each Friday…In “Web design & development links” Building Responsive Websites Using Twitter Bootstrap: This tutorial by Syed Fazle Rahman is the second in the series of working with Twitter Bootstrap. Note: the tutorial is based on version 2.3.2. A tutorial for the 3.0 version is expected soon. User Experience30 Essential UX Tools: This collection of paid and free user experience tools is worth bookmarking. You’ll find mind maps, flow charts, site maps, wireframes, user testing, feedback, analytics, speed tests, and more. I was glad to discover Dr. Link Check, an online link testing site currently in beta.10 Interface Typos You Don’t Even Know You’re Making: Is it “through” or “thru”? Georgina Laidlaw highlights ten of the most common typos in her SitePoint article. Yep, I’m guilty. I didn’t know “thru” wasn’t a word. If you think progressive enhancement is stifling your creativity, you’re just being lazy. It’s not difficult, it just requires some thought.— Aaron Gustafson (@AaronGustafson) August 22, 2013 17 Periodicals For Usability Research: Where do you find peer-reviewed research? Thanks to Jeff Sauro for compiling this excellent list of user experience research journals and periodicals.AccessibilityAccessibility Through Video Captions: Alistair Campbell of Nomensa explains how YouTube can automatically caption your videos. As Campbell points out, sometimes the captioning results aren’t what you expect. It’s up to you to edit the captions, and thankfully, YouTube makes it easy to do. Inequality and the Internet: Why Some Remain Offline: In her letter to The New York Times, disability rights lawyer Lainey Feingold points out their oversight in their recent article Most of U.S. Is Wired, but Millions Aren’t Plugged In for not discussing the digital divide between people with disabilities and those people who are not (yet) disabled. Using the ARIA Form Landmark: In this tutorial, Ted Drake explains the use of the ARIA form landmark. Though not currently supported by all browsers and screenreaders, Drake recommends including role=“form” as you add new code.Is Blu-Ray as Accessible as DVD?: Media Access Australia reports that the home entertainment industry hasn’t used the additional space available on Blu-Ray to increase accessibility. Rather the space has been used to add outtakes, story enhancements and interviews.WordPressWP in Higher Ed Hangout: My former higher education colleagues Curtiss Grymala and Chris Wiegman launch their monthly chat about WordPress in higher education this week. Join the discussion on Fridays at 2PM EDT.How to Embed Audio and Video Players in WordPress: With the 3.6 version, you can now easily embed audio and video players in your posts and pages. Steven Gliebe walks you through the steps and shares what file types are supported. Gliebe also shows you how to embed with a URL, shortcode or from another site.center_img This week’s roundup brings you news about the implementation of srcset in Webkit, a tutorial on how to use the HTML5 API for form validation, a collection of paid and free user experience tools, and more. If you’re new to my blog, I publish a post sharing some of my favorite CSS, HTML, accessibility, user experience and WordPress resources I’ve read in the past week. I’d love to hear how you use the resources in your projects. To my regular followers, I’ve changed the schedule to publish the weekly roundup on Fridays.Favorite TweetI have this problem. There are too many interesting things to do.— Dana Chisnell (@danachis) August 20, 2013CSS and HTMLTridiv: an amazing web-based CSS 3D editor: Julian Garnier created an amazing 3D editor that has caught a lot of people’s attention. Free and only available on Webkit, Tridiv creates complex animations and objects. Whoa, check out the animated spaceship demo on CodePen. Using the HTML5 Constraint API for Form Validation: Sandeep Panda gives an overview of how to use the HTML5 constraint API to validate form entries in this SitePoint post. HTML5 Tools From Adobe: If you haven’t been able to keep up with Adobe’s new development tools, this summary highlights the features in Edge Code, Typekit, Edge Inspect, Edge Reflow, PhoneGap Build.Responsive DesignWebKit Has Implemented srcset, And It’s A Good Thing: With srcset available in WebKit, developers can now specify a list of sources for an image attribute, which is shown based on the pixel density of the user’s display. What I found interesting is that srcset offers suggestions to the browser, that can be overridden by a user preference. Take time to read the discussion in the comments.Responsive Interview with Val Head: In this interview by Responsive Web Weekly, Val Head shares her background, current projects, and her favorite responsive web design implementation from 2013. I met Val at Rustbelt Refresh earlier this year, amazing designer.Aim to design systems, not pages and you’ll be much happier with the whole process. Get Involved with Online WordPress Communities: Are you looking to join an online WordPress community? Austin Gunter of WP Engine shares four active communities where you can share your work, ask questions, give answers to others, and learn more about WordPress.How to Create Category Templates in WordPress: Category templates can be helpful when you want a unique look and feel, or different features shown for a specific category.What I Found InterestingEight Evernote Upgrades You Should Know About: Did you know you can merge Evernote notes? Or that you can link to another note?My process for being where my feet are: Loved reading this post from my friend Leslie Jensen-Inman who shares how she stays grounded, moves forward, and maintains balance.Creativity happens when we make room for it to happen, when our spaces aren’t cluttered.last_img read more

