UPF Australia July 11 2015 The Victorian Peace

first_imgUPF Australia, July 11, 2015: The Victorian Peace Council held its second meeting to formulate the vision, mission and peace building principles to guide its work. The council was formed based on the UPF’s proposal for the establishment of peace councils based on the input of faith traditions, and the political and academic dimensions. The Victorian Peace Council is composed of individuals and leaders representing the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu faiths, as well as, academics in religion, international relations, engineering, business, education, science and professionals in the fields of Psychology, Information Technology, health and business. Additionally, the council had representatives from state and local governments, and leaders of various NGOs.The council adopted the following:Vision: Peace achieved through cooperation amongst people of all ethnicities, religions and nationalities.Mission: Peace building that incorporates the spirit and values of faith traditions, and the input and cooperation of social, cultural, academic and political dimensions.Values: Service for the greater good, goodwill, humility, respect, fairness and equality.Peace building PrinciplesPeace must be realized on the individual and family level. This is the foundation for peace in society and in the world.Faith traditions subscribe to the principle that, for peace in human affairs to be realized, humans need to be at peace with God or the divine essence within.Faith-based and secular moral values should be combined in peace building.Peace and social cohesion is realized through interactions and cooperation beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, nationality and religion. In the global village, peace building requires a worldview that is global in its outlook. Cooperation across civilizational boundaries is needed to counter polarization and extremism.last_img

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