Public requested to not visit Letterkenny University Hospital

first_img Facebook Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic Previous articleLYIT to play Athlone in Sigerson CupNext articleMain Evening News, Sport and Obituaries Wednesday November 4th News Highland WhatsApp Twitter Google+ Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Homepage BannerNews DL Debate – 24/05/21 Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Public requested to not visit Letterkenny University Hospitalcenter_img Twitter WhatsApp Google+ Management at Letterkenny University Hospital are requesting people to not visit the hospital due to the significant outbreak of flu in Donegal.Visiting restrictions were first implemented at the hospital on Friday last but have since tightened, in a bid to protect vulnerable patients and prevent further spread of the virus.In a statement this evening, Management at Letterkenny University Hospital are requesting that members of the public do not visit the hospital as there has been a significant increase in the number of cases of the flu in the Donegal area recently.In order to protect vulnerable hospital patients and prevent further spread of the virus, the hospital has implemented strict visiting restrictionsSeán Murphy General Manager of the hospital is appealing to people to cooperate with the visiting restrictions in order to protect the many very sick patients in the hospital.He has emphasised that the public should not visit the hospital and says in exceptional cases only, a maximum of 2 visitors per patient may be permitted with prior agreement with the ward manager. Pinterest By News Highland – December 4, 2019 Pinterest News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programmelast_img read more

Russian adventurer plans round-the-world balloon flight

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Valentino Rossi kicks Marc Marquez off his bike in MotoGP scandal

first_img Sport EN MotoGP leader Valentino Rossi will start the last race of the season at the back of the grid after he kicked Marc Marquez off his bike during the Malaysian Grand Prix.  Upd. at 17:00 “He isn’t playing fair. He would prefer Lorenzo to win. He is angry at me for a personal matter.” The Italian Yamaha driver explained: “Unfortunately, I lose a lot of time with Marc. And in turn 14, I tried to go a bit wide to take a better line and make him slow. MotoGP race director Mike Webb said: “It’s irresponsible riding causing a crash and for that we have imposed three penalties points on Rossi.” Rossi also claimed Marquez “rode only to cause me problems”. CETcenter_img “Marquez did not play with both of us [Jorge Lorenzo, also going for the championship], he played only with me.  “He has won his fight, he made me lose the championship.  Watch the kick here: “He came to me and I think he crashed in that moment. His handlebar touched my foot and my foot slipped off, a bike can’t crash only with a touch. 25/10/2015 He finished third but was given three penalty points, later accusing Marquez of “making me lose the championship”. last_img read more

Disneyland Preview — Week of March 10, 2018

first_imgShare This!It’s once again time for the 2018 Disney’s California Adventure Food & Wine Festival. Read on to find out about this and more in this week’s Disneyland preview!Special Events and NotesPhoto: Guy Selga, Jr.The Food & Wine Festival at Disney’s California Adventure is back!  Through April 12, the festival will give you an opportunity to sample a wide variety of food and drinks, in addition to special entertainment and seminars. Also, there special dinners and other culinary events that require reservations; check out Disney’s site for more details and to make reservations.  Finally, make sure you check out Guy’s run-down of the top 6 must-try items from this year’s festival!The Cove Bar will be going away to make way for the Lamplight Lounge come this summer, but it is reopening this week for a brief period so guests can have one more opportunity to visit.  Check it out March 16 through the end of May if you’d like to give it another go before it goes away for good!CrowdsCrowds are predicted to be notably higher than last week and fairly consistent — 8s and 7s all week long.  With that in mind, if you have flexibility in your schedule, park hours and weather are probably going to be your biggest driving factors for what days to target.Full details, including park-by-park crowd levels, are available on our Crowd Calendar.WeatherWeather is definitely worth paying special attention to this week.  Lots of rain in the forecast, with only Monday and Tuesday not seeing a significant chance of showers, and temperatures on the cooler side.As always, it’s wise to double check the weather as the day of your visit approaches. Check out the most up-to-date forecast here.ShowsDisneyland ratchets up its show schedule this week, plus the nightly fireworks are scheduled to return starting on Thursday. Detailed show schedules, including smaller diversions like the Disneyland Band, can be found here. ShowSatSunMonTueWedThuFri SatSunMonTuesWedThurFri Admission and HoursSouthern California Select Passholders are blocked out Saturday and Sunday, while Southern California Passholders are only blocked out on Saturday. All other passes are honored every day this week. For those of you buying tickets as day guests, single-day tickets are Regular price ($117/$110) for most of the week, with only Friday set at Peak ($135/$127) price.Regular park hours (excluding Extra Magic Hours/Magic Mornings) are as follows this week: Fireworks0000011 California Adventure8-108-108-108-108-108-108-10center_img World of Color2112111 Fantasmic!2222222 As per usual, the parks will open one hour early for eligible guests at Disneyland Park Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and at Disney’s California Adventure Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Resort guests can take advantage of these hours every day of their stay for Extra Magic Hours, while guests eligible for Magic Mornings can use that benefit one day at Disneyland Park only. Full park hours can be found by clicking on each date in the Crowd Calendar.RefurbishmentsRefurbishments are thankfully becoming more scarce, though both Splash Mountain and Dumbo remain out of service for the time being.  In a bit of good news, the Main Street construction wraps up this week, so that area should be clear as of Thursday.Over at California Adventure, much of Paradise Pier is closed for the conversion to Pixar Pier. With that said, the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail reopens on March 11, and the Cove Bar is back (briefly) as of March 16.  Check out our refurbishments page for details on exactly what will be down and for how long.That should do it for this week’s preview. Check back next week and every week to find out what’s coming down the pike. Got questions? Aware of anything else that prospective guests should know about? Let us know in the comments. Disneyland8-128-128-128-128-128-128-12last_img read more

