The highest level of network marketing to explore the project unlimited money

Remember before

or six months, just started to contact the network to make money, at that time in the school, for campus network construction of national competitions, and later because the project was canceled to change to set up CAD, so I have to learn CAD, went on to find social work or study continue reading learning, but at that time is not the time for reading, and I also did not graduate, so it is faced with the money.

brief introduction, technical preparation has not yet graduated from college next year (self-taught undergraduate), the eighteen year old is not full, some people may feel eighteen years under what qualifications do you have to say the network marketing, what qualifications say making money online website production, how to share our experience so I can be very clear? I tell you, in the web may technology is not better than a lot of people, the design is also not a lot of people, but I’m good at learning to learn, can quickly contact the new knowledge. In the technical school for a year and a half of the production site, the teacher is just a simple procedure of enlightenment and CSS+DIV, then the rest of the self-study.

below to show you some of my income, out of school for three months, part of the income:

1, Amoy (July revenue, still do not talk last month, total guest time and a half)


2, Zhu Bajie (only for everyone to see my little part of the revenue and the day before yesterday pick a case with me for two consecutive days of income, my case is Everfount, if want to outsource to my ADMIN5 space message can leave your contact information)


above to show you some of my ability, I will explain to you how to make money through the network if the network marketing:

network marketing prerequisites

1, have patience can persevere

2, have the technical ability to learn

3, good at digging

4, know how to invest and return

5, a computer

how to make money online marketing


1, search engine ranking (a bad talk about the network marketing method)

2, to explore the product to do product promotion (need to have a certain degree of search engine capabilities or be able to write some meaningful hard soft)

3, to sell the project to sell the tutorial (with more than two points of ability and experience, or have some relatively good tutorial, and then through the relevant advertising and related forums advertising and soft Wen)

said more than one way is to search engine rankings, the two is to make money, now it is how to apply to install a money making method.

to explore the product promotion

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