How to easily recruit part-time entrepreneurs

now the cost of living is so high, do not want to how to earn extra money to live? Therefore, a part-time entrepreneur was born. Many entrepreneurs will take a similar strategy with me, work hard during the day, and then use the evenings, weekends and holidays should be the time to relax or recharge their own business busy.


limited working time that I focus on the actual work related activities. At work, I do not shop online, brush Facebook or browse news. Although I like to hang out on the Internet, but when the work starts, I will concentrate on the work related.

Critical point

on my own, which means that every week need to hire a sitter, so that I can call the publisher and uninterrupted work time. For you, this may mean cutting back on other part-time or consulting time, so as to make more time for the company’s normal business.

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