Number of COVID-19 ‘long haulers,’ survivors experiencing lasting virus symptoms, is growing

first_imgCourtesy of Rodolfo LopezBy ASHLEY SCHWARTZ-LAVARES, ERIELLE RESHEF, LAUREN PEARLE, and HALEY YAMADA, ABC News(TEMPE, Az.) — New mothers often experience many sleepless, tired nights taking care of their newborns. But for Reyna Lopez, the past five months have been a brutal nightmare — she was diagnosed with COVID-19 just two months since giving birth.“I had a fever. I had chills. I would get very dizzy and lightheaded when I would have any movement — sitting down, standing up, just turning my head. I was getting nauseous. My body was hurting,” said Reyna.The 31-year-old tested positive for the coronavirus in June. She was admitted to a hospital in Tempe, Arizona, just a few months after giving birth to her son, Noah.Lopez was released from the hospital at the end of October after spending months in the intensive care unit on a ventilator. Afterward, she had to go into isolation from Noah, her two elder daughters and her husband, Rodolfo.“Our life got flipped upside-down,” Rodolfo Lopez said. “We have three kids. My 4-year-old kept asking, ‘Where’s mommy? Where’s mommy?’ “It’s just three months of that. It’s just this numbing pain.”Like many of the 11 million Americans who’ve been infected by the virus, Reyna Lopez is part of a group of people who experience lasting symptoms even after the virus has left the body, known as “long-haulers.”“I still am on oxygen,” she said. “I try not to be as much. That way I can get my lungs stronger. But my taste has completely changed. So there’s a lot of foods that I don’t eat anymore that [once] were my favorite.”Despite her symptoms, Lopez said that she’s slowly turning the corner now that she is back with her family making up for time lost.“My kids keep me going. My husband thinks I’m spoiling them, but I’m just making up for it,” said Lopez.An estimated 10% of people diagnosed with COVID-19 go on to experience prolonged symptoms, according to the British Medical Journal. That translates into over a million Americans who could potentially experience debilitating symptoms long after they’ve recovered from the infection.The alarming phenomenon has prompted a slew of post-COVID-19 care centers to open across the U.S. Dr. Zijian Chen, director of the Mount Sinai Center for Post-COVID Care in New York City, says long-hauler symptoms can affect a person physically and cognitively.“You have patients with cognitive dysfunction, you have difficulty concentrating, having very bad fatigue, and also patients who are very [physically] deconditioned,” said Chen.According to the Mount Sinai Health System, the majority of long-haulers they’ve treated are between 20 and 40 years old, they’re most often women and they have no known underlying health conditions.Chen said the center was launched in May when the city was recovering from its apex of viral cases.“Many of these patients admitted to the hospital, they knew [they needed] some sort of follow up… We wanted to make sure that when they went home that they had a good landing place and that we’re continuing their care,” said Chen.She added that the demand for post-disease care is increasing across the country, and that that hospitals in other states have begun to open their own care centers.Along with physical care, COVID-19 patients often are left wanting more information and a support network of others affected by the illness.Diana Berrent, a New York mother of two and a COVID-19 survivor, founded Survivor Corps. The nationwide group of COVID-19 survivors crowdsources firsthand knowledge about life after the virus.Berrent said she founded the group after her own personal experience with the virus.“I went into isolation in one world and I came out to a very, very different world,” said Berrent. “You have a novel virus, and you have no information whatsoever… I started having gastro[intestinal] issues. I couldn’t find anything on the internet.”The group’s Facebook page now has nearly 120,000 members who share their experiences, advice and support. Many of its members say they’re still fighting long-term symptoms and report feeling anxious or depressed.“Sometimes you just need to talk to somebody who understands what you’re going through. And Survivor Corps offers that,” said Berrent. “As a collection, it is inspiring just people coming together in a moment of need to help each other and help each other through.”The group has also helped researchers examine trends in the long-hauler virus population, including a recent survey by Indiana University’s School of Medicine, which found that fatigue is the most common of the top 50 symptoms reported by long-haulers.Chen said that scientists are still trying to figure out the best way to care for these patients. He said that the number one way to prevent long-term effects is to protect yourself from getting the virus in the first place.“Listen to your doctors and your health officials,” he said. “Wear a mask and social distance, because the best way to prevent yourself from getting long-term symptoms is actually to prevent yourself from getting COVID in the first place.”Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Thomas Muller is football’s funniest man, from pranking Bayern Munich team-mates to fooling around with his horse, Dave

