Facebook now lets users attach songs to videos and images

The feature is simple to use, requiring the user to select the Sticker option when sharing a video or photo from their device; alternatively, Facebook Camera can be used. After the image or video is selected, the user taps on the sticker icon, then the sticker that says “music.” This pulls up a search menu through which users can sort through songs based on genre or using keywords. Once the right song is located, the user can scrub through it using their finger, isolating the perfect part of the audio to share with their content.Users can move the sticker on their content and add other stickers, as well. Soon enough, Facebook will also let users add songs to their profile…but not in the way you think. There will be a new Music section on the profile in which users can add content; anyone who clicks on it will then hear a preview of the song and see a related video.Users who like what they hear will have the option to add the song to their own profile or to visit the artist’s Facebook Page. Finally, Facebook says it has expanded Lip Sync Live to all profiles in many regions around the globe, also adding lyrics that appear when the person is lip syncing.SOURCE: Facebook Facebook has added a music option to Facebook Stories, enabling users to add a song to go along with their videos and photos. This new feature is an additional way for users to express themselves, says Facebook, which is also also adding the features to the regular News Feed. According to the company, users merely choose a photo or video, then choose a music sticker to apply to it.

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