Pandemic hits Utah tourism industry hard

first_imgST. GEORGE, Utah (AP) — In what is typically the coldest of Utah’s five national parks, warming weather usually blossoms with opportunities for adventure and exponential economic growth as people flock to the world-renown red rock hoodoos and dense wood of Bryce Canyon.  But not this year. The Spectrum newspaper reports the pandemic devastated Utah’s tourism industry. International tourism in particular has nosedived, with the number of international passengers down 86% from March to September. That’s tough on businesses because those visitors tend to stay longer and spend more money. At one business, Ruby’s Inn in Bryce Canyon City, revenue is down 46% this year.last_img read more


first_imgMixed train dailySir – The successful Amsterdam – Milano OverNight Express (RG 5.01 p339) shows that inspiration, innovation and dedication can produce the high-quality service that just-in-time freight customers demand but seldom receive from rail. In this interesting experiment, the modern equivalent of the old-style ’mixed’ passenger and freight train, all parties appear to benefit – the freight from passenger speeds and reliable timetabling, while passengers are offered a premium service that might otherwise be uneconomic. It will be interesting to see whether NS Internationaal can find support for expansion of the service.ONE raises the wider question why more perishable goods cannot be moved by rail at passenger speeds, or actually in passenger trains. Could this not be a useful source of additional revenue for passenger operators? Amtrak has developed a significant income stream from its expanding mail and express traffic, carried on the back of its loss-making long-distance passenger trains. In Britain, mail and newspapers were traditionally moved in overnight trains which also included sleeping and seated accommodation; now all newspapers and most mail goes by road or air, and overnight passenger services have been decimated. Now the remaining dedicated mail trains are reportedly under threat because of their chronic unreliability. This is crazy.Such time-sensitive commodities should be natural candidates for passenger train service, but as so often happens poor performance and high cost hands the business to the road hauliers. Dutch-style innovation may seem unlikely on Britain’s fragmented railways, but Motorail has made a tentative comeback on the London-Cornwall route and some supermarkets are successfully moving perishable goods by rail.Unfortunately the modern trend towards near-exclusive use of multiple-units and fixed-formation trainsets makes a return to mixed operation difficult. On the other hand, France still has many overnight trains that could ensure 12h transits for, say, fruit and vegetables from the Midi to Paris if suitable wagons were available. And with Marseille now just 3h from Paris, how about converting a few older TGV sets to work a new premium service for perishables? Christophe BoisseauParisFrancelast_img read more

Top 5 position battles to watch during Browns camp

first_imgWith teams breaking camp all over the country this week, marking the official return of NFL Football. For the Cleveland Browns, the 2018 seasons comes with an unusual optimism following a disastrous 0-16 campaign and an offseason that featured heft changes.That change started with the personnel. From under center to the secondary, the Browns roster underwent a noticeable remodel. Training camp will be critical for the new faces to gel with familiar ones ahead of the regular season. As always, it will also encourage competition.Cleveland enters camp with a number of starting positions still up for grabs and a handful of others could be subject to change if standouts emerge. That should provide plenty of reason for fans to follow along with Browns’ camp either in person or via HBO’s Hard Knocks. However you choose to watch the team prepare for the upcoming season over this next month, these are the top five position battles you’ll want to keep an eye on.1) Left Tackle Joe Thomas’ Illustrious career came to an end this offseason. The future Hall of Famer announced his retirement at the beginning of free agency. There’s simply no immediate way to replace a player of his caliber, but the Browns will have to try. Left tackle is without question Cleveland’s biggest question mark at the start of training camp. It’s more than likely that Shon Coleman will start camp as the favorite at the position – he moved from right tackle to fill in for Thomas when he went down with a torn bicep last season. By no means is Coleman a lock though and he’ll have plenty of competition. One challenger is second-round pick, Austin Corbett. Greg Robinson, who the Browns signed last month should see somerun there too. For what it’s worth, stout left guard Joel Bitonio took some reps at left tackle during the offseason program so perhaps the Browns consider him for the job. Lineman battles certainly aren’t the most exciting thing to watch at training camp, however, this one will be worth keeping an eye on. Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 Related TopicsAntonio CallawayAustin CorbettBaker MayfieldBrowns Training CampCorey ColemanGreg RobinsonJarvin LandryJosh GordonShon ColemanTyrod Taylor Spencer Germanlast_img read more

