SaaS: Email Shift Towards On-Demand

first_imgSaaS has had a firm grip on the CRM market for some time. Now that trend towards SaaS is spreading to e-mail. In a new report by Gartner, the forecast is for 20% of the commercial e-mail market to shift to SaaS by the end of 2012. Today the SaaS e-mail market is only slightly more than 1% of the market.That doesn’t necessarily spell bad news for Microsoft’s Exchange business. The reportactually sees beneficiaries of the trend as being Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and Google.Companies to feel the pain of this trend are those that supply add-ons to traditional email software packages, like those for e-mail management such as backup, archival and disaster recovery software, and security software like spam, encryption and virus filtering software.Customers of SaaS on-Demand will depend on their service vendor to supply a completepackage that includes the data management and security capabilities. And it’s up to the customer to research their vendor’s offering to make sure that it satisfies their requirements.This is an interesting trend, especially because emails are core to any business and contain information that would be considered as corporate records. How vendors are able to convince their customers that they can address their compliance concerns will be important in determining what other business software categories will shift towards SaaS.last_img

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