Columbus Catholic boys third at Edgar Cross Country Invitational

first_imgLeonard Steinert, Morgan Albrecht lead Dons at Rib MountainBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterRIB MOUNTAIN — The Marshfield Columbus Catholic boys cross country team had four top-25 finishes and finished third in the team standings at the 2015 Edgar Invitational on Tuesday at Nine Mile Forest.Leonard Steinert was 13th (18:23.0), Peyton Nystrom was 16th (18:25.5), and Benny Frericks finished 18th (18:32.9) to lead the Dons, who totaled 99 points. Medford won the boys team title with 35 points, and Tomahawk was second with 42.Jarod Rudolph of Medford won the boys race in 16:55.4. Teammate Derek Rudolph took third in 17:24.9. Tanner Moris of Crandon placed second in 17:07.8.Mosinee won the girls team title with 63 points. Tomahawk came in second with 83.Columbus Catholic had four runners and did not have a complete team score. Morgan Albrecht led the Dons by taking 25th place in 22:54.7.Columbus returns to action Oct. 6 at the Auburndale Invitational, which will be held at Frey Farm in Spencer.Click here for complete results via City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of Edgar Cross Country InvitationalSept. 29, at Nine Mile Forest, Rib Mountain BoysTeam scores: 1. Medford 35; 2. Tomahawk 42; 3. Marshfield Columbus Catholic 99; 4. Mosinee 100; 5. Crandon 133; 6. Neillsville 152; 7. Edgar 216; 8. Loyal/Greenwood/Granton 217; 9. Pittsville 248; 10. Eau Claire Regis 260; Owen-Withee incomplete.Top 10 and Marshfield Columbus Catholic finishers: 1. Jarod Rudolph (MED) 16:55.4; 2. Tanner Moris (CRAN) 17:07.8; 3. Derek Rudolph (MED) 17:24.9; 4. Mason Tomany (MOS) 17:30.4; 5. Trey Ulrich (MED) 17:30.5; 6. Troy Vanstrysdonk (TOM) 17:34.4; 7. Alex Johnson (TOM) 17:52.9; 8. Mason Webster (TOM) 17:53.9; 9. Joe Tomandl (ED) 17:56.9; 10. Cayton Scholz (TOM) 18:02.4; 13. Leonard Steinert (MCC) 18:23.0; 16. Peyton Nystrom (MCC) 18:25.5; 18. Benny Frericks (MCC) 18:32.9; 25. Jeremiah Giles (MCC) 19:05.6; 27. Bryce Fuerlinger (MCC) 19:10.1; 29. Jon Viegut (MCC) 19:14.0; 32. Leo Pittsley (MCC) 19:19.7; 35. Zach Gotz (MCC) 19:41.2.—GirlsTeam scores: 1. Mosinee 63; 2. Tomahawk 83; 3. Medford 84; 4. Eau Claire Regis 108; 5. Edgar 123; 6. Pittsville 142; 7. Neillsville 150; 8. Crandon 189; 9. Loyal/Greenwood/Granton 228; Marshfield Columbus Catholic and Owen-Withee incomplete.Top 10 and Marshfield Columbus Catholic finishers: 1. Dani Whiting (TOM) 20:16.9; 2. Kallie Falteisek (OW) 20:41.3; 3. Mackenzie Carey (MED) 21:05.1; 4. Jenna Hughes (PIT) 21:35.2; 5. Danielle Yengo (ECR) 21:44.7; 6. Hannah Brandner (MED) 21:46.4; 7. Hannah Brewster (ED) 21:48.4; 8. Shelby Herring (MOS) 21:52.9; 9. Mackenzie Person (OW) 21:56.6; 10. Grace Theisen (ECR) 22:01.2; 25. Morgan Albrecht (MCC) 22:54.7; 32. Hailey Roehl (MCC) 23:02.6; 33. Hannah Grubofski (MCC) 23:03.0; 37. Melanie Lang (MCC) 23:14.3.last_img read more

