Canon announces future cameras will have Thunderbolt

first_imgSpurred by Apple‘s desire for a consolidated, universal cable, Intel unveiled Thunderbolt last month. Previously known as Lightpeak, Thunderbolt not only offers data throughput speeds that put the likes of USB 3.0 to shame, it also merges your computer’s sundry cables into one super umbilical, capable of doing everything from video to audio to data transfer.It’s fantastic technology, and we can’t wait to see what happens with it. The only problem is that right now, only Apple is really supporting it in their 2011 line-up of MacBook Pros. Sure, a few of the usual accessory makers have said they’ll release the usual line of external hard drives and the like with Thunderbolt capabilities, but we haven’t seen a lot of other big names join the standard.Consider that remedied. Camera maker Canon has just thrown its support behind Thunderbolt.According to Hiroo Edakubo, Group Executive of Canon’s Video Products Group, the company is “excited about Thunderbolt technology and feel it will bring new levels of performance and simplicity to the video creation market.”As they should be. Transferring high-definition photos and videos is something that Thunderbolt was designed to do better than USB, and by baking a video out and data transfer cable into the same port, Canon might also be able to slim down their camera designs. Either way, for photographers who shoot in either RAW or 1080p, Thunderbolt support — whenever it arrives — will be a godsend.The timing of Canon’s announcement is interesting in light of another recent report, too. According to rumors that circulated yesterday, Canon and Apple are collaborating on a supersecret project which might just be a radically overhauled version of Final Cut Pro. Canon now agreeing to support a standard that is Apple’s own spiritual child doesn’t seem like a coincidence in light of that report, does it?Read more at Intellast_img

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