Council urged to act as foul smell affects Burt and Burnfoot

first_img Facebook Council urged to act as foul smell affects Burt and Burnfoot AudioHomepage BannerNews Community Enhancement Programme open for applications Facebook Pinterest Google+ Twitter Its reported that hundreds of home owners in the Burt area are being affect by a foul smell originating from the Slab Road area.Local Councillor Jack Murray says over the past number of weeks the odour has become unbearable and is not only affecting the Burt area but also Burnfoot and Tooban.Councillor Murray says something needs to be done to put an end to this once and for all…….Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. By News Highland – July 5, 2019 Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA Previous articleShay Given remains at Derby under new boss CocuNext articleDonegal’s home Super Eight tie to be general admission News Highland center_img Twitter WhatsApp Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows WhatsApp Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programme Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic Google+ RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Pinterestlast_img read more

Kevin Allen: Penguins will defeat Caps on way to Stanley Cup

first_imgKevin Allen hopped on with Nestor to discuss the aftermath of the Capitals’ win in Game 3 over the Penguins.Find out why Kevin thinks Game 4 is the most important game of the series. Who does he ultimately believe will come out victorious in this heavyweight playoff battle?To hear Kevin Allen’s full discussion with Nestor, listen here:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.last_img read more

Behind the AADE and the first esports bill in Latin America

first_imgArgentina is close to becoming the first country in Latin America where professional players are recognised as athletes by law.Behind the project is the Argentinian Esports Association (AADE in Spanish), a non-profit that has been working since 2014 for the recognition of the players in Argentina, led by Luis Regalini. In 2015, the AADE became an official member of the International Esports Federation (IeSF). In 2017, the organisation started working on a new bill to regulate esports in the country.GOALSThe goals are well established in the bill written in 2016 and introduced in 2018 in the Argentinian Chamber of Deputies. These goals can be divided into two general categories, promotion, and recognition.Esports is a fast-growing industry worldwide, especially in Latin America, a continent that consists of 20 countries with three official languages. The AADE, through the bill, will promote esports in Argentina with competitions across the country. The reach of the project goes beyond Buenos Aires, the capital, with interstate leagues that will include colleges, high schools, and clubs.Every player taking part in the new leagues will be considered an athlete with duties and rights before the law. Once esports receive the recognition as a discipline, it will be included in the National Sports System (SND in Spanish) and will no longer qualify as gambling.The AADE is aiming to protect the established players but also the emerging athletes. One of the goals is to create regulation that prevents a sedentary lifestyle in the athletes.The teams are now legally recognised by the government. The registered teams will have duties before the government but also benefits, including the different programs the country offer to professional athletes.TIME TO BUILDLuis Regalini, president of the AADE said: “If there’s a law backing up esports, the government is under the obligation to invest, especially in the infrastructure necessary for the development of players that are competing locally and representing the country internationally.”As esports become popular in Latin America, the appropriate infrastructure becomes necessary. In North America and Asia, esports-exclusive facilities are becoming a common occurrence but this trend has yet to catch up in the south.In the bill, the AADE proposes two types of necessary infrastructures: arenas, and high-performance centres. These facilities will provide immense benefit to not only the athletes in Argentina but also the industry in Latin America as a whole. Argentina could potentially become the prime esports destination in Latin America for teams looking to train at the maximum level and event organisers looking for a venue to host major competitions.CONTROVERSYSince its introduction, the project is facing strong opposition, led mainly by team owners. The controversy started when the deputies introduced articles 3 and 4 into the original project.Article 3 states: “This law rejects violent video games and everything that shows images of fury, aggression or cruelty […] Games belonging to the following genres: real-time strategy, digital collectible cards, and sports are considered esports those.”Article 4 states: “Games in the first person shooter genre, where the player sees the world from the character’s perspective are not considered esports.”These two articles exclude FPS, fighting games, MOBA, among other genres. In Latin America, FPS and fighting games are some of the most popular genres with vibrant competitive scenes that include thousands of players across the continent.Regarding the controversial articles, Regalini said: “The government cannot decide which games should be included or not. Those articles were written by conservative deputies without knowledge about the matter. If sports like boxing are part of the Olympic Games, why should we exclude fighting games where the players are not actually receiving any kind of damage?”The AADE is ready to counter the arguments made by the Chamber of Deputies with reports from Spain backing up the inclusion of games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.Luis Regalini with representatives from the IeSFETHE OTHER SIDEThe opposition is rejecting the bill but also the mere existence of the AADE.On a statement shared on Facebook regarding the new bill, the Argentinian Association of Esports and Video Games (DEVA in Spanish), an organisation with a similar purpose, wrote: “The AADE does not have any legitimation provided by the players, teams or esports event organisers […] We are of the belief that a bill that impacts on the individual rights of the people involved in the esports scene that today is constituted in Argentina, necessarily requires a debate by all the protagonists.”In order to open the debate, the AADE hosted several open forums.Regarding the results of the forums, Regalini said: “Those that attend the forums are against the project but do not have suggestions to improve the bill.”This situation became evident when Esports Insider requested a comment from four different individuals being vocal on social media about their opposition.A team owner, that shall remain nameless, said that he was “against the bill but not the project”. Another team owner claimed that the bill was “poorly researched and simply absurd” when asked about which part of the bill was poorly researched, the team owner stopped replying to the messages. The other two agreed to be interviewed but never replied to the questions.Forum organised by the AADE at the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaOWNERS VS PLAYERS?The root of the problem goes deeper than a simple disagreement between organisations and individuals.Regalini explains the situation as: “The elite against the players.”Breach of contracts, poor conditions, and negligence from the owners are some of the things esports athletes must face. As regulators, the AADE will create rules that teams and players must follow in order to belong to the association. Going against the rules will have consequences for the teams.Legal projects are necessary if esports wish to keep growing. Right now, the industry is at a turning point, esports are no longer something that a few people enjoy. Esports are now global with important companies pouring millions into organisations and tournaments.The bill is still up for discussion and it is impossible to predict the outcome. In the meanwhile, the AADE keeps leading the efforts to change esports in Latin America.  Subscribe to ESI on YouTubelast_img read more

