LS Cargo opens in Sweden

first_imgBased in Gävle, Larsson, who has previously worked for ABB, most recently served as project manager at LS Cargo in Bremen, Germany.After opening offices in Czech Republic and Finland, LS Cargo says that it is continuing to expand its activities in Europe with the new office, offering industrial projects services to the growing Swedish

Funeral held for US soldier at center of Trump fight

first_img Do you see a typo or an error? Let us know. President Trump to hold press conference from White House Recommended Published: October 21, 2017 12:23 PM EDT Updated: October 21, 2017 6:04 PM EDT Funeral held for US soldier at center of Trump fight center_img SHARE Woman suspected of sending poisoned letter to Trump arrested COOPER CITY, Fla. (AP) — Mourners remembered not only a U.S. soldier whose combat death in Africa led to a political fight between President Donald Trump and a Florida congresswoman but his three comrades who died with him.Some of the 1,200 mourners exiting the church after Saturday’s service said the portrait of Sgt. La David Johnson, 25, was joined on stage by photographs of Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, 35, of Puyallup, Washington; Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson, 39, of Springboro, Ohio; and Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright, 29, of Lyons, Georgia. The four died Oct. 4 in Niger when they were attacked by militants tied to the Islamic State. Johnson’s family asked reporters to remain outside for the service.“We have to remember that one thing: that it wasn’t just one soldier who lost his life,” said Berchel Davis, a retired police officer who has six children in the military. He said the preacher and Rep. Frederica Wilson both made that a part of their talks. “That was a good gesture on everyone’s part.”He and others said the fight between Trump and Wilson was never mentioned during the service.Johnson’s pregnant widow, Myeshia, had held the arm of an Army officer as she led her two young children and her family, dressed in white, into the Christ the Rock Community Church in suburban Fort Lauderdale. The modern hymn “I’m Yours” could be heard coming from inside.Johnson’s sister, Angela Ghent, said after the service that “it don’t feel real” that her brother was killed.“It hasn’t hit me yet, I haven’t had time to grieve,” said Ghent, who last spoke to her brother a few weeks before he died. She said she was glad mourners got to hear about her brother’s love for bikes and cars, not just his military service.The fight between Trump and Wilson had taken the focus off Johnson, whose widow is due to have a daughter in January. Sgt. Johnson told friends she will be named La’Shee. The couple, who were high school sweethearts, already had a 6-year-old daughter, Ah’Leeysa, and 2-year-old son, La David Jr. An online fundraiser has raised more than $600,000 to pay for the children’s education.Johnson’s mother died when he was 5; he was raised by his aunt. His family enrolled him in 5000 Role Models, a project Wilson began in 1993 when she was an educator where African-American boys are paired with mentors who prepare them for college, vocational school or the military.“We teach them to be a good man, a good husband and a good father. Sgt. Johnson typified all of those characteristics,” said mourner Carlton Crawl, a public school consultant who is one of the program’s mentors.In 2013, a year before he enlisted, Johnson was featured in a local television newscast for his ability to do bicycle tricks, earning the nickname “Wheelie King.” He said he learned his tricks by going slow.“Once you feel comfortable, you could just ride all day,” he told the interviewer.The war of words between the president and Wilson began Tuesday when the Miami-area Democrat said Trump told Myeshia Johnson in a phone call that her husband “knew what he signed up for” and didn’t appear to know his name, a version later backed up by Johnson’s aunt. Wilson was riding with Johnson’s family to meet the body and heard the call on speakerphone. She was principal of a school Johnson’s father attended.Trump tweeted Wilson “fabricated” his statement and the fight escalated through the week. Trump in other tweets called her “wacky” and accused her of “SECRETLY” listening to the phone call.Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, entered the fray Thursday. The retired Marine general asserted that the congresswoman had delivered a 2015 speech at an FBI field office dedication in which she “talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building,” rather than keeping the focus on the fallen agents for which it was named. Video of the speech contradicted his recollection.Wilson, who is black, fired back Friday when she told The New York Times: “The White House itself is full white supremacists.”The retorts persisted Saturday morning, with Trump tweeting: “I hope the Fake News Media keeps talking about Wacky Congresswoman Wilson in that she, as a representative, is killing the Democrat Party!”last_img read more

