Reaction after French derby Barachet Now for the second place Karabatic Big

Reaction after the French derby between Chambery and Montpellier 31:34 was, of course, with different emotions:Xavier Barachet (CSH): “It’s a huge disappointment, we missed out, as usual against Montpellier. It is difficult to analyze the game hot, like now. I don’t know what we needed, maybe a little freshness to the end. I’m really disappointed tonight. For the championship, it will be very difficult, but our goal early season was the second place, synonymous with qualification for the Champions League. Our followers are still far enough, so the key is to try to ensure that second place. ”Nikola Karabatic (MAHB): “We wanted to finish the year well, finish the first half of the season on a high note and go on holiday with a job well done! It’s been three years since we had not won here. It was a big match, Chambéry played well and nothing was released. We are happy with this victory. It was a match at four points: if we lose, Chambéry joined us at the top of the ranking, and if we win, we put in a good position for the second leg. You know you need it, we have a super calendar loaded with lots of games. Four-point lead is a big luxury. We will be able to approach the next game more calmly.source: ← Previous Story France: Montpellier wins in Derby – One step to the Championship Next Story → Hungary wins “Christmas Cup” in Slovakia

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