Superb new look for SAS – first pictures and video

first_imgSAS has unveiled its stunning new look which is crisp and sharp.The airline touts it as a symbol of its modernisation with new Airbus A350 and A320neo aircraft, which bring huge fuel savings.READ: Vietnam Airlines pilots fail to lower landing gear Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO at SAS said: “The new livery design is a symbol of our future, a more sustainable and a competitive future for SAS, but one that also embraces our heritage.”More details here.Introducing our new look! A visual symbol of SAS modernizing our fleet and bringing the most fuel efficient planes, the @Airbus A320neo and A350 to our travelers. Painting out a more sustainable aviation future. Experience the new livery: #flysas #aviation— SAS – Scandinavian Airlines (@SAS) September 19, 2019last_img read more

Cyber security Hunter teams are the next advancement in network defense

first_imgHunter teams are emerging as a new tool in the world of cyber defense.   Computer security continues to improve and evolve of overtime. One of the latest practices gaining momentum is the use of cyber security “Hunter teams”.  Differing from how standard security operations function, hunter teams fill an important gap and push us one step further on the evolutionary ladder of cyber security.  They are cyber-investigators which enhance an organization’s capabilities by supplementing the overall defense from persistent attackers.  They are typically a group of bright, experienced, talented, and motivated professionals which work together to detect, identify, and understand an advanced and determined threat agent. Hunter teams approach threats in a personal way.  They seek the human origins of attacks and focus their attention on disruption or removal of those threat agents, instead of the attacks themselves.  In simple terms, they target the attackers.These hunter teams are sprouting and taking root in many different places.  Anti-malware companies, research organizations, and internal security departments have begun to embrace looking for the attackers.  Investigation teams, including cyber guns-for-hire which are brought in after the fact when serious breaches are detected, are also looking for the people behind the attacks.  However, it has been the military and sensitive government organizations which have been most vocal in recruiting for hunter team talent.  They have the long history of knowing the value of identifying the enemy and have been quick to embrace this practice and are serious in making it successful. Hundreds of years ago Sun Tsu penned the authoritative tome on warfare strategy.  One of its pillars is to know your enemy.  A key to conflict is to understand that attacks are simply a method for the threat agent to achieve their objectives.  An active defense not only shields against attacks, but also targets the attackers.  Those people who would do you or your mission harm.  Take the attackers out of the equation and the attacks also go away.  Hunter teams play an important role, different than standard security operations staff.   In the past decade, we have seen the rise of security operations centers (SOC).  Security operations departments are typically configured, resourced, and driven to contain attacks and remediate to a state of normal operations.   They are in a continuous cycle of fixing the symptoms and tweaking the defenses so the organization continues to operate in a stable and expected manner.  It is a never ending struggle which works best against the flood of broadly sweeping attacks on the internet, which look for any target of opportunity.  In most cases, SOC’s are only interested in attacks which undermine the operational performance and value of the environment under their protection.  They are well suited to tackle ordinary malware infections or plug understood exploit activities by using industry best-known-practices, but can easily falter when faced with something unique and specifically targeting only them.  They are by design inwardly focused, limited to a technology sandbox of security control configuration or fixing assets within their internal environment.Hunter teams take a different approach and seek the root cause, namely the threat agent themselves, who are initiating one or more attacks.  This may be internal or external to the organization.  Not satisfied with simply undermining the latest infraction, they want to quell the problem at the source and eliminate future attacks from the same threat agent, whom may possess the ability to coordinate completely unique and unpredictable maneuvers.History shows why this is important.  Attackers maintain the combat initiative and determine where, when, and by what method an attack will occur.  Defenders typically respond to attacker’s moves and evolve the defenses to protect against those newly understood methods.  Attackers therefore have an advantage.  It takes time, effort, and resources for defenders to recognize they are being attacked, decipher how it is being done, then develop a means to isolate the ongoing breach and block future attacks, and then remediate the affected systems.  A threat agent who is determined to attack a specific target can try a number of methods until they succeed.  Without threat of themselves being in jeopardy, they can continue varying the assault until they find an approach which works.  The only effective way to stop such a persistent threat agent is to dissuade or remove them from the equation.  