First Coradia trainset in Africa enters service

first_imgALGERIA: Minister of Public Works & Transport Abdelghani Zalene attended a ceremony on March 2 to open buildings at Alger’s Agha station and mark the entry into service of national railway SNTF’s first Alstom Coradia Polyvalent electro-diesel multiple-unit. Public services between Alger and Oran were scheduled to start the following day.SNTF and Alstom signed the €200m contract for the supply of 17 six-car 160 km/h inter-city trainsets on July 29 2015. The vehicles are being built at Alstom’s Reichshoffen site in France, with Saint-Ouen undertaking design work, Le Creusot supplying the bogies, Ornans the traction motors and alternators, Tarbes the drive system and Villeurbanne the on-board electronics and passenger information systems. Dynamic testing has been undertaken in France and at the Vélim test centre in the Czech Republic. The first trainset was delivered to the Port of Alger on January 28, and underwent testing on the SNTF network ahead of entry into passenger service. The rest of the fleet is scheduled to be delivered this year.The SNTF trainsets are the first from Alstom’s Coradia family to be supplied to Africa. They units are similar to those operated by France’s SNCF under the Régiolis brand, but are protected against sand, and feature powerful air-conditioning which has been tested in the climate chamber at Alstom’s La Rochelle site to verify performance in temperatures up to 55°C.last_img read more

JCF urged to step up search for wanted men

first_imgIn an effort to stem the crime wage, Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams has instructed members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to step up their search for wanted men and illegal weapons.The instructions were issued at a crime control conference with senior cops on Wednesday.Since the start of the year, the country has recorded over one thousand murders and this has prompted a Parliamentary Committee to summon Williams to report on efforts to stem the increase in murders across the country.The Commissioner of Police, who is scheduled to appear before the Internal/External Committee on November 10, says he is prepared to answer questions about his strategy to reduce crime.Williams added that he is determined to bring the crime rate under control and expressed confidence in members of the JCF.“I believe that we are in a position to roll back some of the murders in some of the areas where they have been happening and I am confident that we will see through this period – The coming election campaign period and the coming Christmas holiday period,” Williams said.last_img read more

Three men convicted over death threats against Ghanaian judges out on…

first_imgGhana President John Mahama has decreed the early release of three men convicted over death threats against Supreme Court judges made during a panel discussion broadcast on a local radio station.The case was part of a bid by authorities to ensure stability ahead of a presidential election in December and protect Ghana’s image as a beacon of peace in West Africa.Amid a dispute in June over voter roll revisions the Mahama supporters said on Accra-based Montie FM that they would hunt down and “finish” judges if they ruled in favour of the opposition.They were convicted by the Supreme Court of contempt following a high-profile hearing and sentenced to four months in prison.Mahama on Friday ordered them freed after they expressed remorse in a direct appeal, said a government statement distributed on Tuesday. The men had also apologised in court.“The president reminds all concerned especially persons working in the media … to guard against the use of intemperate language which has the potential of causing unnecessary tension especially in this election year,” the statement said.Politicians of all parties say it is vital to ensure peace during what is likely to be a closely-fought election between Mahama and opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo. Religious leaders and traditional chiefs have reinforced the same message.Senior opposition figures criticised Mahama’s decision, arguing he freed the men early because they are ruling party activists.– Reuterslast_img read more

