Analysis of the recent international price increases

recently from the China channel business China and other registered agents spread out the price information, which is followed by 07 years in October after the price increases again, is said to be raised again ICANN $0.5. China channel in advance of the price for the agent blowing. A renewal of 200 years * domain can offer 4 yuan / year. A renewal of 300 years * a domain name can be preferential 5 yuan / month in each domain. At the same time also prompted the international domain name in October will rise. In fact, to some extent, as a promotional behavior. read more

NPC spokesman Fu Ying the third party shall bear responsibility for food online shopping platform

[Fu Ying: the third party shall bear responsibility for food online shopping platform] how to ensure the safety of the tongue? Fu Ying said, this is the National People’s Congress is very concerned about the problem of "food safety law" amendment last year for the second review, the changes of great intensity, which specifically add new specification for the provision of online shopping, online shopping food problems, the third party platform must take responsibility.

Taobao entity shop get together in the office of a wide range of warehousing and distribution

in the Haitian garden, many shop rented villa business, a building used for storage of goods.

couriers riding a motorcycle shuttle in the district.

district residents complained of fire safety risk management department admitted the existence of regulatory gaps in the management of

TechWeb editor: the quiet district, suddenly out of the strange men and women, a lot more shuttle express car, the clothes and shoes of the pile up like a mountain hand; quiet night, often can hear the sound of singing as one falls, another rises QQ…… Who are they?. It seems that overnight, a large number of physical shop coincidentally occupied the major areas, whether it is a villa or villa, have their shadow. read more

Beautiful said Xu Yirong thanks to Taobao blocked appreciation Tencent strength


property as the media and Iqiyi jointly produced the "super talk show" is hit, the guests for the beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong.

founder Xu Yirong said beautiful from 2009 until now, beauty has gone through six years of time, in the view of Xu Yirong "do one thing, the process is difficult, the need for a long time, perhaps 8 to 10 years". Looking back, the beauty is not smooth.

first venture was not known, Xu Yirong appears in "the biggest hit is a psychological blow, when you start before, all people actually feel very cow, if you are a loser you will never go into business." So when zhuaxia failed, Xu Yirong took 1 years to choose the entrepreneurial direction again, and turned his mind. "You have to accept a grass root mentality, do you think you are grass root, what is not, then you can start." For Xu Yirong, the founder of the beautiful said after every day is earned. read more

Taobao guest website traffic Commission with new tactics

now Taobao guest website is more and more, with the upstart like Youku, thunder and other well-known sites, ancient Amoy network site also has roots. I am a grassroots webmaster, mainly to do Taobao guest, engaged in a few months, the Commission did not earn much, the site traffic is mainly rely on Baidu and other search engines to come. But I still have some of my opinions and ideas on Taobao’s commission.

Taobao guest website, first need to ensure that the site traffic, the traffic on the site where? Some novice will choose to spend money to buy, but this traffic to have effect? Just a trick of self deception, or try not to good. The flow of new sites or have to rely on propaganda and other formal ways to get, as the forum more posts, Admin5 and other sites are soft text is a good choice. Because I was a part-time, do not have a good literary talent, the forum posts is not the bottom is removed, so it does not continue to do so. I now is mainly through the Admin5 website feeble Wen to promote my site. read more

Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forecast industry will decide on what path to follow

Wangzhuan industry now is special, but also in recent years Wangzhuan industry was more popular, but in the process of development is to let things drift, so this industry becomes higher now many are liars, dragons and fishes jumbled together, some people even more severe than the exploitation of Part-time Posts such as sending an enslaved worker, only 10 Fen, what 50 Fen party wait, are we to engage in Wangzhuan industry people serious exploitation, which led to the entire Wangzhuan industry appeared unstable situation! Now there are many Wangzhuan method, generally including website operation, electronic commerce, this is normal, the future development of Wangzhuan, good to see these two kinds of Wangzhuan way is not got further development, in addition to the two way as well as what do Wangzhuan station, advertising click or registration, or Post promotion and so on the way to make money, here we come to the development trend in the network depends on the opportunistic way to make money online, of course, this also belongs to the low level of Wangzhuan read more

A regional forum for 1 years to earn 10W is no longer a dream

See more and more of the forum is very quiet, most like me to rely on the website did not eat what technology, I put my experience to share with everyone, hope to be able to give you some help, if you can benefit from my experience please support, if I feel in the Kua please don’t scold. After all, everyone’s ideas are not the same, thank you! I’m down in my experience of the site to talk about a Regional Forum on the process of making money, not to make money online first as the main focus, but to make money under the net as the core, I can not guarantee that everyone can make 10W in one year, more or less according to their own circumstances and other people the factors including!

A, environment

two, initial investment

read more

t’s more important to make money and make money

slept for a long time did not sleep last night, I think a lot of chaos. There is a great sense of "stress" that comes from deep inside". In the Taobao University for more than a month, the feeling of time too fast, but he learned too little. Especially in this technology Wangzhuan feel, learn too bad.

began to learn SEO technology, do not understand the point of knowledge is not very understanding, I will go to Baidu to find some information to compare, so that their better understanding of these points of knowledge. At that time, I feel that I understand the understanding of the. After the "fifteen days" camp 7 days subject to do answer, only to find their own knowledge of SEO almost forgotten, do each question to look to new knowledge from Taobao university curriculum, and then go to Baidu to find some information to answer. Can use their own words to answer, I will not be the whole course of the word "do not leak" copy. Answering questions in your own words will make you more aware of the knowledge, not just the knowledge. read more

The registration task Wangzhuan experience sharing

I do have a characteristic, is not cheating, no matter SEO or website planning or not cheating. Especially with the registration task, the use of registered machine, using bulk mail, use the QQ group, is not always the best way to solve the user, it is false. Many friends said that now not false is equal to the bound myself, but I always think that today you do more than others, will get some what.

in the data bank to do the registration task, put aside the conversion rate of this assessment, invite customers to download links and other aspects of sharing. read more

According to drunk 300P station GGAD daily income 10 knife analysis

      first stated: I am not interested in GGAD cheating. Only through a number of techniques to control the GGAD unit price and click rate. Because the previously announced a daily income of dozens of knife station, later caused dozens of similar sites, has similar new phenomenon constantly. I can’t publish the website as a case. Unable to communicate with you, it is a pity.

recently had a dead station… . flow around 300IP, because of the recent preparatory student stationmaster net ( development, so there is no time to take care of, playing the GGAD optimization idea, now some of my experiences to share with the optimization of GGAD. Online research GGAD a lot of people, but also have such an organization, but most of them from the perspective of the main site to analyze, which is doomed to their failure. read more