Want to see a monthly income of 5000 3 times the monthly income of 10 thousand to see 10 times

1. What limits your ability?

1: negative thoughts

For example:

2: shirk responsibility

For example:

3: money

money will lock the ability of a person, do not give money to work, the money is not less to do in the course of time, losing their ability to make money.

4: duty limits


is not under my control, that is not mine, not in charge, he forgot to never to have the opportunity to prepare the people.

5: complaining about

6: self righteous

the opinions of those who listen to, always think they are right, slowly who will no longer give him advice, never again to hear the truth at the same time, our only slowly grow.

7: not confident

8: fear of making mistakes

afraid to make mistakes people dare to do more and more wrong the first time to find excuses, lost a lot of chance to try, not the result of consciousness, often to the red right and wrong argument.

9: lazy

The whole network editor:

is the wolf to practice good teeth, sheep should practice good leg;

is the human brain to get good.

two, and who mixed

is very important

"sand is waste, cement is mixed with waste, but they are concrete, is fine; rice is fine, gasoline is fine, but they are mixed with waste. Quality or waste

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