PM’s address at Lovely Professional University

first_imgLocalNewsPolitics PM’s address at Lovely Professional University by: – February 23, 2016 287 Views   3 comments Share Tweet Sharecenter_img The Lovely Professional University in India conferred a Doctor of Literature, Honoris Causa on Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on Tuesday 23 February 2016. Mr Skerrit was the Chief Guest and Featured Speaker at the University’s 6th Convocation Ceremony.The following is the text format of the Convocation Address presented by Prime Minister Skerrit at Lovely Professional University’s 6th Convocation Ceremony in India on Tuesday 23 February 2016.“Convocation Speech to Lovely UniversityJalandhar, Punjab, India10h00, 23 February 2016Now is the time for resourcefulness and resilienceChancellor, Vice-chancellor, members of the faculty, fellow graduates, friends… Good morningI am flattered and humbled by the enormous outpouring of love and respect I have been accorded here at Lovely Professional University, and in India as a whole, since my arrival yesterday afternoon.It is a great honour to stand before you today as the recipient of this Honorary Doctorate from an institution that is not only the largest University in India, but also one of the most progressive universities in the world.My countrymen and women are delighted that you would have selected their servant leader, to be the recipient of this award, and to serve as Chief Guest of this Convocation Ceremony.I dedicate this prestigious and most humbling conferral of Doctor of Literature, Honoris Causa, to the outstanding young men and women, who were celebrated earlier in the program, for their diligence and hard work, in the pursuit of knowledge. And, to the dedicated young men and women back home, in the Commonwealth of Dominica, who share the same hopes and dreams as you share here today.To members of the graduating class, I say to you that the futures of Punjab, India, the Continent of Asia and the world as a whole, are brighter and more assured this morning, as a consequence of your acquired skills and the positive attitudes you are bringing to your respective fields of professional endeavor.I congratulate each of you for staying the course, in a world today, where the popular action of choice, is that of quitting, when the going gets tough.Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I also salute Chancellor Ashok Mittal, the Governing Body, the outstanding faculty, and the staff of Lovely Professional University for their dedication to you, the aspiring student.It is a great honour to receive this tribute from an institution that has been instrumental in shaping the minds of India. Chancellor Mittal, you and your team have been an integral part in nurturing, harnessing and shaping these young people to be the future leaders of our world.Indeed, from what I have researched, witnessed here this morning and gleaned from my interactions with Chancellor Mittal and members of the faculty, I hope you would not find it presumptuous of me to propose an addition to the motto of this institution, so that it would read – Transforming Education, Transforming India, Transforming The World! …For I do believe that Lovely Professional University is now poised to enter the global arena, as a major international force in adult education and training!Graduates, you are about to step out and to face the real test – the world out there! A place without course lists and recommended readings.This will be both daunting and exciting, but more than anything, you must ensure that the next stage of this journey counts.Let your dreams drive your way forward – and remind yourself, from time to time, that you too can become Prime Minister, CEO or Professor of your world.Some may ask, ‘But how can this be done’?As Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, I consider myself duly qualified to proffer an answer.Dominica, though physically small in comparison to India, and with a population of just 71,000, is a nation geared to develop and empower our youth to be leaders. We seek to achieve this by diversifying our sectors, by teaching our children to become multicultural individuals, and to develop a belief in themselves so that they can navigate their way in the world.Dominica, one of the lesser-known Caribbean islands, is full of potential for growth. Dominica is now establishing itself as an international business hub for interesting investment opportunities.We are the country of choice for thousands of entrepreneurs, professionals, billionaires and international families from around the world.Dominica, is also home to one of the most celebrated offshore medical schools in the world today.Thirty-eight (38) years ago, the founders of Ross University did their research and chose Dominica, over hundreds of other possible destinations, as the site for its medical campus. Student enrollment then was seven. Today, student enrollment is One Thousand, Three Hundred and Thirty-eight…….and the expansion continues.Ross University has since been incorporated into the DeVry family of educational institutions, spanning some Fifty-five 55 campuses internationally.That is the story of Ross University today. In a decade from now, it could also be the story of Lovely Professional University of Punjab, India.Incidentally, a significant component of both the faculty and campus population at Ross University in Dominica, travel to our beautiful island direct from India. There are also students of Indian descent who journey from Canada, the United States and parts of Europe….and who have found Dominica a most hospitable place to reside.Many persons I met and with whom I spoke yesterday and this morning, alluded to the fact that they had friends and relatives who had visited or who were educated on Dominica. So in an amazing way, Ladies and Gentlemen, there is already a level of collaboration between the young people of India and residents of Dominica.Indeed, as I speak to you at this hour, there are hundreds of Dominicans viewing this Convocation Ceremony live via Internet stream, and you would be amazed to know that it is approximately two o’clock in the morning back at home. Many Dominicans, at home and in the Diaspora, set their alarm clocks and arose from their slumber, to be a part of this special occasion. So the love is there, my Brothers and Sisters!I invite the Chancellor and Board of Governors of this vaulted institution of higher learning, to explore and consider the tremendous scope that exists, for broadening and introducing the Lovely Professional University experience, to the western world. You have an in-demand, global product to sell, and it should be sold globally!In the faith of strengthening ties, the Commonwealth of Dominica, would be delighted to partner with you in this endeavor.I take this opportunity to invite those interested in travel or geo-thermal energy or water resources, to come to Dominica.I invite the Lovely University to engage in a cultural exchange with the students of Dominica. I believe that the two strong cultures have – a shared sense of community, a common thirst for knowledge and a resourcefulness that creates leaders.Graduates, you now live in a world that presents an expanding universe of travel, mobility, and freedom. You can look to the entire globe for inspiration, for encouragement, and for motivation.I hope you will remember your friendships and cherish the moments you spent with the person seated next to you today. But I urge you to use this unique exposure to a diverse community, to explore the world, and to set your sights on global targets.Reach out to the world, and do not let geographical boundaries stop you.It is communities that build nations, it is the communities that grow leaders. It is what has made countries like Dominica and India successful – even in a world of internet and individualism, it is what binds us. We are only stronger, together.I urge graduates today to set your sights on Global targets. The education and other professional grounding you received at Lovely Professional University, have given you immeasurable scope and opportunity to excel and reach the very top. Strive for leadership. Be pioneers! Be the Inventor! Be the owner! Be the Founder! Be at the apex of your professional endeavor.For you, geographical boundaries should now be non-existent. As a graduate of this renowned institution of higher learning,you may go forward, knowing that you are prepared for life and its varied challenges.Chancellor Ashok Mittal, I am delighted to be in attendance at this Convocation. I am humbled by the Honor you have bestowed on me. I share and present this salutation, as a symbol of motivation and encouragement to the hundreds of young Dominicans studying at home and across the Globe, in pursuit of knowledge, and in preparation for the challenges of a new, globalized world order.To members of the Graduating Class I say believe in yourself. Believe in your country. Believe in The Creator!May you be Blessed in your future endeavors…and may they redound to the Honor and benefit of the remarkable country of India and the wider world.To God be the glory…Great things he hath done!I thank you.”Click here to listen to Mr Skerrit presenting the speech: Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Sharing is caring! Sharelast_img read more

