VIDEO Two Blazer fans struggling to close out a tictactoe contest is

first_imgTic-tac-toe is so easy a 3-year old can play, but the Portland Trailblazers somehow managed to pick the two people on the planet who apparently didn’t know the rules for a fan contest last night.The contest required the two young ladies to place a marker on the board after each made layup, first one to get three in a row wins! Pretty standard. From the start, both women make inexcusable strategic decisions that a novice 6-year old wouldn’t make on a kid’s menu at Olive Garden. Poor Grace never does quite hit her stride.This fits in the ‘so painful to watch it’s hilarious’ category. Thanks to Morgan for eventually putting an end to the torture.Ladies and Gentlemen: the most maddening game of tic tac toe you will ever watch, set to the tune of Yakety Sax— NBC Sports Northwest (@NBCSNorthwest) February 9, 2018 Advertisementlast_img

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