Parliament makes politics out of terror attacks

Parliament today made politics out of the deadly terror attacks in Sri Lanka on Sunday with the Government and opposition trading allegations and claims related to the incidents.The opposition took a swipe at Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe when he was speaking during a special session of Parliament today held on the Easter Sunday attacks. “The police had issued early warnings of an impending attack. However what action did the government take with regard to those warnings? They never informed the Church leaders about those warnings and neither did they provide extra security to the possible targets. All that the leaders of the present government did was to ensure that they themselves were nowhere near a possible target. On important occasion such as Easter, representatives of the government usually attend Mass, but this time there were no such representatives in the Churches,” he added. Opposition Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa continued to raise a point of order but it was rejected by the Speaker. Wickremesinghe responded to some of the comments being made by accusing at least one oppostion Parliamentarian of being a terrorist. Leader of the opposition Mahinda Rajapaksa, later spoke on what he had achieved when he was President.He said that that in January 2015, he handed over a completely secure and peaceful country to the new President. “We had strengthened the intelligence services so that there would be absolutely no threat to the national security of the country. Our intelligence services worked closely with other intelligence services of neighbouring countries and other international intelligence services to ensure the security of the country. Whenever we got wind of a threat to national security, we acted on it,” he said.Rajapaksa said that the Easter Sunday attacks would never have taken place under his Government.He said the present Government is squarely responsible for the terrorist attacks that took place last Sunday.

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