O2O kill new players to kill everyone courier delivery


] November 4th news billion state power network, has been fierce competition in catering O2O market reached a new player: everyone express. Billion state power network to understand, the domestic Crowdsourcing express App all express recently has been low-key on-line takeaway food App "meal".

it is understood that the "meal" App is mainly for catering businesses, the specific mode is similar to the taxi drops: Merchants voice or text room needs a demand, while the courier used all express App orders, businesses pay directly in the platform.

Everyone express founder Xie Qin

to billion state power network introduction, is a separate room App, after a period of time that there are a lot of professional service personnel all express platform (perhaps thousands), therefore, everyone express try this subdivision group stripped out, when there is a demand for takeaway restaurant when everyone can express these needs will be pushed to this special population. As a result, demand push will be more accurate, efficiency will be higher.

at present, the meal has been opened in Chengdu, Hangzhou and other more than and 10 cities services, covering the 100 shopping district. Everyone express, said the country has a number of meal platform (such as the United States mission, hungry, etc.) to achieve cooperation.

in the choice of the restaurant, Xie Qin said, meal delivery will be mainly for a certain size of the merchant, the daily amount of more than 50 orders. He said that the future will also be on the platform in everyone express express various demand segments, flowers, cake and other categories are likely to have delivery service targeted out separation, will also be the urgent delivery needs of users to launch the "delivery" service.

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