Adjust store display during the day will affect performance

any store display will be fixed a time to do the transformation, or has been a state, it is difficult to attract consumers. However, a lot of shops in store display adjustment, the general will choose the evening. So, during the day to adjust the store display will affect the performance? Let Xiaobian look at.

daytime display will affect sales? As long as there is a change in store display, there will be changes, but not necessarily reduce sales, may also increase sales.

most of the customers are curious and willing to look at things that are full of freshness. In the eyes of the customer, the shop tune display, for the behavior of the window itself is a new thing, because a lot of brands in the window and adjust the display are carried out at night, very few customers see the process. Customers will be attracted to this new thing into the store, and more customers into the store, the customer will try more, try more customers, the number of sales will naturally rise.

so, during the day, the display will have an impact on sales. It is sometimes positive and sometimes negative; sometimes it has a huge impact, and it can see a sharp rise or decline in sales; sometimes it is too small to be seen.

we display during the day to bring the performance of the rise, because this behavior affects the number of customers into the store, was attracted to the store more customers, sales will naturally go up.

and we display during the day led to a decline in sales, but also because of the impact of the number of customers, but by the less volatile. So we should pay attention to the display, traffic, try not to, because you are buried in the stream of people, it is difficult to be much more people flow, such as leisure brand is so young. The small flow of high-end men and women in the brand, can be displayed during the day as much as possible.

so, can not be absolutely can not be adjusted during the day, but also to determine the flow of spectators. Moreover, some shops may be adjusted during the day instead of improving the performance, so the store during the day to adjust the display may have an impact on performance, but how we need to analyze the impact of specific.

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