Whom Do You Root For When Your Team Gets Knocked Out of

Starting Saturday, only 16 of World Cup’s qualifying 32 teams will continue to play in the tournament. After just two matches, Spain — the defending champion — was the first country to be eliminated during the group stage. Notable squads like Italy, the 2006 champion, and England are also heading home.Because the World Cup is the most anticipated sporting event on the planet, many fans are unlikely to tune it out after their country is booted. But which team will they root for now?Answering this question isn’t easy. Once patriotism is out of the equation, a preference for another country’s side could be based on all sorts of factors: Do you love one team’s style of play? Are you influenced by politics, religion or race? Did you have fond memories of travel to a particular place? Perhaps the most confounding factor is whether you’re motivated by love or hate. That is, will you root for your next favorite country or against a loathsome rival?The ideal data to help answer this question would be recent, statistically-sound, cross-country polling of all 32 nations participating in the World Cup. Unfortunately, as is often the case in data analysis, our wishes have not been granted.The best polling we’ve got is the Pew Global Attitudes Survey, which provides cross-country favorability measures for nine of the countries participating in this year’s tournament: the U.S., the U.K. (which we’ll take to approximate England’s team), France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Iran and Russia. The survey tries to gauge Greeks’ opinions of Spaniards, Russians’ of Americans, and so on. The specific question that Pew poses is, “Please tell me if you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable opinion of [country name].” The acceptable responses are, “Very favorable,” “Somewhat favorable,” “Somewhat unfavorable,” “Very unfavorable” and “Don’t know/Refused.” To condense this information into one value, I’ve weighted the responses +2, +1, -1, -2 and 0, respectively.Based on the favorability polling, it appears the English might prefer Germany over France of the teams left in the World Cup. But you probably won’t catch an Italian cheering on the Greek national side. No, fans in Rome might instead be rooting for the United States. (In fact, the Italians view the U.S. more favorably than they view their own country.) The defending World Cup champions, Spain, ranked Germany in the most favorable terms, followed by England and then France. So with no more matches of their own in Brazil, the Spanish might be inclined to root for Germany.But if you look closely, yes, that’s right: The country that has the lowest opinion of Spain is … Spain. It’s worth noting that Pew conducted this survey in March and April of 2012, at the height of the European economic crisis.Greeks, for example, have an extremely unfavorable opinion of Germany. That’s no surprise given the intra-Eurozone disputes over bailouts, austerity measures and dire economic circumstances. (So, if Greece were to be eliminated in the knockout round and Germany played on, it’s a safe bet that Greek fans wouldn’t be cheering for Die Mannschaft.) But outside of Greece, Germany appears to be rather highly regarded. On the flip side, Russia is viewed unfavorably throughout Europe, except by Greece. (Russia exited the tournament after drawing with Algeria on Thursday, but the Greeks will have at least one more opportunity to cheer on their national side in the Round of 16.)Still, no matter whom the eliminated countries’ fans go on to root for — if they root for any country at all — that new team won’t match the fans’ true wish: for their original favorite to have won the Cup.CORRECTION (June 27, 10:45 a.m.): An earlier version of this post misstated the result of Thursday’s Algeria-Russia match. It ended in a draw, not a loss for Russia. read more