Man recuperating at PMH after stabbing incident

first_imgLocalNews Man recuperating at PMH after stabbing incident by: Dominica Vibes News – February 20, 2017 Share Sharing is caring! Joshua Theophile, 22, was the victim of a stabbing incident in Mahaut on Saturday 18 February 2017.Theophile, who sustained an injury to his lower back about 10:20PM, is currently a patient at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Roseau.A report, issued by the Police Public Relations Officer, Pellam Jno Baptiste, indicates that Theophile was stabbed during the official opening of Mahaut carnival.“Some unknown individual inflicted a wound to the lower back of twenty- two year old Joshua Theophile. Theophile was transported to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Princess Margaret Hospital where he was examined by a medical doctor and admitted,” the report states.No one has been taken into custody in relation to this incident and the Police Department is therefore urging anyone with information which can assist in the ongoing investigations to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at telephone numbers (767) 266 5164, 266 5165 and 266 5119 or Crime Stoppers Dominica at 1 800 8477. Tweetcenter_img 2039 Views   no discussions Share Sharelast_img read more

Cuba’s first luxury hotel opens in Havana

first_img Share Cubans visit the shops in the Manzana Kempinski Hotel, the first luxury five star plus tourist facility in Cuba, on May 22, 2017. (Photo: AFP)HAVANA, Cuba (AFP) — Cuba’s first ultra luxury hotel opened its doors Monday in Havana, with guests paying up to $2,500 a night to stay in five-star comfort on the Communist island.The “Gran Hotel Manzana,” part of the Swiss group Kempinski Hotels, is situated in the heart of the Cuban capital in front of the verdant gardens of Parque Central and the grand Alicia Alonso theater, home to the Cuban National Ballet.Guests in each of the hotel’s 246 rooms, 50 of which are suites, have the pick of four bars and two restaurants and can take a swim in the rooftop infinity pool.The European-style building first opened in 1917, before undergoing a complete renovation.In order to deliver the project in time, the Cuban government was forced to accept the builders bringing hundreds of qualified workers from India, a rare move in a country that usually requires that only underpaid — and undermotivated — Cuban workers.Now the hotel, jointly owned by Kempinski and the military-controlled Cuban tour operator Gaviota, charges between $440 and $2,485 a night.“We appreciate hidden gems and this matches our philosophy,” Kempinski director Xavier Destribats told Cuban state television.On the ground floor of the hotel, a shopping mall filled with high-end boutiques such as Versace, Lacoste and Montblanc sparked curiosity in a country where luxury was long ago banned under the iron-fisted rule of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.“The hotel is really beautiful, but here everything is terribly expensive. It’s not for the Cubans,” said Lidia Martinez, a 29-year-old housewife.Leonardo Padilla, a salesman at Montblanc, admitted he had difficulty selling watches ranging from $1,775 to $4,500 in a country where the average wage is no more than $30. Share BusinessNewsRegional Cuba’s first luxury hotel opens in Havana by: Associated Free Press – May 23, 2017 Tweetcenter_img 66 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Sharelast_img read more

Must-know items for generating carbon credits for California’s Cap-and-Trade program

first_imgCalifornia’s Cap-And-Trade Regulation took effect on January 1 this year and marks a significant shift in how carbon credits from dairy digester projects built throughout the U.S. will be generated and sold.advertisementadvertisementWe are now moving from selling dairy digester credits in a voluntary U.S. carbon market where business entities or organizations purchase carbon credits for corporate sustainability initiatives and general goodwill to a compliance market where large qualified emitters in California such as utilities, refiners and cement producers must meet their emissions reduction obligations or face financial penalties.Beginning next year and running through 2020, qualifying emitters of greenhouse gases in California have enforceable compliance obligations that they must meet. The first auction of compliance allowances will be held this November. Emitters that cannot fulfill their capped limit of greenhouse gas emissions through their allotted purchase of allowance permits have the option of purchasing allowances from other California emitters, purchasing offsets (carbon credits) generated by non-regulated entities located in the U.S. or paying the financial penalties.Credits from livestock projects sold into the voluntary carbon market sold for an average of $8.30 last year according to an annual