Want to open a restaurant these problems must be clear

is it easy to open a restaurant? In the industry view, this is certainly not an easy thing, but in the restaurant they will feel novice, the restaurant is not easy, as long as there is a store, a few employees, a restaurant can shop. But things are not so simple, after the shop, the business is not good, so change the menu, change the menu, a variety of dishes are. There is no specialty products, the customer is very low back, after a period of several toss, the end of the store closed. This is a lot of restaurant owners shop the normal. In fact, the reason why the boss will be closed, because the boss does not want to understand some of the basic issues, opening a restaurant without customers, not blindly open, attract customers, and ultimately make ends meet, can only be closed, this is a very natural thing, here we give a summary of the experience.

want to open the restaurant these problems must be clear

first question: what to eat

this problem, each restaurant owner wants to be clear, because it is directly related to the store business is good or bad. A characteristic restaurant consumption can remember. Before the restaurant owner, shop, there is a very important work, is to study the consumer what to eat, what not know what consumer love, love, do. According to the characteristics of consumers in order to make consumers want to eat something, to be able to better attract customers, improve the rate of return.

second questions: why eat

has the direction of efforts, the following to consider how to allow consumers to eat a surprise. Your food and other restaurants are not the same as what taste, whether consumers love, your food is beyond the expectations of consumers, do these, your restaurant naturally in the minds of consumers are in a good position, is the first choice of consumers. Your restaurant is unique enough to be a reason for consumers to eat.

third questions: how to

each kind of consumers have a common way of life and consumption, the restaurant owner to get all the habits of their target consumers are well aware. For example, when the consumer is a meal, is a person or a group of people, to know the behavior of consumers, consumers can better meet the needs of the meal.

fourth questions: what to sell

This is the beginning of the

, the restaurant to buy what Restaurant restaurant dishes need for further subdivision, such as Anhui cuisine, the cuisine has so many dishes, what will you sell? What if you have to sell, the result is that consumers do not know what to buy, do not know what to eat, the next consumer won’t come, so.

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