Mike DAntoni Phil Jackson Both Surprised By Lakers Hire

Mike D’Antoni said he was as surprised as Phil Jackson that the Los Angeles Lakers hired him as coach over the 11-time champion Jackson.D’Antoni told the New York Daily News that he assumed, like most everybody else, that Jackson was a lock to return to the job and replace Mike Brown, who was fired just five games with the team at 1-4.“Sure I did,” the former Suns and Knicks coach told the newspaper when asked if he thought the job was Jackson’s. “For sure I did. Didn’t everybody? When I got the call that it was me, my first reaction was, ‘Are you serious?’??”A league source told that D’Antoni received a three-year deal worth $12 million with a club option in the fourth year. D’Antoni’s agent Warren LeGarie confirmed the deal late Sunday night, several hours after the Lakers beat Sacramento 103-90 for their second straight win under interim coach Bernie Bickerstaff.The Lakers said they plan to hold a news conference most likely on Tuesday or Wednesday. In a statement released by the team, Lakers spokesperson John Black said team owner Jerry Buss, executive vice president Jim Buss and general manager Mitch Kupchak were “unanimous that D’Antoni was the best coach for the team at this time.”Jackson said he told Kupchak and Buss that he had “confidence that (he) could do the job” when he met with them about returning to coach the Lakers on Saturday.Jackson then left the meeting with a handshake and understanding “that (he) would have until Monday (today) to come back to them with (his) decision.”Jackson was prepared to return to the Lakers on Monday morning if negotiations between his agent and the team went well, a league source told ESPN late Sunday night. But before he could do so, Jackson said Kupchak woke him around midnight on Sunday and told him the team had instead signed D’Antoni.“The decision is of course theirs to make,” Jackson said in a statement. “I am gratified by the groundswell of support from the Laker Fans who endorsed my return and it is the principal reason why I considered the possibility.”D’Antoni said he was excited to be reunited with point guard Steve Nash, who he coached in Phoenix for five seasons. Nash won back-to-back NBA MVP awards (2004-05, 2005-06) running D’Antoni’s signature up-tempo offense, and they won at least 54 games in each of D’Antoni’s last four seasons.“To get one more chance to have him run the thing the way he did for me before (in Phoenix), well, that’s the kind of thing you never think is going to happen. But now it has,” he told the newspaper.D’Antoni coached the Knicks for the past four seasons, resigning last March after a largely unsuccessful tenure featuring just one playoff appearance and no postseason victories.D’Antoni said he considered himself “lucky or even blessed” to get the opportunity to coach the Lakers.“I like this team,” D’Antoni told the newspaper. “We’re good, and we’re gonna get better.” read more

