Smooth progress smoothly

2011 in August 4th, Wang Shengan, deputy director of the municipal development and Reform Commission led the focus of the project inspection team to the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation on the smooth traffic in 2011 to conduct inspection guidance.

report, the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation on 2011 traffic report. 2011 smooth traffic project has a total of 17 projects, with a total investment of 1 billion 259 million yuan, of which investment in 2011 of $750 million. Up to now the smooth flow of traffic is progressing smoothly. Xining traffic construction and Development Corporation and the city of the company on the pedestrian overpass and parking, hub station construction were reported. As of now, this year has started construction of new bridge 6, another 14 planned to start in August; parking lot plans for 8 years, until 4 has started; Yan village, Sha Tang Chuan, after the river three transfer center has been completed site submissions, is currently being carried out the work of land acquisition. The relevant information has been submitted to the village center Nanchuan Industrial Park pending;

Wang, deputy director of the view that the smooth flow of the city’s construction, and achieved good results in the future for the smooth implementation of the existing difficulties of the project, the Municipal Development Committee will give maximum support. Coordinate with finance to ensure smooth implementation of the project. Secretary Ma Haizhou said that in the next work, the office of the leading group will be under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and government to increase the construction and management, to ensure the completion of the annual task. At the same time solicit the views of the public and departments to solicit the project in 2012.


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