Lu Songsong Wangzhuan can copy flourishes mentality is not desirable

suggests that the use of the Internet to make money online. When I see the XXX, XXX was acquired by monthly income of tens of thousands of webmaster excited, how we hope it happen to us. Some people say that the Internet is a copy of the industry, what other people do, I follow a copy of it, the same can be successful, in fact, too, Taobao, Tencent is not it?

night or day and night to do the mentality is not desirable

The current

owners used the Wangzhuan way: website construction, website advertising, selling the domain name, SEO optimization services, PPC and so on, which can be subdivided, such as advertising, advertising alliance can be divided into direct advertising, subdivided in many areas, but most of the webmaster is confined to "free Wangzhuan" – the

advertising alliance!


The domain name

people of Du were Wangzhuan is collected may be acquired the domain name, November 30th, in the micro blog said: the sale of 2 domain names to thousand oaks group, changed a house down payment.


, the domain name is a non renewable resources, the success of others can not be copied, flourishes mentality is not desirable; day and night to do a website, then earn advertising alliance points poor mentality is not desirable. Here a Arjun’s case, may change your thinking.

a case may change your mind

and Lu Songsong have known him for a long time, a do Wangzhuan 6 years, once through PPC let him the highest income in January 70 thousand, he does not rely on the website to survive, because he knew that the site is just a window to get to know all kinds of friends, so he only made a blog ( however, this does not hinder his success on the web, yes, he is "A Jun", a person do wangzhuan.


(A Jun blog:

Wangzhuan his idea is very simple, simple to everyone knows, is the "auction", but seldom do the extreme, to a way of thinking, see how he is doing:

to copy a windfall products, first of all you have to develop some advertising and advertising habits. Then go to the serious analysis, here I cite a case.

I had 6 products last year, of which there are 3 TV shopping ads. The two is the best selling AD abdomen exercise machine and pedicure machine. Because I am in the movies at the time, see the AD abdomen exercise, and in dozens of television stations nationwide have dropped. I’m sure it’s profitable. Then I went back to the network with a simple look at the Baidu keyword search keywords >

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