Do you have an overnight venture

is now the society, progress so fast, so fast development, who do not want to get rich quickly, in the end there is no entrepreneurial projects to become rich? Let’s take a look at the following example.

yellow smiley face upstart: Bernard and Murray (Bernard and Murray Spain) estimated revenue: $500 million delivery guy outside the room will give you a white plastic bag. The bag outside India a goofy yellow smiley face, grinning smile, note I wish you good mood every day "!". You get the food out of pocket, put in front of the TV, then you are in WAL-MART ads on the island found an equally silly smile, in order to make it big want to use this method to attract customers.

who because of this simple logo and became a millionaire? Bernard and (Bernard and Murray Spain) the brothers, they inadvertently discovered the future market potential of this smiley face. At that time, the two brothers want to open a strange commodity store, so the purchase of the smiling faces of the trademark legal rights, including the phrase with the slogan of abuse every day there is a good mood". The two brothers began to use the trademark on all goods, and soon, the yellow smile swept the country, followed by the world sought after. This trend peaked in 1971, 1 and a half years after the decline in sales, the loss of sales of $50 million, but before the

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