Stratford takes title at Bi-State Wrestling Classic, wins next two dual meets

first_imgPhotos by Bryce Ford/Stratford WrestlingBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterLA CROSSE — Stratford won three individual titles and had two others finish in the top three as it rolled to its third-straight Division 3 title at the Bi-State Wrestling Classic on Dec. 29-30 at the La Crosse Civic Center.A.J. Schoenfuss won the title at 120 pounds with a 6-3 win over Veliko Kochiu of Wausau West, Jeremy Schoenherr took the 126-pound championship with a 5-1 victory over Trenton McManus of Adams-Friendship, and Mason Kauffman beat John Maki of Mauston 5-3 to take the 145-pound title for Stratford.The Tigers finished with 321 ½ points to win the Division 3 championship by nearly 200 points over second-place New Lisbon (122).Stratford’s Mason Kauffman, right, battles during a 145-pound match at theBi-State Wrestling Classic in La Crosse on Dec. 30. Kauffman won the 145-pound title as Stratford took first in the Division 3 team standingsfor the third-straight year.Hudson won the Division 1 title with 338 ½ points, and Marshfield took 18th out of 21 teams. Ellsworth won the Division 2 team crown. If the three divisions were scored together, Stratford would have finished second only behind Hudson, which is ranked No. 2 in Division 1 by Stratford is ranked first in Division 3.Stratford’s Jake Drexler lost the 113-pound title match 7-5 to Drew Klabon of Hudson, and Kam Bornbach finished third at 182 pounds for the Tigers.“We were really pleased on how the kids wrestled,” Stratford coach Joe Schwabe said. “We lost some close matches but sometimes forget about the close matches we won. It was very neat getting a large amount of kids to place, with four in the finals.”Other top-10 finishes for Stratford came from Macey Kilty, who was fifth at 106 pounds; Derek Marten, seventh at 132; and Tyson Kauffman, seventh at 285.“We also won our third-, fifth-, and both seventh-place matches, which is a great way to end your tournament,” Schwabe said. “We had a close second and three champs, so obviously we’re very pleased with those guys. Hopefully we can build on this as we enter into the second phase of our season.”Stratford won a Marawood Conference dual against Edgar on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 70-3, taking six matches by pin and four others by forfeit.Drexler (113 pounds), Schoenfuss (120), Schoenherr (126), Sam Wenzel (145), Dylan Schoenherr (170), and Kyle Giebel (195) all won by pin for the Tigers.Stratford had its closest match of the season but was able to prevail on the strength of three pins and two forfeits as it beat Athens 41-31 in a Marawood Conference wrestling dual meet on Thursday at Athens High School.Manny Drexler (106 pounds), Jeremy Schoenherr (126), and Wenzel (145) won by pin for the Tigers, who improve to 4-0 in the Marawood.Bornbach added an 18-3 technical fall at 182, and Tyson Kauffman and Mason Kauffman won by decision for Stratford.Stratford will compete at the D.C. Everest Invitational on Saturday.(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of 41, Athens 31106: Manny Drexler (S) pinned Gabe Weiks in 0:53.113: Jake Drexler (S) won by forfeit.120: A.J. Schoenfuss (S) won by forfeit.126: Jeremy Schoenherr (S) pinned Jonathan Alberecht in 2:35.132: Kevin Alberecht (A) won by disqualification.138: Klay Ellenbecker (A) def. Jordan Becker 15-7.145: Sam Wenzel (S) pinned Andy Nowacki in 3:02.152: Mason Kauffman (S) def. Austin Engel 5-4.160: Nate Morse (A) def. David Marquardt 6-3.170: Marshall Westfall (A) pinned Dylan Schoenherr in 1:49.182: Kam Bornbach (S) won by technical fall over Tannor Frahm 18-3.195: Jordan Zinkowich (A) pinned Kyle Giebel in 1:53.220: Dakota Venzke (A) pinned Jon Aguirre in 2:42.285: Tyson Kauffman (S) def. Tyson Sommer 7-5.last_img read more