survey released by Ecosystems Marketplace . A successful launch of the California Cap-and-Trade program, which will be administered by the California Air Resources Board (ARB), will see the market for compliance-grade carbon credits expand as emitters look to use offsets to comply with their obligations.While offsets/carbon credits will always be worth less than allowances in the compliance market (there is more risk associated with the generation and use of offsets), the established floor price of $10 per ton for allowances will provide a benchmark for future offset pricing.advertisementThe ultimate value of the ARB carbon offsets will be determined through market conditions including the demand and supply of allowances and offsets. Currently, offsets which are eligible to be used in the California compliance market command a higher price than those sold into the voluntary market. For this reason, we expect the carbon development industry to transfer qualifying dairy digester projects from voluntary standards to the compliance ARB Protocol.The components of the California Cap-and-Trade program have taken many years to prepare; however, the endgame is in sight. The ARB is currently in the process of accrediting verifiers (project auditors) and approving registries where ARB offsets can be issued and transacted.Dairy digester projects that are already registered with an existing eligible offset program will have the option of going through a second approval process to create Early Action Offset Credits or can re-list their projects under the ARB’s Livestock Protocol.A remaining significant hurdle to the implementation of the ARB offset program is a court case that is challenging the use of offsets within the California Cap-and-Trade program. The case is expected to be heard toward the end of this year. The ARB has made a strong case to justify the use of offsets within the Cap-and-Trade program; a court ruling that does not support the offsets program designed by the ARB would have significant impacts for qualified emitters and sellers of offsets.How to get your digester project into the Compliance Offset ProgramDairy digester projects that will be eligible for conversion into the ARB program include new digester projects built in the U.S. after 2006 or any digester projects currently listed under eligible early-action offset programs (such as the voluntary CAR program) that were built in the U.S. after January 1, 2005. Older digester projects that were built before 2005 and that are not currently registered in recognized voluntary carbon programs will not be eligible for the ARB Livestock offset program.Digester projects that have been listed in the voluntary CAR registry but that have not registered credits through the CAR program should think about moving their digester projects into the ARB program. The same is true for any digester projects that were listed in other qualifying voluntary carbon credit programs.advertisementOperating in a compliance program means greater regulatory oversight and scrutiny and less flexibility. For example, the protocols used by ARB have been approved through a long regulatory process and cannot be easily changed to take into account situations where equipment has malfunctioned and data is missing.As a result, digester projects that move to the ARB Livestock Protocol will need to be very focused on collecting and managing all the data necessary to demonstrate emissions reductions have occurred. Project operators will also need to make sure they are aware of the changing regulatory landscape in the early years of the new program.Working with a carbon project developer focused on the generation and maximization of offsets provides advantages to digester projects seeking to generate carbon revenue. A company that focuses on the production and sale of credits can stay on top of regulatory developments, help ensure that rigorous ARB monitoring requirements are met and that any problem is speedily resolved or mitigated.In summary, the California Cap-and-Trade compliance market is projected to be in full swing at the end of this year, with the market for carbon credits outpacing the historic voluntary market. Existing and new digester projects have an opportunity to participate in this program and generate valuable revenue.The more heavily regulated nature of the market will require a strong focus on monitoring and reporting of project data and the ongoing development of regulations. An ability to navigate the credit generation process from third- party auditor onto an independent registry and final vetting by the ARB will be required. PDIf you have any questions about the transition to the compliance market or about how to meet the requirements of the new offset generation program, contact the author by clicking .David Belcherdavid.belcher@camcoglobal.comCamcolast_img read more

