PS3 price drops to 249 same as the Vita

first_imgSony just announced a worldwide price adjustment to the PlayStation 3 console. In keeping with previous rumors about a summertime price drop, the PS3 will now be $249.99 in the US and €250 in Europe. The announcement was made at the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) event at the Gamescom 2011 conference in Cologne, Germany.Under the new pricing the 160GB PS3 (Slim) will sell for $249 and while the 320GB model will be $299. When packaged with Infamous 2 and a 30-day PS Plus membership, the 320GB model will sell for $299.After the $50 price drop the PS3 will sell for the same amount as the upcoming PS Vita portable console. The Vita, which has had its US release date delayed to 2012, came in a surprisingly low price given the high expectations Sony had set for it. It’s pricing was exactly on par with Nintendo’s considerably less robust 3DS, which has since had its price lowered to $169.99.That wasn’t the only big news from Sony at Gamescom today. The company also announced a new PSP model that will sell for €99 and will only be available in PAL areas (as in, not the US). The PSP E-1000 will look like previous PSP models but will drop integrated WiFi, in order to cut costs. The PSP E-1000 is aimed at the value-based buyer so Sony is promoting Essentials titles and has noted that it will work with UMD games, which both cheap and abundant these days.The PS3 is about five years old, having been released in November 2006, but the Slim model is much newer. The revised PS3, which is the only style available today, has been around for exactly two years as of Wednesday of this week (August 18th).The Xbox 360 (Slim) currently sells for $299 with a 250GB hard drive. Microsoft may have to drop that price soon in order to stay competitive with the PS3.last_img read more