Softball Ohio State heads to Knoxville to begin NCAA tournament

OSU senior Lena Springer (26) pitches during the game against Rutgers on April 1 at Buckeye Field. Credit: Emily Hetterscheidt | For The LanternIt’s hard to believe Minnesota shut out Ohio State’s softball team 6-0 in the Big Ten Championship on Saturday when you hear the Buckeye players speak.“I just think we’re kind of firing on all cylinders right now,” senior pitcher Shelby Hursh said. “The pitching’s doing well. Hitting is back around. Our defense, we were amazing last weekend.”“I just think, when all that comes together, we’re so good and I don’t think you can ignore that.”The team was happy with the result — OSU’s first appearance in the Big Ten tournament championship game in 10 years — but believes there is more to be accomplished.“We have a lot of unfinished business to handle and we’re not going to just bow down,” sophomore infielder Lilli Piper said.The Buckeyes (36-16) will look to back up their words when they head south to take on South Carolina-Upstate (41-11)  in Tennessee at 4:30 p.m. on Friday.OSU earned an at-large bid into the NCAA tournament and was placed into the Knoxville Regional as the No. 2 seed with USC-Upstate, Longwood and No. 8 Tennessee. Last year, OSU also competed in the Knoxville Regional, but was knocked out after falling to Arizona (2-0) and Tennessee (10-1).If the Buckeyes beat USC-Upstate, they will face the winner of Friday’s Tennessee-Longwood matchup. But if they lose, they will face the loser of Tennessee-Longwood and would have to win their next four games to avoid elimination. “Just knowing that coming out as strong as possible so people then know that we mean business and we’re there. Coming out and playing strong the very first game, knowing that no one’s going to stop us,” Piper said.Unlike OSU, who throwsfour pitchers, only two players have thrown more than 20 innings in the circle for the Spartans all season — seniors Lexi Shubert and Holly McKinnon.McKinnon is 24-7 with a 1.36 ERA, having pitched 196 innings with 207 strikeouts. Shubert has a 19-4 record with a 1.43 ERA in 156.1 innings. Despite the duo’s success, Piper is certain her team will be able to get on base and accumulate runs.“I think just being relaxed, knowing that our offense is going to be better than their pitching and that’s what, in our head, is important to us,” Piper said. “That there’s no one that they’re going to put that we’re not going to go right through them.Piper, a unanimous first-team All-Big Ten selection, leads the team in batting average (.424), home runs (17), RBIs (51), runs (46), slugging percentage (.785) and on-base percentage (.420). Seven OSU starters maintain a batting average higher than .270.Upstate batters don’t struggle to reach base either as eight players have batting averages higher than .285. The Spartans have proven dangerous once they get on base as five of their players have stolen at least 10 bases. Sophomore shortstop Ashley Gilstrap leads the team with a .343 average and has converted 32 steals on 34 attempts.OSU coach Kelly Kovach Schoenly said Hursh will likely be the starting pitcher against Upstate on Friday. She feels confident in Hursh and her other pitchers because they’re facing fresh competition.“I think it’s an advantage to our pitchers that these hitters haven’t seen them again and again,” she said. “I mean, Michigan State saw us for the fourth time in like three weeks (in the Big Ten tournament). I think it will help our pitchers have a better mindset because they know that these hitters haven’t seen them.”Hursh holds a 15-5 record with a 2.33 ERA. She leads the team with 129 innings pitched, 115 strikeouts and five shutouts. Kovach Schoenly signs extensionOn Wednesday, OSU announced Kovach Schoenly would remain the Buckeyes’ coach through the 2020 season as her contract was extended four years.The softball coach came to OSU after spending six seasons at the helm of Miami (Ohio). Since she took over in Columbus in 2013, the Buckeyes hold a 163-105-1 record and the team has made the NCAA tournament twice. OSU’s 35 wins this season are the team’s most since 2010.“The program is in a good place as athletes have excelled in the classroom, on the field with back to back NCAA bids and in the community with increased fan support,” said T.J. Shelton, associate athletics director for sports administration in a press release. “This is a clear sign that it’s heading in an upward trajectory.”Kovach Schoenly’s 163 wins at OSU are the most by any softball coach in their first five years at the school in program history. read more

