Overture competition for Google push local search advertising

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DMNews reported in March 8th that the company plans to launch Overture services in the next few months search advertising items, allowing advertisers to restrict advertising display a list of provisions in the region, but also can make no site advertisers to join the promotion project.

Overture hopes to eliminate some of the complexity of the system, to attract tens of millions of small companies involved in the search marketing does not attempt this system.

Stevens said, Overture will auction simplified procedures, in addition, there is a very attractive innovation plan is advertisers can use Overture to create a web page, a web page can contain similar operation time, location, telephone and other information. Advertisers can also use this page to add a new regional search promotion system.

"this program is temporarily open to only 70% of companies without a website," Stevens said.

Stevens does not specify which Overture search results distribution partners will adopt this local search platform. The system used by each site is customized. For example, can not use added zip command user data regional cooperation site, allowing users to show their location. At the same time, Overture’s parent company, YAHOO has 13 million registered users, fully capable of providing users with Overture geographic location information.

According to a representative

Overture said the local search platform plans to launch in the spring, will become another masterpiece against rival Google.

Google local search department general manager SunkhinderSingh Google said, the current will enable advertisers for 210 regions of the world positioning display advertising list, according to the user’s IP address to determine the user location, but the local search platform Google is still in the testing stage, and constantly improve the operation guide.

"our goal is to improve the performance of the product in 2004," she said.

local search marketing has become a hot topic in the search industry. According to the Kelsey group estimates that local business search accounted for 25% of all search activity, as of 2008>

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