On the future development of e-commerce in small and medium sized cities in Jiaxing

Jiaxing is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province, in the domestic economic development in Yangtze River Delta Hangjiahu Plain active hinterland areas. In recent years, with the rapid popularization of the Internet, the huge business opportunities in Jiaxing City, Nanhu District government is aware of e-commerce behind this emerging industry which, through the establishment of the Jiaxing international cultural and Creative Industry Park, formulate relevant preferential policies and other measures to support local economic development, let Jiaxing quickly accumulate a number of elite electronic commerce enterprise. read more

Vip.com is also selling fake Moutai liquor companies began to part of business platform boundaries.


liquor business and electronic business platform has always existed, the frequent burst of electricity supplier channels are making and selling some of the liquor business and the latter boundaries.

source: Vision China

selling electricity supplier controversy, vip.com was selling fake Moutai explosion.

has recently posted in the Katie forum broke the news, pointed out that in December 7th to December 11th, vip.com launched a large wine promotional activities, its well-known brand activity special sale of fake wine involving Moutai. read more

How to protect your domain name is not registered (two)

protect your domain name will not be registered

One of the main responsibilities of the

Internet assigned name and number company (ICANN) is domain name system management. In accordance with the policy of ICANN, the domain name registrar may not transfer or cancel any of the disputed domain names when a complaint is filed against a domain name for a trademark or service mark. The Registrar must wait for instructions from the court, arbitrator or other neutral body to resolve the dispute.

but, if a domain name was registered in order to obtain benefits from trademark or service mark of others, that is usually said cybersquatting complaints can carry out ICANN special arbitration proceedings. Four ICANN designated domain name dispute arbitration institutions can also help resolve the domain name dispute, the arbitration is based on the unified domain name dispute resolution ICANN (ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Policy). The four companies are: CPR, eResolution, national dispute resolution Arbitration Forum and the World Intellectual Property Organization (CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, eResolution the, National Arbitration Forum, the World and Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)). Some well-known domain name disputes related to the world famous brands, such as IKEA and Rolex. For more details, please visit www.domainmagistrate.com. read more

Taobao remediation cash back now Brush credibility phenomenon should be stopped

August 24th news, recently, Taobao official said, will be on the Taobao platform for a high proportion of the phenomenon of remediation. The product description will be banned in the full return now, a high proportion of cash back and other key words, once the discovery of such a phenomenon, the product will be directly removed or removed. But how much is now back to a high proportion of cash back, Taobao official did not give accurate provisions. In fact, there are many shops on the Taobao platform will back cash, the most common is to give praise back now some cash. Under normal circumstances is a few dollars, or more than ten yuan. read more

On the choice of home improvement industry electricity supplier (two)

Two days before

, the small series and share some small to some views and opinions on the road electricity supplier choice decoration decoration and building materials industry, here today, we continue to discuss how we should look at and decoration decoration and building materials industry business development.

home decoration and building materials industry electricity supplier selection, more like an organizational change. We can not simply think that the electricity supplier is to set up a special department, and then recruit some people to sell things online for it. It should be the transformation of the entire enterprise, including the framework of our business, business structure, the interests of the layered mechanism, etc.. read more

Try to figure out the online consumer psychology

this time most of the brothers in the forum Taobao shop this piece of research, it turns out that to run a Taobao shop is still quite difficult. At this stage, it seems that the problem has been basically solved within the shop. Including the credibility of the problem, ah, the decoration of shops and the like. After everything is ready, many brothers situation is gorgeous shop there, a few days without a single transaction. The increasingly fierce competition, the network competition means is a powerful and unconstrained style, break the bottom line. read more

Global plastics push the production and sale of clothing Lee attended the B2B Conference

April 7th, according to the universal plasticizing new network industry chain "production purchase and sale service" four in one service, senior electricity providers believe that it is an open platform for collaborative plastic industry value chain, or further decomposition of each section of the B2B "in large material transactions, in order to ensure the smooth realization of the B2B transaction. If the move is successful, it may mean that China’s B2B e-commerce development will enter a new milestone. read more

Domain deletion list July 30, 2007


domain name registration agency cost and 55 yuan / year / month, 620 special offer agent 120 space 150m nets.
more please login: /domain.htm

4qq.cn   20zg.com
63cc.com CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

The cool days of menacing fear of suffering The climate does not suit one.

19, officially launched by Baidu and Japan’s joint venture online shopping mall "cool" music at the same time, the launch of its domain name: www.lekutian.com, as a joint venture e-commerce website, Lotte in accordance with the contract, accounting for 51% of the shares of the company, Baidu holds the remaining 49% stake.

according to the product classification now on the site, main products are clothing, accessories, home appliances, digital, Home Furnishing, mother, audio books, cosmetics, jewelry, cars and accessories category. read more

Electricity supplier era to counter the survival of traditional enterprises implied

since the rise of e-commerce, whether it is a stranger in Taobao’s Taobao store or an independent website of the online store temporarily popular among the world. With the rise of online shopping trend, shop for the store regardless of the outcome, the war triggered at any moment, the shop will inevitably impact on the store. In the era of e-commerce, how to deal with the impact of the traditional business, many traditional enterprises to consider the issue. Which can be said to be one of the media industry in the era of electricity providers hit. read more