Mito PO meaning a few pioneering company more than a non mainstream counter attack story

December 15, 2016 is destined to belong to the beauties of the day, this day, the Internet Co started from Xiamen landed in Hongkong stock exchange, becoming the Tencent, the Hong Kong stock exchange the most important technology of Internet IPO events.


Cai Wensheng, chairman of the United States and CEO in the scene of the HKEx

For the

map, this is a new beginning, it will become a global public company, will also have eight years of hard entrepreneurial team to get good returns, let the product, business and future layout is more challenging, but the figure listed more than that.

is both for Xiamen, or for non mainstream business projects, or young people who do not understand the rebellious and frivolous, the beauties of the entrepreneurial story will show its incentive value – even in the most popular words, full of positive energy.

non mainstream to mainstream

beauty is not a good thing from the beginning of the project. In 2008, P camera is not a broad and deep value demand, and realized from a business perspective, the value behind is also in doubt, but in the art of painting founder Wu Xinhong said: I am interested in doing, and it is easy to get a sense of achievement.

it is hard to imagine, with Meitu Xiu Xiu, beauty camera and a variety of tools, Mito abruptly professional "P map" into the popular concept of "beauties" era. Even after many years, if a photo does not experience the last link, the United States will be seen as incomplete.

beauty also further with the fire self timer. In the past Meitu Xiu Xiu products, the self is not a commendable thing, if someone took the camera on himself, probably considered "expression of narcissism" — this is not a language with good. But with the further popularization of Meitu Xiu Xiu, launched with Mito mobile phone, self and beauty has become the mobile Internet standard, or even directly affect the current intelligent mobile phone products demand pattern – there is no manufacturers no longer pay attention to the front camera, nor ignore the camera manufacturers filter algorithm.

young users and anxiety

but this non mainstream to the mainstream onslaught from two aspects, one is successfully captures the young user trends, on the other hand, is rooted in the depths of the beauties of anxiety.

Meitu Xiu Xiu

before the launch, Wu Xinhong had launched a 3 day Mars input converter products, when he found that this was not the recognition of the mainstream culture products, but has a very active demand in the younger age groups, which makes him firmly seize the young users of faith.

8 years later, when IPO listed bell beauties to review the entrepreneurial process, will be found in the entire process, has grasped the "bonus tools" and "mobile Internet" and "intelligent hardware" and "short"

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