High School Basketball Uniforms 2013

first_imgAll Activity 175 ShlyKBMT Favourite Logos:Colorado Avalanche Denver Broncos Michigan WolverinesColorado Rockies 73 High School Basketball Uniforms 2013 73 Share on other sites ShlyKBMT AshlyVYPE 73 834 posts 266 posts 73 834 posts Sports Logo News Members Link to post 0 @wrenwag Posted January 21, 2013 Forums Home “Hail To The Victors” Followers 0 Link to post Share on other sites Members Share on other sites buckeye AshlyVYPE ShlyKBMT After the success of my high school football thread I felt like making a basketball one. Post your teams new looks or what they wear currently. LaPorte (TX) Bulldogs at Beaumont (TX) West Brook Bruins Share on other sites Followers 0 834 posts Sour Lake (TX) Hardin-Jefferson HawksSilsbee (TX) Tigers By LETSGOBLUEBEATMSU, January 21, 2013 in Sports Logo News 191 St Louis Cardinals 41 73 834 posts AshlyVYPE Houston (TX) Strake Jesuit Crusaders at Katy (TX) Seven Lakes Spartans Members 239 posts 73 0 0 73 228 Link to post 73 ShlyKBMT 73 ShlyKBMT High School Basketball Uniforms 2013 Share this post ShlyKBMT 73 Members Posted January 21, 2013 AshlyVYPE Posted January 22, 2013 9,294 posts 834 posts 2,983 posts ShlyKBMT Share this post ShlyKBMT 73 ShlyKBMT Fort Bend (TX) Travis Tigers vs Fort Bend (TX) Bush BroncosHouston (TX) Westside Wolves vs Houston (TX) Bellaire Cardinals Share on other sites 834 posts Link to post Posted January 21, 2013 834 posts Forums Home 73 Beaumont (TX) Central Jaguars at Nederland (TX) Bulldogs 73 73 Link to post Members AshlyVYPE Share this post Members ShlyKBMT Posted January 21, 2013 Lake Charles (LA) Washington-Marion Charging Indians vs Beaumont (TX) Central JaguarsNederland (TX) Bulldogs at Port Arthur (TX) Memorial Titans Derek 73 Share this post ShlyKBMT LETSGOBLUEBEATMSU 0 73 mattb6 73 Share this post Share this post LETSGOBLUEBEATMSU Sports Logos Riverdale Falcons (Mt. Blanchard, Ohio) 395 Sports Logos St Louis Cardinals Share this post Recommended Posts 41 ShlyKBMT ShlyKBMT 395 Posted January 21, 2013 Share this post ShlyKBMT SportsLogos.Net UC! 191 0 ShlyKBMT Members AshlyVYPE 0 73 73 Posted January 24, 2013 Share on other sites Go To Topic Listing Link to post Posted January 21, 2013 Members Posted January 24, 2013 Members I got to completely design these for small a local high school (Jasper, AR). A few things got slightly messed up in production, but I was pretty pleased with how they turned out.HomeRoadShooting Shirtnicely done, i love the black jersey and warmup shirt Posted January 24, 2013 Share on other sites Share this post Sour Lake (TX) Hardin-Jefferson Hawkswhy is the guy blocking his own team’s shot? Members AshlyVYPE Members I got to completely design these for small a local high school (Jasper, AR). A few things got slightly messed up in production, but I was pretty pleased with how they turned out.HomeRoadShooting Shirtcenter_img Share this post Location:Ohio 41 AshlyVYPE Share this post 73 Share on other sites 834 posts 289 Derek 228 Location:Columbus, Ohio 73 Beaumont (TX) Central Jaguars vs Beaumont (TX) Ozen Panthers (Kendrick Perkins old school) 0 ShlyKBMT 0 *Shameless plug*Here’s my alma-mater’s current set. Basically knock-off Nike SOD.Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School. The Cardinals. (Oregon, OH)They’re nice, I like them.And here is the greatest player we’ve ever seen play for us haha. Austin Adams. #21.He’s a 6’3″ small-forward. Can dunk from under the basket. Plays AAU, Ohio Gators.He’s been ranked as a top-5 small forward in Ohio.Only a sophomore too…And watch this. Nice little dunk in the end 0 Share this post Link to post mattb6 ShlyKBMT Posted January 22, 2013 0 Share on other sites 0 Posted January 24, 2013 Members Share on other sites Posted January 21, 2013 Members Share on other sites Share on other sites Share on other sites Share on other sites 73 Share on other sites 395 ShlyKBMT Nederland (TX) Bulldogs at my old school Port Neches-Groves (TX) Indians 73 175 73 Link to post 0 4,667 posts 175 Link to post Share this post Members 14er 677 SportsLogos.Net 834 posts 0 73 Link to post Link to post AshlyVYPE Link to post Share on other sites ShlyKBMT 73 LEWJ 0 All Activity 289 Link to post 1,371 posts Location:Ohio Share on other sites ShlyKBMT AshlyVYPE 73 73 191 AshlyVYPE High School Basketball Uniforms 2013 Sign in to follow this   73 289 Share this post Members 73 834 posts Location:Toledo, OH Longview (TX) LobosBeaumont (TX) Ozen Panthers vs Houston (TX) North Forest Bulldogs 834 posts Link to post Riverdale Falcons (Mt. Blanchard, Ohio)i think your boy’s coach was an assistant at my alma mater when i played. Share this post Share this post Share this post 0 Sign in to follow this   ShlyKBMT LEWJ 14er Posted January 22, 2013 Link to post 0 AshlyVYPE Beaumont (TX) Central Jaguars at Beaumont (TX) Ozen PanthersBeaumont (TX) Central Lady Jaguars at Beaumont (TX) Ozen Lady Panthers 73 228 677 ShlyKBMT Members 73 Posted January 21, 2013 Share this post 834 posts ShlyKBMT 1,621 posts 73 buckeye Sports Logo News 677 Posted January 21, 2013 Members Link to post 73 0 Link to post 73 0 Share this post Beaumont (TX) Central Lady Jaguars at Vidor (TX) Lady Pirates ShlyKBMT Posted January 22, 2013 Link to post Posted January 21, 2013 Share on other sites 0 Posted January 21, 2013 This topic is now closed to further replies. Link to post Share on other sites 73 Members Sour Lake (TX) Hardin-Jefferson Hawkswhy is the guy blocking his own team’s shot?Yeah not exactly sure what’s going on there…. Memberslast_img read more