first_img Top 5 Best Budget Hotels In Dubai under AED 400 a night. Rebekah Vardy scores an impressive penalty in six-inch heels Real or Fake? Shark Attacks Helicopter People Slammed By Massive Waves 4 Travel Diary // Vietnam 2017 Source: Soccer – What’s This “Trick” Called? Comment Down Below!! 8 MOST DANGEROUS RAINS of All Time | TOP 10 INTERESTING STAND up for the funniest man in football…When Thomas Muller isn’t banging in goals for Bayern Munich, the German forward is making us laugh.Thomas Muller loves to play the class clown at Bayern MunichCredit: Instagram @esmuellertMuller has signed a contract extension that will keep him at Bayern until 2023Credit: Getty Images – GettyEarlier this year, Muller, 30, put pen to paper on a two-year contract extension that’ll keep him at Bayern till 2023.And he immediately played a starring role as the Bundesliga champions reached the Champions League final – where they will take on PSG looking for their first European trophy since 2013.On signing the new contract, Muller revealed: “This club is not just any old employer for me. It’s my passion.“I’m happy that I’ll be here for two extra years, and I’ll give everything on and off the pitch.”And you don’t doubt that. Married to professional horse trainer Lisa, he also owns a nag called Dave, loves dressing up in Lederhosen and is always clowning around.If that’s not enough, he’s calls himself the title of managing director of carrots because of his horse stable, and his madcap antics keep him and his teammates entertained.HE LOVES FANCY DRESSCome October, and those brilliant pictures Bayern Munich share of their players enjoying the annual Bavarian beer festival, look out for Muller.You’ll find him dressed to the nines in traditional Lederhosen, pretending to down beers and joshing with his team-mates.He’s always got a smile on his face and isn’t afraid to dance Gangnam Style. See below!And since we’re speaking of beer, Thomas once poured a cold one over German TV presenter Markus Othmer after winning the 2014 title.Thomas Muller loves dressing up during OktoberfestCredit: Getty – ContributorThomas Muller enjoys Oktoberfest with wife Lisa MullerCredit: AFP – Getty[embedded content]Thomas Muller drenches TV presenter Markus Othmer in beerCredit: Getty – ContributorThomas Muller does love to waste a good pintCredit: Getty – ContributorHORSING AROUNDA notorious prankster, Muller doesn’t have a horse called Star or Spirit or Lucky… he’s opted for the common human name Dave instead.His missus has her own stables, which Muller calls himself the managing director of carrots at because Bayern permit him from riding.Muller regularly attends events his dressage rider other half competes in and loves spending time with Dave.“I come here to watch if everything’s fine,” he once replied when asked why he loves horses.“And for the carrots. I’m the managing director of carrots! I watch the dogs. Sometimes I help a little bit but it’s her business.“I enjoy it a lot. They make me feel comfortable, the attitude and what they look like and (the way they) live their lives.“It’s fun. It’s easy to relax around horses.” Absolutely a-neigh-zing.Thomas Muller loves to horse around with his nag DaveCredit: Instagram @esmuellertThomas Muller regularly attends equestrian events in Munich with DaveCredit: Rex FeaturesLisa Muller rides Dave at the Munich Indoors FEI Horse Show Jumping eventCredit: Rex Features FORGET THE TRANSFER TALKThomas knows the best way to avoid those pesky transfer rumours… and it’s a take on the old mobile phone trick.Celebrities around the globe know the best way to avoid questions from reporters when leaving an airport is to pretend you’re on a call.Thomas took that one-step further, fooling us into thinking his passport was his mobile when he walked through a Munich terminal.Reporters tried to ask if he was moving to Manchester United, but Muller couldn’t hear them with his passport pressed up against his ear.Brilliant stuff from the German.Thomas Muller found a novel way of avoiding questions from reportersCredit: Sky SportsThomas Muller avoided answering rumours he was moving to Man UnitedCredit: Sky SportsBayern Munich forward Thomas Muller scores delightful chip against Borussia DortmundThomas Muller is the joker in the pack at Bayern MunichCredit: Instagram @esmuellertHE KNOWS HIS AUDIENCEThe jester of Bavaria knows exactly how to get a crowd going – and we mean that literally.The scene was set, it was a crunch Champions League quarter-final tie against Porto in 2015.Needing a 2-0 win, Bayern dismantled the Portuguese giants 6-1 in a thrilling blowout to win 7-4 on aggregate.Afterwards, the players saluted their faithful fans who were in fine voice.Realising his opportunity, Thomas ran straight into the crowd and grabbed a megaphone from one of the fans.He led the celebrations and chants, much to the delight of the home crowd and his teammates couldn’t hide their smiles.He’s repeated the trick since, doing the same against Juventus in 2016 following an impressive win.Thomas Muller grabs the mic to serenade the home fans after beating PortoCredit: Getty – ContributorThomas Muller leads the Bayern Munich faithful with a songCredit: Getty – ContributorThomas Muller welcomes baby foal called Gameday as Bayern Munich star’s horse stable continues to growA COMEDIC TROLL TO HIS TEAM-MATESThe prankster once teased Mario Gotze during a TV interview for wearing the wrong jersey the last time he won a Bundesliga before joining Bayern.He purposefully fell over during a pre-orchestrated free kick routine for Germany.And Muller also told a reporter he would wipe his backside with his Golden Boot trophy following Germany’s 2014 World Cup win.If you’re still not convinced of his comic prowess, watch the video below.Thomas Muller enjoys playing pranks on his teammatesCredit: Instagram @esmuellert[embedded content]BUT THEY’RE NOT ALL WINNERS…Muller was in jovial mood after Bayern Munich’s thumping win over Barcelona.But his attempt at a joke left the assembled media unamused.Speaking after his side’s triumph, he said: “We at Bayern have Robert LewanGOALski.”Seemingly confused that journalists weren’t rolling in the aisles at his brilliant play on words, he repeated: “You know, Robert LewanGOALski.”But as much as Muller thought it was a side splitter of a pun, he didn’t quite get the reaction he wanted with the room remaining deathly silent.Thomas Muller cracks awful Robert ‘LewanGOALski’ joke after Bayern win 10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures!last_img read more