Microsoft seals Skype deal

first_imgIt’s official, folks: Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype is a done deal. The two companies can now forge ahead with whatever plans for dominating world communications they’ve hatched, though chances are good they were already working on them anyway. A note of apology goes out to the Italian VoIP company Messagenet, whose pleading that the EU re-examine the antitrust implications of the deal managed to slow the process as much as a fly slows down a vehicle at highway speeds when it hits the windshield.Don’t expect to see Microsoft drop Skype in to Windows 8 alongside the usual suspects like Notepad and Calculator. Such bundling would almost certainly set the anti-competitive folks off, so Microsoft will make more subtle moves.Skype integration is no doubt on the way to any Microsoft products for which it’s a good fit — like Live Messenger, the Lync enterprise communications platform, and the Xbox 360 (it’s already been seen on an updated dashboard screenshot). Skype’s also on its way to the Windows Phone marketplace, though we don’t know when exactly it’ll arrive. And with Skype powering web-based video chat on Facebook, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Hotmail add a similar feature in the near future.You’ll probably also see Skype promoted anywhere Microsoft can sneak in a banner ad or piggyback the installer without causing an uproar (Live Essentials, maybe?). Then again, Skype has done a pretty darn good job of promoting itself over the years — reaching a userbase of nearly 200 million so far and pushing 300 billion minutes of video among those users every day.More at Skypelast_img read more