Who is in favor of the network of the loss of home

network towards commercialization, focused on making money, technology is difficult to break! This is not a new topic, only recently seen such things Trinidad and Tobago, so also to share with you my views. What do you do for the network, we will not hesitate to say, to make money, yes, when you are very embarrassed life, no doubt the money is the most important,

on the current development trend of the Chinese, indeed money is the most important, no money, almost anything is impossible, no money to the car, the house will not ignore you but if from a technical point of view, these are undoubtedly detrimental, pay attention to the technology innovation, said is fine, but not only to make money so simple,

it is a product of the times, technology can not be commercialized, do not know if you agree with my opinion? But today’s network development era, you can find several not for profit model, pure green website? Can find a few pure is the technology and the development of the main the website software??? No no

!What Baidu

technology is declining year after year, Google yellow, QQ · · · checked; · · ·, all these messages, certainly not proof of the network business, technology status strangled?? network business, do not know is good or bad, my point of view that is not a good thing, earn more money does what can be, but not necessarily more money, technology,

money, people’s quality is not necessarily high. What Fujiazidi racing, what the rich drug · · · · · so the example you think

meet the eye everywhere!?

does provide us with a better, more convenient, more developed communication platform. The network business information, garbage everywhere, if you can really hope that one day, the network is pure green, everyone is in the common interests and development of the network, rather than purely to earn a few money and get the network is rubbish everywhere as well!!! The best written on the station website: Website.

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