Jia Yueting maybe success is on the way to success

Jia Yueting likes to sing "wild son". This is the first song to sing a lot of entrepreneurs, including him, the voice of the people – not afraid of difficulties, running in the wind, the wind let them swing.

of course, people who do not look too good to them there is another explanation: the boss of the Internet are like this song, because there is a word in the lyrics is – blow ah yeah". This is also the most controversial music for outsiders: behind the shelling apple and the friends of music as radical mode and risk behind it.

and the latest comment on its "Crazy" is: "beyond tesla."

one day in April, depending on the ecological sports center stage, when traveling slowly 50 meters as super car "LeSEE" automatic homing presentation. At that moment, Jia Yueting suddenly silent, tears wet eyes.

seems to have entered the age of 40, Jia Yueting still kept to the outside world: whether the doubts in the automotive field noisy clamor new intruder a few brushes? As "cattle" can be realized? From LETV to music as film, TV, and mobile phone to the super car, depicting an ecological environment the "platform + content + terminal + application four button behind, Jia Yueting really want to a game of chess?


communications started

Jia Yueting’s birthplace, Shanxi, is a place where people can easily associate. The music is just emerging when Jia Yueting was outside called "coal bosses", "two rich generation" label.

Jia Yueting has repeatedly denied that, because of his personal background of anecdotal speculation, led to the company being misunderstood, or even being questioned. In fact, he was born in an ordinary school teacher family, and engaged in the Internet industry, is to round their dreams.

public information, in September 1995, Jia Yueting graduated from the University of Shanxi in Yuanqu Province Local Tax Bureau any network administrator, less than a year after his resignation. Subsequently, Jia Yueting served as general manager of Shanxi County, Yuanqu excellent industrial company, during this period, Jia Yueting also tried to do a computer training school.

until 2001, a chance to let Jia Yueting understand the "base station equipment", began a key turning his early business.

on a table, he has a certain understanding of the telecommunications industry, the China Telecom industry base battery market A new force suddenly rises. blank. Jia Yueting sees the business prospects, this year, he registered his siebr Communication Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanxi.

but his friends in the business, the industry threshold is too high, too risky, advised him to give up. However, after the fact, Jia Yueting bet on the market, took less than 1 years to get a majority of local operators share. Later in 2003, he founded the Beijing infoark Technology Co. Ltd., is the new.

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