This is where the hunter teams come into play.  Criminal investigators are a good example of the hunter team methodology at work.  If someone breaks down a door to rob a bank, the security operations team looks to install stronger doors and maybe a better alarm system.  They are inclined to identify and close the vulnerability.  A criminal investigator will look to see who is trying to rob banks and target those threat agents.  The investigator knows such a robber will continue to evolve their tactics until they succeed.  Operations efforts to improve door standards, alarms, etc. are still fine measures which reduce the risk of loss, but the investigator’s role is just as important.When I managed Intel’s Security Operations Center, I was also the Incident Commander for the company’s IT Emergency Response Process.  This is the team that takes charge whenever the company’s computer environment is being attacked.  I remember during a virus outbreak instructing the security operations team to track, isolate, and clean infected systems, and then turning to my intelligence section leader and asking him to go forth and determine whether the incident was simply a wild virus finding its way through the cracks or was it a directed attack specifically against our company.  The challenge I assigned the intelligence lead was so I could understand if the threat agent was specifically targeting Intel Corp with their malicious attacks or if we were simply caught in a broader net cast with a generic attack.  This would help me understand whether it was a fluke oversight in the configuration of our defenses or just the beginning of something far worse, potentially a directed campaign against our security infrastructure.Cost and scalability limits will constrain their use, but hunter teams are an important step forward for the industry.  Cyber security hunter teams have been in limited use for some time and are gaining momentum.  The results can be seen in the news.  Botnet takedowns, the breaking-up carding rings, shutting down of illegal fraud sites, malware author arrests, and the prosecution of insider theft and sabotage cases are possible because the attackers were targeted.  What are not publicized are the equally impressive results which occur quietly in defense of highly protected networks.  These teams can be valuable in identifying the root cause of problems, putting the puzzle pieces of seemingly disparate incidents together, identifying the offending attackers, reconnaissance for early alerting, and providing intelligence necessary to interdict and prosecute them.  Hunter teams can be a very powerful tool and effective in stopping some of the most grievous threats.These specialized capabilities come at a cost.  In order to succeed, a combination of brilliant talent, tools, support from legal, and in some cases partnership with law enforcement and industry partners/suppliers/customers, is required.  It is a significant investment to establish and maintain a team at a sufficient level to see worthwhile results.  Additionally, something intangible is needed; patience.  Even the most proficient team needs time to hunt and results can vary greatly.  Beyond costs, hunter teams also have a significant downside.  They are not very scalable.  Most teams work a single case or issue to closure.  Some teams can multi-task, but at a great loss of effectiveness.  I have been fortunate to be a part of a world class loss prevention team, specializing in detecting, tracking and prosecuting threat agents.  When on the hunt, teams are narrowly focused.  Timing is critical.  Proficiency matters.  Splitting attention to a multitude of separate cases is a recipe for disaster.  Compared to security operations teams, which can much more easily multitask and close issues with great speed, hunter teams seem to move in slow motion.  But what they lack in the quantity of case closures, they can make up for in results.  Overall, the high costs and the lack of scalability are tall barriers which prevent widespread adoption.Certain organizations, where the cost and scalability headaches are worth the additional security capabilities, should consider the use of hunter team’s.  Environments where assets are targeted by persistent, creative, and resourceful threat agents, seeking explicit objectives, from a specific target will benefit the most.  Identifying and understanding these dangerous and capable adversaries, who seek to undermine your security controls and compromise your environment, is an important step in countering massive potential damage.  This is not important to most, but for those organizations which are under the pressure of being targeted directly by skillful and motivated threat agents, hunter teams are a viable and attractive option.  I strongly suggest financial, defense, sensitive government, and high profile critical infrastructure organizations look into using them.  Additionally, I urge security providers and consulting firms to evaluate offering professional hunter team services.  The demand over time will continue to grow.Hunter teams are a necessity in the evolution of cyber security. They are a pivotal step forward, applying desired pressure to attackers.  Yet, they are not the final state. We will continue to evolve the practices and technology of targeting threat agents into something more scalable, affordable, and effective.  But for the time being, I welcome hunter teams to the playing field.  It is about time you showed up.  We really need you.  Happy hunting!last_img read more