Superb new look for SAS – first pictures and video

first_imgSAS has unveiled its stunning new look which is crisp and sharp.The airline touts it as a symbol of its modernisation with new Airbus A350 and A320neo aircraft, which bring huge fuel savings.READ: Vietnam Airlines pilots fail to lower landing gear Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO at SAS said: “The new livery design is a symbol of our future, a more sustainable and a competitive future for SAS, but one that also embraces our heritage.”More details here.Introducing our new look! A visual symbol of SAS modernizing our fleet and bringing the most fuel efficient planes, the @Airbus A320neo and A350 to our travelers. Painting out a more sustainable aviation future. Experience the new livery: #flysas #aviation— SAS – Scandinavian Airlines (@SAS) September 19, 2019last_img read more

Johnson Controls Enhances User Experience, Functionality of Flagship Video Solutions

first_imgJohnson Controls’ newest version of its victor Unified Video Management Systems and VideoEdge Network Video Recorders from American Dynamics, provides a transformed, contemporary user interface and new detection and analytics features for increased visibility of the security environment. With victor/VideoEdge 5.0, the updated feature set includes license plate-recognition, perimeter detection, edge-based SD-card failover redundancy and several other advanced surveillance features, delivering greater and faster command and control capabilities.The newly enhanced user interface of the victor video management system (VMS), simplifies day-to-day activities for security operators with both dark and light theme options well suited for dimly lit command center environments. The interface offers a reimagined “home” view that remembers frequently used features, simplifying forensic investigating and live viewing. Workflow functions have also been redesigned to be more intuitive and a new navigation bar and a variety of menu filters puts usability at the center of the victor VMS experience.“victor’s transformed graphical user interface makes the security operator’s experience more comfortable and efficient, significantly reducing the number of clicks, while uniquely leveraging Illustra cameras for an additional level of seamless system redundancy,” said Jammy DeSousa, senior product manager, Building Technologies and Solutions, Johnson Controls. “The newest version of victor/VideoEdge enables new levels of awareness with sophisticated video analytic capabilities for vehicle number plate recognition as well as perimeter detection with increased visibility for both exterior and interior environments.”- Sponsor – VideoEdge’s new TrickleStor feature has select Illustra cameras and VideoEdge working together to form a cost-effective redundancy and seamless failover solution. If communications between the NVR and cameras are interrupted or stop, the camera automatically detects the anomaly and begins recording video to its SD card. With VideoEdge TrickleStor, once connections are restored, the recorded video is then transferred back to the NVR’s hard drive. When the video is viewed later, operators will not be able to sense there was any outage, thereby capturing line of sight activity and providing a seamless experience.Powerful License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology sends security operators real-time alarm notifications for arriving VIPs or when blacklisted vehicles are detected. Operators use “fuzzy match” with Smart Search, victor/VideoEdge’s forensic search engine, to identify commonly confused characters, such as 8 and B, to generate a list of possible matches. Smart Search can also place asterisks (*) and question marks (?) to correlate recorded video and searches when only a portion of a license plate number is known.For more information about the victor Unified Video Management Systems and VideoEdge Network Video Recorders, visit Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Nets overcome James’ triple-double, beat Cavaliers