Rohde & Schwarz’s new high-end R&S FSW43 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer for the Microwave Range

first_imgThe new high-end R&S FSW43 signal and spectrum analyzer covers the frequency range from 2 Hz to 43.5 GHz. Its high RF dynamic range, measurement speed and numerous functions make the R&S FSW43 an excellent microwave analyzer. The displayed average noise level of –164 dBm with preamplifier switched on is very low in the microwave range. With a phase noise of –117 dBc (Hz) at 40 GHz and 10 kHz carrier offset, the analyzer allows high-sensitivity measurements even close to the carrier, e.g. on radar signals. As a result, inherent errors during signal analysis are minimized. The high-end analyzer also features an impressive measurement speed of up to 1000 sweeps/s. And the user can quickly switch between different instrument setups. With its broad analysis bandwidth of up to 160 MHz, the analyzer can easily measure wideband, hopping and chirp signals which occur in A&D (Ka band) and automotive (E band) radar applications.   Equipped with the R&S FSW-B21 option, the frequency range of the analyzer can be extended up to 110 GHz using the R&S FS-Z60, -Z75, -Z90 and -Z110 external mixers. The external mixers take advantage of the analyzer’s very high second intermediate frequency of 1.3 GHz, providing an image-free range of 2.6 GHz for wideband signals – a much wider range than offered by comparable solutions. Consequently, the R&S FSW43 is ideal for spectral measurements, e.g. on WLAN signals in the 60 GHz band as specified in the IEEE 802.11ad standard.    The integrated multi-standard radio analyzer function enables users to measure spectrum and modulation parameters of differently modulated signals, including their time references. This feature makes it easy for developers to analyze whether signals are influencing or interfering with each other. The easy-to-use 12.1″ touch-screen also significantly simplifies measurements. The Multi-View function allows users to simultaneously display multiple measurements and different applications on the screen.   The new high-end R&S FSW43 signal and spectrum analyzer is presented for the first time at European Microwave Week in Amsterdam (hall 3, booths 115/216). The R&S FSW43 is now available from Rohde & Schwarz, for more information visit read more