How to carry out the comprehensive test area of cross-border e-commerce in Henan

in the process of economic development, in order to promote economic development, the state will formulate relevant laws and regulations. So, how to carry out cross-border e-commerce Henan comprehensive test area? The following and small series of specific understanding.

2016 in January 12th, the State Council approved the construction of China (Zhengzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area. May 3rd, the provincial government issued a comprehensive test area construction implementation plan, set up a leading group.

5 20, the provincial government held a high standard of comprehensive test area construction mobilization meeting. At present, the comprehensive test area construction is speeding up, but the community, the relevant enterprises on the comprehensive test area is not comprehensive enough, not enough depth, and some even misreading.

for the problem, the reporter interviewed the provincial pilot area construction work leading group office, the Provincial Department of Commerce Director Jiao Jinmiao.

Four different

on cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive experimental pilot area and E trade

2012, Zhengzhou approved the first batch of cross-border trade e-commerce services pilot cities, that is, E trade pilot cities for the development of cross-border e-commerce in our province to explore a new model, a new path, has accumulated a preliminary experience. From E trade pilot to cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area, the two in the end what kind of difference?

Jiao Jinmiao told reporters, a lot of people do not understand the difference between the two countries: the establishment of Chinese (Zhengzhou) Comprehensive Experimental Zone cross-border e-commerce, a simple upgrade version is not the pilot city, but a multi point and multi models comprehensive innovative version, both is not a concept, there are essential differences.

is the first implementation of the range of cross-border trade e-commerce services pilot city only in Zhengzhou city; comprehensive pilot area of cross-border e-commerce is based in Zhengzhou, advancing the open and common development, all initiatives through test and evaluation, can be replicated in the whole province.

is the second development direction is different, the pilot city focused mainly on imports, mainly B2C model; comprehensive test area is to export as the main direction, with B2B as the main mode, expand exports, regulate the import, promote the coordinated development of import and export, truly realize the "buy global sell global".

also focus is not the same, the pilot city is mainly online retail transactions; comprehensive test area to promote the field of foreign trade, supply side reforms to promote industrial development as the focus, to achieve online and offline integration, mutual support, joint development.

of course, E trade pilot and pilot test area is not the same. The pilot city approved by the General Administration of customs and other relevant ministries and guide the implementation, belonging to the ministerial level pilot, aimed at promoting recommendation

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