first_imgHotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Palace: Robredo back to ‘groping with a blind vision’ Nets: The Nets are 3-0 at home for the first time since 2002-03. … The last team with five straight 115-games to open a season was the 1985-86 Pistons. The Nets came in leading the NBA with 123.5 points per game.BRONX BOMBERS IN BROOKLYNAaron Judge, CC Sabathia and Dellin Betances of the New York Yankees watched from a sideline seat.UP NEXTCavaliers: Visit New Orleans on Saturday.Nets: Visit New York on Friday.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Winter storm threatens to scramble Thanksgiving travel plans Trump to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups MOST READ Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ ‘A complete lie:’ Drilon refutes ‘blabbermouth’ Salo’s claims Brooklyn Nets’ Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (24) defends Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James (23) during the first half of an NBA basketball game Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)NEW YORK — Spencer Dinwiddie made the go-ahead 3-pointer with 43 seconds left while starting for the injured D’Angelo Russell, and the Brooklyn Nets overcame LeBron James’ first triple-double of the season to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-107 on Wednesday night.James had 29 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds in his 56th triple-double, but he missed two free throws — the second intentionally — with the Cavaliers trailing by two with 7.6 seconds remaining. DeMarre Carrollthen hit a free throw and the Cavs’ long inbounds pass intended for James went out of bounds.ADVERTISEMENTcenter_img LATEST STORIES Argentine bishop appears at court hearing on abuse charges He ran the offense fine but his long-range shooters couldn’t convert enough of his passes. Kevin Love finished 4 for 13 from the floor and J.R. Smith was 1 for 9, missing all five 3-point attempts.The Nets led by 14 when Quincy Acy made a 3-pointer to open the scoring in the fourth, but James led the Cavs on a 13-0 run that gave them a 94-92 lead on Love’s 3-pointer. The teams traded narrow leads from there.Russell, the Nets’ leading scorer, sat out after spraining his right knee in Tuesday’s loss at Orlando.TIP-INSCavaliers: Lue said he hoped Rose could play Saturday at New Orleans. … The Cavs had won the last four meetings.ADVERTISEMENT Dinwiddie scored 22 points for the Nets, who blew a 14-point lead in the final quarter but recovered toimprove to 3-2 — the same record as the defending Eastern Conference champion Cavaliers.Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Allen Crabbe added 19 points apiece and Carroll scored 18 for the Nets, who fell just shy of becoming the first NBA team in 32 years to open a season with five straight 115-point games.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games openingJames appeared in his 772nd game with the Cavs, passing former teammate Zydrunas Ilgauskas for most in team history. But it turned into a frustrating night.He started at point guard for the second straight night with Derrick Rose still nursing a sprained left ankle and Dwyane Wade joining him after bruising his left knee in Tuesday’s victory over Chicago. No. 1 pick Fultz out 3 games for 76ers with sore shoulder No more menthol cigarettes: New ban on tobacco, vape flavors Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime with 4.5-inch display, 1GB RAM expected to be launched soon at Rs. 9,599

first_imgWhile headlines are ripe with Samsung’s Tizen OS-based smartphone touted to be launched this month itself, buzz has it that the South Korean giant is also looking to launch another budget device in the Indian market soon. A new report by NDTV Gadgets suggests that the alleged Samsung Galaxy Core Prime will be launched soon in India at a price to the tune of Rs. 9,599.The basis of the report is a Facebook posting by an established Mumbai-based smartphone retailer, Mahesh Telecom that has revealed the pricing and specifications of the said device. It must be however noted that there is no official word from Samsung regarding the device as of now.Reportedly, the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime smartphone will feature a 4.5-inch WVGA PLS (plane-to-line switching) TFT display with a 480×800 pixels resolution. It will reportedly be powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor (unspecified chipset) alongside 1GB of RAM. It will come with 8GB of internal storage expandable up to 64GB via microSD card. The device is tipped to sport a 5MP autofocus rear camera, along with a 2MP front-facing camera. The dual-SIM device will run Android 4.4 KitKat out-of-the-box (no word on the kind of skin used).         Connectivity options on the device have been tipped to include: Wi-Fi b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, and 3G. It is expected to be backed by a 2000mAh battery.last_img read more

Asus Zenfone C launched at Rs 5,999

first_imgTaiwanese tech major Asus has introuced an all new entry-level handset in the Indian market: the Zenfone C. The Asus Zenfone C-ZC451CG has been launched in India at a price tag of Rs 5,999.The device is now available online via Flipkart. The company has also announced the Zenfone C will be up for grabs via Asus Exclusive Stores starting February 18, 2015.   The Asus Zenfone C is an entry-level handset. It fearures a 4.5-inch FWVGA TN Panel display with a 480×854 pixels resolution. It is powered by a 1.2GHz Intel CloverTrail processor with quad-thread Hyper-Threading Technology alongside 1GB of RAM. It comes with 8GB of internal storage, expandable up to 64GB via micro-SD card.The dual-SIM device runs Android 4.4 KitKat out-of-the-box with the company’s Zen UI on top. It sports a 5MP rear auto-focus PixelMaster camera. According to Asus, the PixelMaster technology can capture up to 400 per cent brighter photos in low-light conditions, even without needing a flash. There is also a 0.3MP front facing camera onboard the device.Connectivity options on the device include: 3G, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi Direct, GPS, A-GPS and GLONASS. It is backed by a 2100mAh removable battery which is rated to deliver nearly 30 hours of 3G talk time and over 10 days of standby, according to Asus.     In addition, the Asus Zenfone C comes with SonicMaster audio that according to the company can enable the device to deliver an output voltage that’s up to 25 per cent greater than competing smartphones.The Asus Zenfone C will face stiff competition from the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Lenovo A6000 and the Motorola Moto E.advertisementlast_img read more