11 days agoChelsea ace Willian: Weird having Lampard as manager

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Chelsea ace Willian: Weird having Lampard as managerby Paul Vegas11 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveWillian is happy having a former teammate in charge at Chelsea.Chelsea handed Frank Lampard the reins to his former club after Maurizio Sarri decided to join Juventus in the summer, and Willian is happy working with him.The Brazilian played alongside Lampard at Stamford Bridge between 2013 and 2014, and has revealed that he tipped his former colleague to make the leap into coaching.Willian said: “It’s a bit weird he is my boss now, but I am very happy to work with him again.“He has given me the confidence to play. He wants me to be happy.“He was an intelligent player, one of the best in his position. A quality player.“When you see players like him you can say maybe in the future, he can become a manager.“A part of the performances I have had in the past couple of games I have to dedicate to him.” last_img read more

UNC’s Student Newspaper Took Shots At Duke, Coach K In Today’s Weather Section

first_imgUNC student newspaper takes shot at Coach K in weather report.As ESPN’s Dick Vitale has made us all aware, Duke vs. North Carolina is the best rivalry in the sport of college basketball. And with every great rivalry comes some aptly-timed trash talk. UNC’s student newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel, kicked things off right Wednesday morning, just hours ahead of tip-off at Cameron Indoor.In the weather section of today’s issue, you’ll find two shots at the Blue Devils. While it will be 36 degrees outside Wednesday, it still won’t be “as cold as Coach K’s heart.” Thursday, the sky will be the “right shade” of blue.from @dailytarheel. yup, the game is tonight.— Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones) February 18, 2015Given the fact that Coach K attended the late Dean Smith’s funeral, we’re not so sure about that first dig. Regardless, we hope Duke responds in some fashion.last_img read more

Trudeau warns internet regulation could be used to repress citizens free speech

first_imgOTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says governments need to be wary of taking steps to regulate social media platforms that could be used by authoritarian regimes to further repress free speech.He says the “heavy hand of government” is not the solution to bad actors who use the internet to spread hatred and extremism, exacerbate societal divisions, sow distrust in democratic institutions and manipulate election outcomes.Rather, he says tech titans like Facebook and Google shouldn’t be considered “automatic antagonists” but should work with citizens and governments to resolve the problems.And Trudeau says it’s in their interests to do so because users will delete their social media accounts if they become “pools of toxicity.”He warns that regulations that democratic countries like Canada could find useful to restrain the negative aspects of social media could be used by other countries as a tool for oppressing and controlling citizens and attacking free speech.Still, Trudeau says if the tech giants don’t take voluntary steps to resolve the problems, they will inevitably face government regulation. The Canadian Presslast_img read more

VW to merge all 3 India passenger car units

first_imgNew Delhi: German auto major Volkswagen Wednesday said it intends to merge all passenger car entities in India, which will now be led by group firm Skoda Auto as part of its new strategy for the country.The boards of the three Indian subsidiaries — Volkswagen India Private Ltd (VWIPL), Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt Ltd and Skoda Auto India Pvt Ltd (SAIPL) — have approved the proposal for their merger, the Volkswagen (VW) Group said in a statement. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThe proposed merger is now subject to necessary regulatory and statutory approvals. It, however, said VW Group brands — Volkswagen, KODA, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini — will maintain their individual identities, dealer network and customer experience initiatives. The brands will work under the leadership of Gurpratap Boparai, who is currently the managing director of VWIPL and SAIPL, with a common strategy for the Indian market. “India is an important and an attractive growth market for the Volkswagen Group. With the proposed merger, we intend to combine the technical and managerial expertise of the three companies to unlock the Volkswagen Group’s true potential in India’s competitive automotive market,” Boparai said. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostThe integration will lead to coordinated and faster decision making and increased efficiency using existing synergies, he added. Last year in July, the VW Group had announced investments of Rs 8,000 crore (EUR 1 billion) for its ‘India 2.0’ to be led by Skoda Auto to strengthen its presence in the country. Under the initiative, the German automaker had stated it would introduce by 2020 its first product based on localised sub-compact MQB-A0-IN platform that has been tailored to the needs of customers in the Indian subcontinent.last_img read more