Football Urban Meyer to announce retirement as Ohio State head coach

When Urban Meyer, an Ohio native, took the head coaching job at Ohio State prior to the 2012 season, he knew what he had to do. “We’re going to make the great state of Ohio proud in everything we do,” Meyer said in his opening press conference. Six years, two Big Ten championships, two College Football Playoff berths and one national championship later, Meyer seemed to keep the promise on the football field. And after earning his second straight Big Ten title and his first Rose Bowl appearance in his 27 years in coaching, Meyer announced his tenure at Ohio State would be over. Ohio State announced Tuesday morning that he would be retiring as the head football coach at Ohio State. He will formally announce this as a part of a press conference at 2 p.m. Ohio State said that offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Ryan Day will replace him. Meyer said he was honored to represent his home state of Ohio and the university for the last seven years. “My goal has always been to make this one of the premier and comprehensive programs in all of America,” Meyer said. “It has always been the goal to see a healthy, strong program handed to an elite coach in person.” This announcement comes after a tumultuous season in which Meyer was suspended for the first three games after he was accused of knowing of domestic violence allegations made against former wide receivers coach Zach Smith. Meyer also disclosed this season he has suffered with a cyst in his brain that has led to severe headaches over the past few years.Meyer said he has been dealing with headaches over the past few years, saying it hit hard after the Penn State game in 2016. He also said it was something that both Gene Smith and his family knew about at the time. “But we had conversations back then about longevity and the seriousness of it,” Meyer said. “Because, as they said, it’s not your elbow or your foot. We’re talking about something else.” Meyer also said his decision was not based on the events surrounding the firing of Zach Smith in July and his suspension through the first three games of the 2018 season. It was the combination of the different situations he was in. “The decision was a result of cumulative events. And health number one,” Meyer said. “The fact that we have an elite coach on our staff. The fact that our program is very healthy. We’ve recruited very well all played a significant role in this. And I can’t say this is the reason, this is the reason. But there’s cumulative reasons that we’re at this point.” Meyer also said that he believes he will never coach again. Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said it was a unique opportunity for the program to have a succession plan in place with Day. He said he and Meyer had begun to have discussion about the transition a month ago and that, instead of having a national search, he felt more comfortable with a coach already on staff in Day. “Our program does not need disruption,” Smith said. “It does not need to blow up and try and adapt to our standards of operation and try and change the infrastructure that we put in place for the student athlete. We had a talented guy that many others wanted to interview and potentially hire.” Day, coming in from the offensive coordinator role, will try and build off of what Meyer has created in his seven years with the program. “We are all part of something special here at Ohio State. And the culture that Urban Meyer has created here is strong. And my pledge to the players is that our staff will give you every opportunity to maximize yourself as a football player, as a student and establishing your career after football,” Day said. “You have my word that I am going to give everything I have to continue the tradition of excellence and winning in its storied career.” Meyer has been a head coach since 2001, coaching at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and Ohio State in that timespan. In those 16 seasons, he has recorded the seventh-highest winning percentage in NCAA history, with a record of 177 wins and 31 losses. Through six seasons as the head coach at Ohio State, Meyer posted a record of 73-8, winning the first College Football Playoff in 2014 and giving the school its eighth national championship. Meyer has led three teams to a national title in his head coaching career and is the first to do so in two separate conferences, in 2006 and 2008 with Florida in the SEC and in 2014 with Ohio State in the Big Ten. With a career record of 46-3 in conference play, Meyer led Ohio State to six Big Ten East titles and two Big Ten championships. In six bowl games, Meyer posted a 4-2 record for the Buckeyes, including a win over USC in the Cotton Bowl.Over the past four years, Ohio State, under Meyer, has produced 26 NFL draft picks, including seven first round selections. Meyer also coached six consensus All-Americans while he was with the Buckeyes, including defensive end Joey Bosa, who was named an All-American twice.Taking over an Ohio State team amidst scandal, with the team ineligible for both the Big Ten Championship and any bowl game, Meyer led Ohio State to its sixth undefeated season in school history. He continued that success into the 2013 season. With quarterback Braxton Miller leading the way, the Buckeyes finished with a record of 12-2, losing to No. 10 Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship. Ohio State finished the season with a loss to No. 12 Clemson in the Orange Bowl. Starting the 2014 season as the No. 5 team in the country according to the AP poll, Ohio State lost Miller to a season-ending injury prior to the start of its first game against Navy. With redshirt freshman J.T. Barrett at quarterback, the Buckeyes suffered a home loss to Virginia Tech during Week 2. However, after the loss to the Hokies, Ohio State went on a run, winning 10 straight games and entering the Big Ten Championship against Wisconsin as the No. 5 team in the country. However, with Barrett out for the rest of the season after being carted off the field during the Buckeyes’ win over Michigan, Meyer was down to third-string quarterback Cardale Jones to start the conference championship game. Jones started with a bang, defeating the Badgers 59-0 and earning the No. 4 seed in the inaugural College Football Playoff. Meyer then led Ohio State to wins over Alabama and Oregon to win the Buckeyes’ first national championship since the 2002 season. With extremely high expectations entering the 2015 season, beginning the season as the No. 1 team in the country, Ohio State matched those expectations, winning 10 straight to start the season. However, Meyer and the Buckeyes fell to Michigan State in Week 11, losing their chance for a Big Ten Championship and, eventually, a berth in the College Football Playoff. After the 2015 season, Meyer saw 15 players leave for the NFL. In the 2016 NFL Draft, Ohio State had 12 players selected, including five first round selections, including the No. 3 overall pick in Bosa and the No. 4 overall pick in running back Ezekiel Elliott. Despite the amount of turnover the football program had prior to the 2016 season, a conference loss to Penn State and no spot in the Big Ten Championship game, Meyer still found a way to return to the College Football Playoff. As the No. 3 team in the country, the Buckeyes recorded only nine first downs, falling to No. 2 Clemson 31-0 in the 2016 Fiesta Bowl. During the 2017 season, Meyer and Ohio State suffered two losses to No. 3 Oklahoma and Iowa, but earned his second Big Ten Championship of his tenure, defeating No. 7 Wisconsin 27-21 in the championship game. However, this failed to give Ohio State a Playoff berth and the Buckeyes went to the 2017 Cotton Bowl, defeating No. 12 USC 24-7. Updated at 3:55 p.m. with quotes from Urban Meyer, Gene Smith and Ryan Day. read more

