More than 5000 candidates have registered for next months Iraqi elections UN

The term of the country’s independent electoral commission, which the UN has been advising, has been extended until next Wednesday – the same date as the registration deadline for candidates. “So far, some 241 entities – comprising more than 5,000 candidates – have registered. None have been rejected,” Mr. Eckhard said.Some 6,000 Iraqi electoral workers have been trained either “at locations outside of Iraq” or by following courses the UN developed and provided for them, and 85 per cent of the registration centres were operating.Nineteen UN electoral staff members are in the country, concentrated in Baghdad’s international zone, but the number is expected to rise to 25, according to Mr. Eckhard. Since the fatal bombing of the UN’s Baghdad facilities in August of last year, the ceiling for UN international staff has been 59.Mr. Eckhard has stressed that it is up to the Iraqi authorities, not the UN, to decide whether they feel they can hold elections in the country’s security environment. Secretary-General Kofi Annan met the US Ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, at UN Headquarters today and the ambassador “was very complimentary of the United Nations’ work in helping the Iraqi authorities prepare for the elections,” the Spokesman’s office said.”The Secretary-General reiterated the United Nations’ readiness to assist the Iraqi people, not just with preparations for elections, but with the other tasks assigned to it by the Security Council.”

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