Xining Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and Television Bureau of the Ministry of investigation of

Effect of

on Teenagers "vulgar audiovisual products, audio-visual products clean-up vulgar to purify the cultural market environment to a certain extent." August 19th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and Television Publishing Office staff said.

in July 15th to the end of August, Xining pornography Office of the organization and coordination of the press and publishing, culture, industry and commerce, public security and other departments jointly carry out clean-up vulgar audio-visual products special action, a comprehensive examination of three counties and four districts of the sale of audio and video, reproduction and distribution unit. As of now, many departments dispatched personnel 16 people, focus on the settlement of illegal audio-visual products is not conducive to social stability, the collection of 150 pieces of all kinds of illegal audio-visual products, including violence, vulgar, obscene, CD 120. Law enforcement officers require part of the wholesale, sales of audio-visual products businesses and stores shelves 23 kinds of more than 3000 disk (Zhang) vulgar audio and video products, warning criticized the 3 stores.

clean-up vulgar audiovisual products special action to effectively curb the violence, vulgar, pornographic audio-visual products spread, to further purify the cultural market environment. If the public found that sales, reproduction, issue vulgar, violence, obscene and other illegal discs of units, you can call the phone: 0971 – 8224554, – 8235804.


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