Datong County Public Security Bureau hand in hand to ensure the safety of bus safety

according to the city traffic police detachment "" in the city’s central peace line "," check illegal, accident, safety "hundred days campaign work plan " spirit and deployment requirements, and earnestly safeguard the area around the campus road traffic order, strengthening the primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in traffic safety management measures. Datong County Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Team attaches great importance to carefully organize, develop "Datong County Public Security Bureau Traffic management team to carry out a hand for peace", "illegal, accident, safety" hundred day battle plan ", make clear the target of the task. The kindergarten school bus safety as the implementation of check illegal, pressure accident, Paul security, the focus of the battle of the hundred days to implement . Since the beginning of September 1st, based on their own, with the guards brigade to carry out the angel action "work, increase publicity in the various schools, kindergartens traffic safety inspection, basic police posts, will be responsible for maintaining the set of people, is located in the town streets, Ning Zhang along highway six, 2, Datong seven, small, Garden Bridge Primary School other schools around the road traffic order. According to the county’s rural private kindergarten school bus overcrowding, the school bus shuttle between teachers and children engaged in non practical activities, there is a big security risk, deployed police inspection team composed of four, the brigade leaders personally led the prominent Changning, bridge, Chengguan, Dong Xia four focus areas. In the early 7 pm to 9 pm and evening 16:30 to 18:30 two from peak hours and rural roads, according to "Regulations" school bus safety management requirements, vigorously carry out concentrated rectification illegal kindergarten school bus traffic, the effective regulation of a number of serious overcrowding and non participation in the school bus school bus shuttle traffic violations of children. At present, Datong group inspected 45 kindergartens, 35 school buses, illegal school bus 9, detained 12 illegal documents, withheld illegal school and non school bus 6, issued a "rectification notice" 18 traffic safety hazard.

at present, chase brigade hand in peace and hundred day battle school bus remediation work is still in progress.


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