What’s next for Puerto Rico after vote for US statehood

first_img Related Photodisc/Thinkstock(SAN JUAN) — Puerto Rico’s political status as a commonwealth, and an unincorporated territory of the United States, is unlikely to change any time soon despite the Caribbean island’s Sunday vote asking the U.S. Congress to make it the 51st state, some experts say.The nonbinding referendum gave Puerto Ricans three options from which to choose, namely becoming a U.S. state, remaining a commonwealth or becoming an independent nation.Puerto Ricans chose statehood with a whopping 97 percent of the vote, according to a tally by the wire service Reuters, though less than one quarter of Puerto Ricans bothered to participate, largely because people who favor remaining a commonwealth and those seeking independence from the United States sat out the vote in protest.A vote undercut by low turnoutThe overwhelming margin of victory in the nonbinding vote is undercut by the knowledge on the ground that Puerto Ricans are far more divided on the notion of becoming a U.S. state than the election would otherwise indicate, experts on the subject told ABC News.Amilcar Antonio Barreto, an associate professor of Cultures, Societies and Global Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, estimated that, in reality, a larger sample size of opinion would give those who advocate statehood only a small margin of victory, with those who wish to remain a commonwealth getting slightly less than 50 percent, and the number of those seeking total independence getting a single-digit percentage of the vote.Carlos Vargas-Ramos, a research associate with the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College in New York, offered a similar estimate, and said that these divisions are well known to Puerto Ricans.“If this result is brought before Congress, the results will be heavily undercut by the reality that many people didn’t vote,” Vargas-Ramos said.Palmira Rios, director of the Graduate School of Public Administration at the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan, said that while there was palpable debate across the island today in the wake of the vote – much of it on radio and televisions shows – it’s worth noting that the struggle for statehood is gaining ground among many residents.“Of the three options, statehood is the only one that has steadily been growing in popularity for 50 years,” Rios said.Republicans unlikely to budgePuerto Rican statehood would give the roughly 3.5 million residents a significant representation in the U.S. government, and that, beyond anything else, poses a major roadblock, the experts agreed.Hunter College’s Vargas-Ramos estimated that Puerto Rico would have greater federal government representation than at least 22 other states because of population density, and would likely yield five members of the House of Representatives, in addition to two senators.The bulk of them would likely be Democrats, he said.“Maybe one of the five would be a Republican,” Vargas-Ramos said, noting that some districts on the majority Roman Catholic island might vote Democratic because of economic issues, but still hold socially conservative views.“Think Jim Webb,” Vargas-Ramos said, referring to the moderate Democrat who served as senator for the state of Virginia, and ran a failed bid for his party’s nomination in 2016.Adding Puerto Rico to the United States would also bolster the case for Washington, D.C., to become a state, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands, an unincorporated U.S. territory in the Caribbean.Both of those, if given statehood, would likely vote Democratic as well, further disincentivizing the Republican-dominated U.S. government to consider Puerto Rico’s bid, according to Vargas-Ramos.Northeastern University’s Barreto told ABC News that “Congress is loath to touch the subject” because of politics, and called the outcome of a congressional vote “more predictable than a Roman Catholic Mass.”“The debate would start with a ‘Thank you for your service,’” Barreto said, referring to Puerto Rico’s housing of U.S. military bases. “Then it would be followed by questions about Puerto Rico’s Spanish language and culture being incompatible by the Republicans, followed by push back that the debate had become Latin-phobic.”Barreto said that San Juan’s government will push Congress to take the vote seriously but that is unlikely to happen.“Congress is likely to ignore the results,” he said.Vargas-Ramos added that “Congress is unlikely to bring anything to vote unless they expect to get the outcome that they want.”Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMaticolast_img read more