Denmark vs France Lineups announced

first_imgFrance have made six changes to their line-up with captain Hugo Lloris dropped in favour of Steve Mandanda, while Denmark have made three changes of their own with the victor of today’s game set to top Group CDenmark are looking to reach the knockout stages of the World Cup for the first time since the 2002 tournament and will likely turn to playmaker Christian Eriksen to inspire the side for the decisive clash with just one point needed to ensure their place in the Round of 16.The Tottenham midfielder has scored 17 goals in his last 20 appearances for the national side.Head coach Age Hareide has replaced Nicolai Jorgensen with Andreas Cornelius up top with Mathias Jorgensen coming in for Lasse Schone.The suspended Yussuf Poulsen is replaced by Martin Braithwaite.?? ???? #DENFRA ???? #WorldCup TEAM NEWS ??Here are the Starting XI of Denmark for their group match against France. #DEN #ForDanmark— SBOBET (@SBOBET) June 26, 2018Euro 2020Report: Euro 2020 qualifying Group H George Patchias – September 11, 2019 Euro 2020 qualifying Group H is being controlled by France and Turkey, but Iceland is still in with a shout.Reigning world champions France ran…Meanwhile, Didier Deschamps has elected to drop captain Lloris in favour of Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda with Samuel Umtiti and Benjamin Pavard also out of the starting line-up.Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe have been rested.?? ???? #DENFRA ???? #WorldCup TEAM NEWS ??Here are the starters for France in their final match in Group C against Denmark.#FRA #Fiersdetrebleus— SBOBET (@SBOBET) June 26, 2018The match will begin at 16:00 (GMT +2) at the Luzhniki Stadium.last_img read more

RFEF president Luis Rubiales reveals support from Barack Obama

first_imgSpanish football federation (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales’ controversial sacking of Julen Lopetegui was met with a wide range of criticism, but he says that former United States President Barack Obama reassured him he had done the right thingLopetegui was fired by Rubiales after he had stunned the football world by being announced as Zinedine Zidane’s replacement at Real for next season with the intention of taking charge once the World Cup was over with Spain.However, Rubiales did not take kindly to the news and promptly fired Lopetegui less than 24 hours after his big announcement with just two days prior to Spain’s World Cup opener against Portugal.And now the RFEF president has revealed that he has been personally assured by Obama that he had made the right decision.The former US president visited Spain on holiday earlier this month and met Rubiales, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and King Felipe VI in his few days spent in Madrid.“What surprised me is that he knew much more than I thought he did,” Rubiales told Cadena Cope radio, via ESPN.Rumour: Ben Yedder on his way to Monaco George Patchias – August 13, 2019 Wissam Ben Yedder has emerged as a target for Monaco, and a deal is rumoured to be close.According to two Spanish outlets,, and…“There was a reference to certain issues in which he said some decisions made in the United States had a patriotic tone whereas here, they were more difficult to take, something along those lines.“What he tried to tell me is that inaction generally produces less rejections and less criticism, but that at times, you have to act. And, from what I can gather, he and his entourage were in line with the decision we had taken. I never doubted my decision, I had it clear, it was a case of values, philosophy … but I respect all points of view.”Sporting director Fernando Hierro was appointed as Lopetegui’s stand-in for the World Cup and managed to lead Spain out of Group B as the winners.But the former Real Madrid defender’s success would not last long with hosts Russia shockingly knocking out the 2010 winners in the first knockout round.Hierro has since left the RFEF with former Barcelona boss Luis Enrique being announced as the new permanent head coach of Spain.last_img read more