WeChat Marketing – sellers Or sell their own fly!

is now the WeChat circle of friends are already gathered goods, many of my friends asked me: why am I in the circle of friends sellers are sold? Why people are so good? Why do so many people like inquiry, but never order? Let’s for WeChat in the end is to sell or sell their own simple analysis


mask and various cosmetics has become the main market, WeChat why? Mask FMCG, consumables, repeat purchase rate is high, the population is mainly Baoma, white-collar workers, college students, generally in the age 20-35 years old, which woman does not love us? No!

according to the survey found that the sale of mask cosmetics XX group, it is more than the number of agents terminal. Goods have been pressed into the hands of agents, although there is indeed to the terminal, but accounting for less than 10%. Then the problem comes, the company to the total generation, the total pressure on behalf of the 1 agents, agents and then develop the 2 level of agents, such a cycle mode, the goods are still in the hands of the agent, only a small part of the distribution to the terminal. Can imagine, the bottom of how to give you their goods sold? Manufacturers agents are only with their money, regardless of whether the line of development, whether in sales, product knowledge, channel development, customer service service to


WeChat in the end is to sell or sell their own?? we can go to understand from the aspects of

!The essence of



is the essence of social platform, the purpose is to understand the latest dynamic life friends, share valuable things for the exchange of learning! WeChat’s current development is carried out by community, community is a stable population structure and more uniform group awareness; behavioral norm and consistent interaction between members division of labor; cooperation among its members, has the ability to act in unison. In order to achieve a high degree of community living, so that we all recognize

2 circle of friends value

circle of friends to share your experiences, your life! Interaction, point like, comment on your approval! For example, a near friend add you as a friend, or you go to a group to add someone as a friend! After adding no interaction, but the zombie fans in 1 years. Then 1-2 interaction, suddenly recommend products to others, or tell him you forwarded a dynamic, or point of praise. Do you think others what trust you? Your relationship is strong enough? Ask yourself whether there is usually to interactions with others, concern for others? Recognize others send content? Every circle of friends, the contents are several descriptions, product information and map, PS map, and then feedback, the screen is full you brush, you think you’re reliable? To think carefully, think

will have the results!

WeChat group value

WeChat group is the value of the interaction, increase the group friends feelings, people have feelings of the animal, to help others will remember for a lifetime! Now many communities are the scale of the buildings, then pull in, but there is no interaction.

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