by WFWP Lesotho Darkwell Sakala

first_imgby WFWP Lesotho, Darkwell Sakala We decided to do an agriculture program, farming, with the idea of reaching a lot of families who want to alleviate poverty and improve their lively hood. And six months ago, the chief has offered a piece land to WFWP Lesotho to make this idea possible.Our strategy is that as we start working with these villages we will give blessing to all the families in these villages. And this can be a channel for the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship activities and so to expand our blessed family community.Education and blessing of previously married couples, is to make sure that they are protected and so the society is protected. And this is very important for our nation and for our government. And we want them to know what we are doing.We have another running program, which is feeding the orphans and vulnerable children. This program started some years ago. We use Pro-Nutro products to feed the children even the older kids. This program has become so popular and the Government Clinic is asking the WFWP Lesotho to do this two times per month.For the youth we also have education programs (WAIT) about HIV & AIDS through performing arts which we call peer to peer education. We conduct these performances in schools, colleges, churches, malls, universities, etc. So we are reaching more young people and so we feel we need to register CARP soon. WFWP Lesotho is also teaching character education in a number of schools.All our projects are to give True Parents blessing to all the families and to whoever we deal with. Wherever we go, we talk about the family values and our hope is to drive everybody to the blessing in order to speed up the vision 2020 in Lesotho.last_img

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